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Hiroko TV : What does this symbol mean in your country? Do you think Japanese people should continue to use the Manji symbol? Let me know your thoughts 🙂

Peter Amobi : Mann listening to the old man... makes me really want to live longer

shravya naidu : Swastika was previously a religious icon used in India ...many religions such as Hinduism Buddhism and jainism saw it as good luck but in tbe 1930 it was used as the main feature of the nazis

Falbere! : I live in Singapore, and we Chinese people do use the Manji symbol in temples too. There is even a local school that had it as a school logo. I've seen too many western foreigners taking pictures of it, probably thinking it is a Nazi swastika.

Alice Borealis : Manji is fine, but I think the Japanese should at least be educated on nazi symbols as to not confuse a symbol of genocide with a symbol that's important to Japanese culture. The old man was 100% right.

Lily Llama : That old man restores my faith in humanity.

ShoreLord 117 : “I looks like it can be a band logo” 😂

HafdirTasare : I go with the old man. I as a german, know well what this symbol means in our country and all over the western World. BUT as it has it's origin and meaning from asia and it is way older than the hate-symbol, japanese and asians in general should not stop using it. As like the nordic signs, runes, mythology and culture. They were abused by the Nazis too. Many of these symbols that are in fact a part of our pagan history, are now prohibited by german constitution. Many things, that had no hatefull or Nazi origin is forbidden in germany today, because of this abuse, but other countrys and cultures should not stop using those symbols in their original meaning.

michji2 : If europeans came to Japan or visited Jain temple they would be offended by "ignorance" of local people about this symbol, and in the same time they are offending local people by not knowing their side of the fence. It's hypocrytic and ignorant to not know the FULL story and meaning behind symbols in diffrent cultures. Centralised arrogance. I'm Polish [european], and I'm more offended by using USRR "sickle and hammer", symbol of communism and totalitarism which caused dozens of times more deaths and evil than nazis. And STILL this symbol has more positive outlook than swastika. For example you will be punished in my country for using swastika in public, but if you go out with 3x2 metres Soviet flag it would be ok....

Tekna95 : Goes to show that whatever we Europeans/Americans do, isn't always at the center of attention for the rest of the world.

Danny Rand : I’m a high school student in japan and I guess those young ppl appeared in this video are just people who don’t study that much. Everyone around me would beable to recognize the symbol of nazis

MrRamram720 : Just turning on the oven while my friend showers卍

risquecat : The swastika (as a character 卐 or 卍) is a geometrical figure and an ancient religious icon used commonly in the Indian subcontinent, East Asia and Southeast Asia, where it has been and remains a sacred symbol of spiritual principles in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

酒枝豆 : Young Japanese people don't know about Nazi well. But Europe and American don't know the history of Atomic bomb well.

Lily Llama : A band logo 😂😂😂😂

Solar's Wrath : I think its really important that people know the difference between the Swastika and the Manji rather then simply stop using the Manji at all

FireWork : If the Nazis used the crucifix as a symbol, would everyone stop using it too? This isn't any different. If anything, it's even more sacred and ancient

Howling Din : Holocaust Death toll: 6 million. 'Great Leap Forward' death toll: 55 million. Communism is even worse.

the mysterious night : This symbol is found in ancient cultures all around the world. Even in britain, as an old celtic druid rune

V. Ramsey : The old man put it best

EleonoreUnderwood : I'm french and this has really a bad meaning to us, one of my friend went to Korea and saw it and she was really kind surprised frightened but I think Japanese people should kept it cuz it's a part of their history but if they could know better about nazism it could be great, however a foreigner coming to Japan will never enjoy this symbol or post it on social medias because his fellows will say he is becoming a nazi. You can't play with the fact that it is different here cuz there is still a lot of family with the scars of Shoah

Black Knight : Japan, the only country in the world who fight in WW2 (nazis-side) and they dont know what it is a swastika. 10/10 in history xDD

BelleLunaGoccia : To be honest, the nazis stole it from the Hindus so this symbol is destined to be re-used and recycled, flipped and changed and given different meanings. And that’s great.

UltimatePisman : Commonly see 卍 being used in Japanese Discord servers with a youth majority, the more mature ones don't use it at all. In the beginning I tried to explain people the differences between "manji" and "swastika", but while a very few understood and said they'll refrain from using it among foreigners, most by far got confused, so I stopped explaining them and just let them do what they should do online: having fun together.

