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Hiroko TV : What does this symbol mean in your country? Do you think Japanese people should continue to use the Manji symbol? Let me know your thoughts 🙂

Mecks089 : I guess World History is a class that doesn't exist in Japan.

Riisinviljelijä : "I have a feeling the Nazis were the bad guys." -Japanese man 2018 colorized

DNA 540 : Next what does hammer and sickle mean in Japan

Rena Ikeda : Sorry for my poor English. I’m 21-years-old Japanese, and really agree with what the old man said in the video. Japanese shouldn't stop using "Manji' as a symbol of temples because it has been used from the ancient age. But I'm gonna die of shame at that some people don't 'remember' the world history although it's taught even at elementary school...

NBMR : Fellow viewers, let's make it clear: *卍/manji/swatika* is... ・Religious icon ・Has its origin in India, 500 BC. ・Means good luck, divinity and sprituality Flip and rotate 4/π and there goes *Hakenkreuz* , which is used for Nazi symbol. Some might say they are originally the same. True, but to avoid further confusion we should regard 卍 as different icon fron Nazi symbol.

师子 PETER : Mann listening to the old man... makes me really want to live longer

Malcolm Zzerosignal : The truth about how much of WW2 is hidden from students in Japan.

[럭만땅] [LUCK MAN DDANG] : This is why Korea and Japan are fighting....

Calice : Nazi Symbol of German = Rising Sun Symbol of Japan.

NBMR : I am a Japanese teenager, and I can say, that they are all *LEAST EDUCATED* people in my country. Even elementary school kids can recognize dat hakenkreuz.

a l : This is actually really disturbing to watch as an westerner. Sure I understand that this symbol (reversed) has another meaning in the Japanese culture. But seeing how all these teenagers have no clue about their country's involvement during the WW2 is scary. I have always thought high of the Japanese education and culture but if this video portray the reality of the Japanese teenager I must say that i'm disappointed.

Adolf Hitler : My Symbol!

LuckyIndy.nl : japan doesn't know their friends

Mia : *It's okay they use the symbol, BUT HOW DO THEY NOT KNOW WHAT THE HOLOCAUST IS ??????*

Sasha A : As a Japanese, I wonder why the interviewer collected only those stupid Japanese people. Almost all Japanese DEFINITELY know what the Nazi is and the difference between Buddhism temple mark and Nazi sign. Please don’t think that Japanese youth are not educated like people who were in this video. They KNOW what the true history and they KNOW what the Japanese government did during WWII. Please do not be swallow what you learn from this video, but also please do search or collect real information by your own... I watched several videos of this channel and found that this channel is extremely biased against Japan!! I was so shocked and sad. I watched one video, about comfort woman and I was so mad too because this channel ONLY showed the Korean side story (Of course I will never say that there were no such comfort women. We aware that there Japanese government commuted heavy war crime.) and tried to hide the fact that Japanese government apologized to comfort women and Korean government several time... I, a Japanese, am so sad that a lot of people just swallow the information from this video and they become anti-Japanese... Please stop making biased video. Please stop to operate impressions. And again, please aware that ALMOST ALL JAPANESE KNOW WHAT THE NAZI IS!!!!

Figureight : It seems so obvious about how Japanese education glosses over the bits they don't like. You should do one asking Japanese if they know about the Nanjing Massacre, because many of those that I've spoken to had never heard of it, or knew it as the "Nanjing Incident"

うえおあい : いやいや、これは酷いね。 このビデオはどういう意図でつくられたかわからないけど、明らかに印象操作だよね。

DR Mantis Toboggan : Some Indian guy told me that the swastika actually means good luck or something like that..............

パンドラの箱 : これは酷い。印象操作としか言いようがない。高校の社会科で何を選択しようが小中学校で必ず習うはず。もし習っていなくてもテレビなどメディアを通して目にする機会は多い。どういう意図で誰がこの動画を作ったのか知らないが動画制作の姿勢を見直すべき。 I believe most Japanese know this symbol. It’s true that teenagers also use it as a different way “manji”. But all of them must have been taught the details about what Nazis is and it’s forbidden to use in the world. “You don’t have to believe what this video says.”

Roger Goodell : If Americans were asked this and didn't know the answer Comment Section: LMFAO Americans are so dumb Japanese people answered it wrong Comment section: It's okay Japanese people weren't taught about ww2

OHM-968692 : I get that this symbol has a completely different meaning in Asia, and that's fine. But the fact that they can't recognize the Nazi symbol when Japan was an ally of Germany during WWII really means that their schools need to start teaching history! In deference of Japan, true, how much do Westerners know about Japan? But in this case Japan was part of the genocide and it's history being ignored is concerning. That old man was right: culture doesn't need to be erased since it doesn't have a negative meaning in Japan, but learning about the history really is important! It's your own history... It's strange to see this type of ignorance when WWII happened so recently.

Yulia L. : 日本滞在ドイツ人ですが、日本の文化は日本の文化なので、変える必要があると全く思いません。しかも、赤い周りに白い円に黒い字で方向と角度は日本のと違いますし、マジで変えなくて良いと思います。それは逆に、ドイツ人の方が勝手に「ナチスのシンボルじゃん!」と思ったら、その方が知識不足だと思います。それはドイツ人が勉強すべきだと思います。(自分もそうでしたし、調べたら勉強になりました。) I as a German in Japan think that there's no need to change the symbol. Japanese culture is unique and good as it is. Furthermore there are distinctive characteristics just as the colour combination, the direction and angle, so I really think there is no reason to change the symbols in Japan. On the other hand, in my opinion it's on the Germans if without knowing properly they think "that's the Nazi symbol, isn't it", so it's the Germans' lack of knowlege and they need to educate themselves. (I too had to educate myself and I did.)

