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Comments from Youtube

jordan : When the nuke hits so hard you forget who your allies were

Leonard Church : That guy who thinks Americans don't know what Nazis are... boi....

I'm in way too many fandoms : ”Im hungry *nazi sign* ” ”Yeah lmao same”

Multorum Unum : I remember coming on a Japanese website once, it was full of Manji's and I thought it was a Neo-Nazi site😂

Jacurutu : The Swastika was never the problem, just the people who perverted it's meaning.

Jachro : Hey, I'm Polish, and that symbol in my country means 6 years of jail time. :)

BoomBoom : 4:53 Do they not even know about Nagasaki and Hiroshima like wtf Xd

Peridot TheClod : I Cant Believe a Former Axis Nation can hide its History from the Youth

Daniel Kesseler : When you skip halfway through the movie “I have a feeling the Nazis were the bad guys”

Tim Plunkett : 5:38 Oh believe me, American's know that symbol...

Nate Dog : Apparently in Japan they just skip over WWII in history class....

Help me : 2:42 "It looks like it could be a band logo" Me: *Laughes in Wehrmacht Blitzkrieg*

Kry : I think Japan schools dont teach them Nazis as they dont want them to know what the Japanese did in the past

A Realist : In Hinduism, the symbol (not tilted) with arms pointing clockwise is called swastika, symbolizing surya (sun), prosperity and good luck, while the counterclockwise symbol is called sauvastika, symbolizing night or tantric aspects of Kali. These have existed and were used since 2000 BC.

Morfeus : I live in Germany. In my country the symbol means you will be arrested for drawing it somewhere.

Mecks089 : I guess World History is a class that doesn't exist in Japan.

Ilhan Gomez : 2:42, I wonder if that guy ended up creating a band with that logo

Random Stuff : Swastika is from India. The name Swastika which is a Sanskrit name Su+Asthi which means good luck or be happy.

Feitan Portor : _Had fun with the gang _*_Nazi Sign_* Alrighty

Johnathan S : *"I have a feeling the nazis were the bad guy"* - some Japanese guy

Lmao I ThinkUr Gay : 'What does the Swastika mean in your country?' German Viewer- Ummmm...

Christo Thaliyath : This concludes that Japanese are less in gk... Thnx Asian boss

supratim Ghosh : actually it is a vedic Indian symbol pronounced " swastik" but it is inverse so the pronunciation should be " swastika"

sarah : "I have a feeling they were the bad guys." BOI edit: "Americans might not know about the symbol, right?" ... BOI

Leopard Bogen49 : When You use This Symbol in Germany they will arrest You 😂. Greetings From Germany

TWO : 1945 Germany: this is it old buddy let’s go down together 😩 Japan: I shall never forget you *America nukes japan* The present Germany: hello japan Japan:wait who tf are you?

Paper Boi : Scheiß, ignorant Japanese, we were your allies!!!

P0ZS : Im a buddhist that manji sign is used as lucky (not nazi)

夕立提督 : Young Japanese are not interested in war I think it dangerously Sorry I'm Japanese so I don't understand English.

Bulletproof Samurai : Jew + swastika = JEW-MANJI

Stephen Tuck : My favourite album from that band is the blitzkrieg

The NBN : "It looks like it could be the logo of a band." Hans and the Flammenwerfer.

Maja_ Milla : Basically in germany you would went straight in jail just by drawing it. so for several years.

Ruvbx : I don’t think the Japanese should accommodate or stop using that manji symbol because they don’t mean harm and it is part of their culture (1600). BUT do think they should be aware of how it also represents the swastika... it is part of their own history with ww2 and should not forget just because it paints them in a bad way.

SCP 096 : They forgot there allies that fast?! EDIT- I bet in Japan , they don't teach how they took a big L in WW2 .

Riisinviljelijä : "I have a feeling the Nazis were the bad guys." -Japanese man 2018 colorized

Raul Lopez : Japan really hid their bad history huh.

smootskin : Never thought Japanease wouldn't know what that means... especially when they took part in WW2. Oh well.. Hi from Israel :)

Sana : In Germany it’s like the go straight to jail card from monopoly.

sorry m8 : The symbol was once known for peace and prosperity.

Luke S. : The oldest dude there is the only one who really knew what he was talking about

Bishal Thakuri : It is called Swastika, in Nepal it is mostly kept on top of entances or main door(but can be placed in other paces as well) as a divine symbol of protection and good luck.

Sarthak Srivastava : in india this is a sacred hindu symbol called Swastik..it means utmost truth, prosperity and spirituality...

Shahar C : I'm SHOCKED they don't know what a reverse swastika means.

aaria chaudhary : I wonder how foreigners react when they see swastika symbol at temples in india???

Dawood Williams : The old timer got it right. He makes the most sense

Cat Hell : I’m Japanese and I think the editor of this video picked up only idiots or low-education people in Japan. Most of us know the history. Mass media can control the images of the fact and people be easily misinformed . That’s why I really hate them

ojp _15 : I'm pretty sure every American above the age of 12 knows what that symbol is and what it represents... Obviously I know it's a swastika

Adrian Disenko : In my country (Germany) it is illegal to show this symbol in public