Cy Star : Wow! *speechless* thank you asian boss, you really do learn something new everyday. As an Asian myself, i knew about the symbol all along, what it meant and what it represent. But I thought that Hitler created the symbol himself and i didn't know that many other countries in the world used it for a different reason. That really blew my mind. And also, its very surprising to know that young Japanese doesn't know the full extent of its bloody history considering that they value their culture and deep roots so much. So what were they learning in history? Did their textbooks and education system forgets to mention their active involvement in ww2?

Lucas : Actually Europeans know about the symbol as a symbol of Buddhism. We wouldn't be surprised nor shocked. We see the symbol in context since symbols itself can't be bad, only the use.

TANK boy : 卍とナチスは全然違うだろ。卍はナチスができるずっと前からあったんだぞ?質問するやつ無知すぎない?

King Lee : They are Nazi's ally. If they really learn proper history, they wouldn't know nothing about it. Their government just want to ignore the fact that they invade others during WW II. They even never really apologize to victims. Their government just say, oh, maybe we make some trouble with you in the past. Just like they never kill and rape innocent people during the invasion. Could you imagine Germany President mourn for Nazi soldier? That's what Japanese president do every year.

장찬희 : That's why korean and chinese people hate japan...... They don't know their history;;;;

Tippersnore : The clockwise swastika is used to mark and adorn Buddhist temples and can be seen on maps in Japan. Both marks are symbols in Hinduism and Buddhism. The anticlockwise swastika was adopted by the NAZIs. The NAZI symbol (flag) could be seen in places such as Karuizawa, Japan in the 1940s when the Japanese government allied with Hitler's regime during World War II. A Japanese  bar adopted NAZI wear (complete with Hitlerian swastikas) as a gimmick years ago until international scorn came down hard.

jolmeaki : So the Japanese don't teach real history it seems.

ns0351 : Maybe instead of asking the Japanese to stop using a symbol they have used for 1600 years you could instead educate foreigners about the difference between a manji and a swastika. Going to foreign countries and saying, "Hey, I know absolutely nothing about what I am talking about so you have to change your culture to suit me," makes people not like foreigners. Stop using manji and swastika interchangeably. They are not the same.

Tasha Abraham : Everyone asking why the Japanese don't know the Nazi symbol but what about all the other people that don't know the Swastika and sacred symbol of Hinduism and Buddhism culture which was there before the Nazi

Dreamy Box : Wow, this was so surprising! Here in Sweden you can convicted in court for using the symbol

あ あ : Don’t be misunderstanding. They are less educated people. Most of Students who studied hard to go to uni are aware of the fact and the history.

Lil Student Loan Debt : “I have a feeling the Nazis were the bad guys” -a Japanese guy

Squika317 : I know I'm late but people around me know that mark is the Nazi mark. I've lived in Tokyo for all of my life.

Flovonne Johnson : I’m American, and I believe that they shouldnt stop using it . But I do believe that they should be cautious about when it’s used or prepare and educate foreigners about it. I also believe that education should be held on both sides. Foreigners should be educated on the religious use of the simple and the Japanese should be educated about Nazeism and how this beautiful symbol was taken by the Nazis and twisted into something that was used for hate and genocide. Education is the key to fixing problems. With knowing the past even if it isn’t your countries past you can prevent things from recycling and happening over again( maybe to a different country )

sonie v.kay : the old man is wise. i wouldnt want the maji symbol to be erased from japanese culture just because non-japanese cant tell the differences (image wise), or becuase its a triggering image for people because of the similarities. i mean..its been around for centuries. i dont see how its fair.

mike sixx : The swastika is an ancient Asian symbol thats been around for over five thousand years

Jonathan Li : Jumanji

debabrata sengupta : in India it's a sign of a hinuism. we draw it on the up of main door

dark greninja97 : wtf this is the natzi sign.

Luke S : The oldest dude there is the only one who really knew what he was talking about

Brown Alex : What a stupid Japanese.. They don't have historical consciousness. They still haven't reflected on their historical fault on the international stage so far. They must recognize their brutality in the past and then apologize for it. Shame on you.

Swedish Gamer : People should forget the nazi time and just move on. Use the symbol how you want.

Zanzao-1 Ps3 : The old man is a genious

ABHISHEK GHOSH : Swastika and Om are the most sacred Hindu symbols. The word originates from the Sanskrit word "Swasti" meaning well-being and the symbol is used in rituals to invoke auspiciousness. Also Swastika is a popular girls' name among Bengali hindus.

Dislocated Thumb : *I'm hungry卍*

Taiqi Xu : It shows how serious of historical education in Japan. That's why China and Korean really against it.