Ryo : 過去の動画を見れば分かると思うけど、このチャンネルは"一部の日本人"の無知さをあたかも"日本人全体"として世界に発信しようとしているチャンネルです。 そうしようとしているのはどこの国の人か、おのずと答えは見えてきますよね。

S : ppl who gets offended by manji should get more educated.

バウムクーヘン : だ〜か〜ら〜印象操作やめろ 若い人でも普通に知ってるし、ナチスと卍は違うものだわ 流行ってるのは卍 ナチスとは違うもの!!すごく編集に悪意がある。誤解しかねない。

Tiel Master : And this kids is why history is important. EDIT: My original comment was meant to highlight the importance of history in a satirical way, not criticize any particular people. Stop fighting about race and nationalism in the comments.

Geena Yu : One Korean sighed here.

KaijuCore : japanese schoolgirls eh? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Wise Voltage : Das ist nicht gut!

Prajesh Premadas : This is an ancient Hindu symbol known as "Swastika"

Bruchiii : 2:43 As a german i feel a bit sad

God Japan : 卍and nazi are not related at all.

すたんりー : 卍 は漢字だよ ナチスは関係ないやん

marsnz : Ask Koreans/Chinese about the rising sun

Ŕųśhî Śçöřpîøñ : About NASIS SYMBOL I think even Nazis did wrong, according to you (west) the lesson we have learn to not have such huge war, so now they are away from all sins you think, They are the good ones, and symbol they use is not evil thought, since symbol never introduce s evil thought it experience got does it. I think west should live way such nonsense since not Germany but all Europe has did evil destruction to humanity. Africa , Asia has suffered a lot , and America don't have their own population today, in this said UK,France are more evil not Nazis Just let it go, time has passed, and you gonna have nothing effect on you today, Now once again it(Nazis Symbol) symbolizes PEACE as its cousin filped one Swastik

Sooah Joo : Clicked because the thumbnail, content was so different from what I expected .. this is so surprising on how they don't recognize that it is so similar to the swastika symbol.


Helen Winter : I don´t know how to express my feelings towards this symbol... When I see it I get sick and angry. it´s just terrible. I´m german and this symbol is something I´d like to never see again. I talk like I have personal expiriences, but I´m just a teenager. My mom told me about what my grandparents went through and now we have this topic in historyclass. it´s diguting…. really. this symbolizes evil, fear, war, oppression and a dark time in history. I´m not judging the Japanese people. If they don´t know what it means, they have no fault, but never, NEVER write this somewhere in germany. It´s the symbol of the Nazi's. you better be careful with something that has so much weight.... These two can be easily confused...

神のステップ : I am from Japan, but most of the people actually know what the Nazis is and what the Hakenkreuz means. And they learn world history in junior high school and high school. Japanese students learn pretty much about the period of the two wars. This video chooses only the ignorant Japanese locals. This is not telling the truth. I have seen this symbol being used in Japan many times, but I do not like it simply because I got more sensitive to the Nazis after living in Germany.

: インタビューされてる人の中ではお爺さんが1番まとも。 てかお爺さん以外の若い人殆どがナチスって聞かれてもピンとこない反応してたのやばくないか? 学校の授業で何聞いてたんだよ。

Lunny C : They dont know the swastika symbol in Japan? Wow it's so weird and at the same time cool to get to know how things works everywhere, in my country, if you walk around with this symbol you can get easily arrested

Ko Kimura : Please DON'T think that many Japanese don't know Nazis.

NB- Square : 시벌 왤케 무식하냐;; 특정 독수리 모양 또는 저런 문양이 나치 상징하는거 대부분 모르나보네 이런 부분에서는 좀 화가나는데? 게다가 나치를 모른다니;; 얼마나 무식한거야?

boy nice : japan = nazi

라 라 : ㅋㅋㅋ 일본인들이 왜 역사에 관해서는 동남아시아,동북아시아 에서 왕따당하는지 조금만 생각해봐도 알텐데 ..  역사를 있는 그대로 배웠다고해도 제대로 알려주지않기 때문에 결국은 자기들은 원자폭탄 터진 나라의 피해자라고 생각하고 살잖아..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 그러니까 한국,중국 뿐만이 아니라 이 문제를 알게된 서양인들도 일본의 역사교육에 관해 욕을하는거고 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 이런 단순한 문제조차 인지를 못하고 망상+변명 만 하니 풀리지않는 숙제처럼 계속 욕먹는거지

Flo Ryan : How do they not even know the nazi logo Edit: How do they not know about the Nazis

장대현:雪本大賢 : hey guys... the Japanese who wrote comments at here thinks that they cut some interviews which answered normally like i know what that means. And the interviewer chose a interviwee looks stupid. So that's why they couldn't answer correctly. In addition, they said this channel promotes anti-japan sentiments. They don't know what shame is.

Hamor : I'm a jewish man from israel and i don't think the japanese should stop using that manji. It has a completely different meaning in their culture and even tho its similar to the nazi Hakenkreuz its different. It will be a shock to every westerner to see that sign used in japan like that but still its not a reason to stop using it. On another note, did you purposely look for stupid people to interview? i'm sure almost everyone in japan knows about the holocaust and the nazis. Maybe they just felt uncomfortable to talk about it and mention the nazis, cuz u know... thats just how japanese people are but i doubt that. Anyway those people need a good strong slap and wake up

Erwin Rommel : Looks like Japan needs a third atomic bomb