How old people enter a building

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kiiiunε : if you pin this comment i will throw away two full containers of icecream

MinuswiththeTicTacBox Doowop : "he's my son, I mean, grandson. Fuck it, who knows?!" Beautiful 👌😭😂

Hayley Xie : Accurate, for all races around the world tbh

josh medley : Best 48 seconds of my life

Benin_16 : The way Jaxon hung up the phone was spot on tbh

Laura R. : "Son....i mean grandson" so true😂😂

PetShopCrazy101 : An accurate representation of my grandmother

Audrey : Jaxon looking mighty THICK in those sweatpants Help me it's 1am

Curt : Always the best shit.

Balladeer Harpsicle : lol this is literally my mum and she’s not even that old XD (she’s 50)

Marvel_ Memes : Old people in the bus: 😂😂😂

Bre Elizabeth : Iconic

Tiger Bears : As someone who knows an old Australian person, I can confirm that the accuracy of this video is off the charts.

Chef Camsey : Good work guys

Paden : Totally not first

Hannah Morosin : loving this

Remy Lavis : There's one thing wrong about this... Needs to be on speaker

Patty S : No views and 20 likes. Gg

Will B : 104% agree

Katherine Rose : I’m confused

Alexia Djugum : Accurate

Jess Davis : So true

berrieboo : Darcy's just sitting there all confused😅

Benjamin Giesbrecht : This is less true of old people and more true about australians in general

Will B : 0:15 who else died from laughter?

Ultimate Fan : i honestly have nothing interesting to say, but i like this video

7 palmas : more accurate than triangulation

YellowMoonLightXD : AYE

samuelo200 : you wont pin this bro

ross adamthwaite : Oi Oi Oi Pack A Bong :-)

wpm : yo someone plz gimme the name of that song at the end

Jamesonyumyum91 : Lochlan's sweatshirt is 🔥🔥🔥

Nick Tait : mac demarco 😍😍

Definitely Not Dingse! : is that homeshake in the credits?

Amy Carter : This is my mom😂

Salty French Fries : First

Don't Question Just Believe : 1st

Harry van de Sunweb : oh my god the pans this video is so perfect

kayes c : change the English to Greek and this is an accurate representation of my family 😹

hocus pocus : darcy is a girls name


Lemons _66 : When my grandma comes to visit it's a mess...the dog loves her, so instead of her bellowing on the phone, you get this 2 foot long, 1 foot high dog, with the hair of a mop and a bark somewhere between a normal deep bark with a high pitched Chihuahua ending to it for 20 mins. I'll take the phone call lol

Harry van de Sunweb : oh my god

RyaLau : 0:25 studies phone at distance squints *taps end call button with determination* *YELLING*

Makayla O'Neill : I want Jaxon to whisper something in an Australian accent into my ear as I fall asleep. It's like Morgan Freeman singing a lullaby, except not black

Laberge : What an incredible documentary series you have created

Danny RAWner : What's Darcy's issue ?

2bit MarketAnarchist : So accurate it hurts a little

Destiel Shipper : Why are they so TALL?!!?!

Jessie Nino : Haha! These guys crack me up!