How old people enter a building

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AccountName : if you pin this comment i will throw away two full containers of icecream

MinuswiththeTicTacBox Doowop : "he's my son, I mean, grandson. Fuck it, who knows?!" Beautiful 👌😭😂

Benin_16 : The way Jaxon hung up the phone was spot on tbh

josh medley : Best 48 seconds of my life

Hayley Xie : Accurate, for all races around the world tbh

Laura R. : "Son....i mean grandson" so true😂😂

PetShopCrazy101 : An accurate representation of my grandmother

Audrey : Jaxon looking mighty THICK in those sweatpants Help me it's 1am

Remy Lavis : There's one thing wrong about this... Needs to be on speaker

Balladeer Harpsicle : lol this is literally my mum and she’s not even that old XD (she’s 50)

Nick Kohlmann : "Tag your mum" I'd be dead if I did that

Curt : Always the best shit.

Tiger Bears : As someone who knows an old Australian person, I can confirm that the accuracy of this video is off the charts.

Marvel_ Memes : Old people in the bus: 😂😂😂

Paden : Totally not first

Patty Stone : No views and 20 likes. Gg

Will B : 104% agree

Chef Camsey : Good work guys

Hannah Morosin : loving this

Breann Ward : Iconic

berrieboo : Darcy's just sitting there all confused😅

Zombie Turtle17 : Nah this is my dad

Will B : 0:15 who else died from laughter?

Alexia Beauty XO : Accurate

Katherine Rose : I’m confused

Tea hoe : Me: *Asleep on grandpas couch* Grandpa: *walks in knowing I'm asleep* Didn't i tell you!!!

Jess Davis : So true

7 palmas : more accurate than triangulation

wpm : yo someone plz gimme the name of that song at the end

samuelo200 : you wont pin this bro

Nick Tait : mac demarco 😍😍

Benjamin Giesbrecht : This is less true of old people and more true about australians in general

Ultimate Fan : i honestly have nothing interesting to say, but i like this video

Definitely Not Dingse! : is that homeshake in the credits?

Jamesonyumyum91 : Lochlan's sweatshirt is 🔥🔥🔥

ross adamthwaite : Oi Oi Oi Pack A Bong :-)

YellowgirlXD : AYE

ItzNoah TV : First

Amy Carter : This is my mom😂

Don't Question Just Believe : 1st

DeadEye Hawk : This video hurt meh ears lol

Mawo Duffer : I was in the sauna at a community center and an old lady came in like this.

kiwitowel : Okay but why is nobody mentioning how he's banging around the pots and pans. I get that it's metal and that it makes noise but my folks ALWAYS made it seem like they had some sort of divine mandate to be as loud as possible with those things whenever possible.

Sky Berry : I live for that....ponYTAIL

Josip Živković : My parents are the same😂😂😂😂 , check jocoiscool for cool videos when Joco dress into his mom .

bibi : mate that rampage with the pots at the end is spot on

TheDriftSetup. : This is exactly how my mom comes home.

Steven Dunn : I feel that pits and pans thing is just wife does it, my mother did it, my grandmother did it, hell my neighbors complain about it too. Pisses me off more cause it’s always when I’m asleep.


Hannah Meaker : this is my father tbh and he's only in his 50's