70 Bodyweight Cardio Exercises

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70 Bodyweight Cardio Exercises


Darshak Patel : I lost 70 kg watching this video.

Kyle Chan : This dude looks like a damn soldier.

nimmivids : No one will run out of things to do for their hiit routines now! Thanks!

Dasha Noble : WOW!!!! Speechless. This dude is a machine. EXCELLENT FORM!!

uygarertek : 0:03: Drop squat 0:05: Box Squat Jump 0:08: Stepup jump 0:11: Split jump 0:13: High-Knee run 0:16: Butt kicker 0:19: Skater jump 0:21: Power skip 0:23 Super skater jump 0:26: Sprinter step 0:29: Sprinter skip 0:30 Running lunge 0:33: Long jump to backward hop 0:36: Shuffle in place 0:38: Carioca 0:40 In-And-Out squat 0:42: Skier swing 0:44: Single leg swing 0:46: Slam 0:48: Rotational chop 0:50: Low Rotational chop 0:53: Low Diagonal chop 0:56: Halo slam 0:58: Mountain Climber Switch 1:00: Running Mountain Climber 1:02: Spider Mountain Climber 1:04: Side to side mountain climber 1:06: Diagonal mountain climber 1:08: Semicircle mountain climber 1:14: Jumping mountain climber 1:15: Low jumping mountain climber 1:18: Blast-off pushups 1:21: Seal jack 1:23: juming jack 1:25: cross body jumping jack 1:27: Predator Jack 1:29: Plank Jack 1:31: Pushup Jack 1:33: Break Dancer 1:35: Donkey Kick 1:37: Low box runner 1:39: low box lateral runner 1:41: Burpee 1:43: Lateral 3 steps 1:46: Icky shuffle 1:47: Alternating fast feet 1:50: Double fast feet 1:52: Pogo Jump 1:54: Single Leg Pogo Jump 1:56: Front to back hop 1:58: Side tos ide Hop 2:00: Plank speed reach 2:02: Plank Hand tap 2:03: Plank elbow tap 2:05: Plank shoulder tap 2:07: Plank hip tap 2:09: Plank knee tap 2:11: Plank toe tap 2:13: Quad pushup 2:15: Face melter 2:17: punch 2:19: lunge runner 2:21: plyo 2:23: Fast feet on hands 2:24: T-Rotation 2:26: Tuck Jump 2:29: Speed walkout 2:32: plyo single-leg hip trust 2:34: plyo alternating single-leg hip trust 2:38: Rolling squat jump

k kundrick : Many of those exercises are way more challenging than he makes it look. Going to take some practice to master. All good stuff.

Calisto Capaxe : I lost 7 kg in 1 month using this cardio exercises and intermittent fasting

Clint Dowd : what kind of machine did they use for this vid?

romit ghosh : I tried this for a day and was on sick leave for a week!

Crowmy Alexandre : these are the best and most creative exercises I"ve seen...


Max Findlay : dam I can't keep up with him he's to fast

Butoy Story : Those last 2 exercises! DMN!!! LOVE THIS!

stylin60es : C'mon bruh, put on a shirt or ease up on the sweet almond oil lol 😁 Niice exercises tho

MIKHIL MOHAN : That core control is superb

ana lucia ferreira silva : Chow cara gostei,muito massa!!👏

Vinod Bhalerao : Nice 👍👍👍

Rahul Kumar : All the Exercises are very tough to do together. Best of the Best Cardio Exercises. In 4 days i have lost lot of water weight. Thanks for uploading

Paul L. Rogers : These videos are always motivating. But sometimes they don't give you a suggestion on what to do as far as reps and time on each exercise. I'm going to pick about 10 to 20 that focuses on whatever body part and add that to what I do now. There is really enough exercises here to make a week long workout.

Aastha Jain : Amazing👌👌 Kudos💪💪💪 Thank you soo much sir.

good for you : Call the ambulance I need it after watch this ...imagine to do so

mohammadthegoatfucker. : Even better when it's on Mute.

analogfog : This might be the greatest video on YouTube. Dude is a beast!

Bana birşey olmaz Gardaş : Super man. How you find this kind of moves? Very nice to watch all these things. But I got tired while I was watching.

Margareth Silver : Wow !une belle vidéo!ça m'encourage 👍🏻😊

DeeAly Ys : Thank u soo much for this video 👌👌

erks24fit : 2 scoops of pre workout later 🤪

queen sameya : The exercises are great, why did not you put these exercises in full video to be better and better benefit? Wait for the response and forward👏👏🌷

Hakan Karafirtinalar : professional 👏👏🙆

Hassan ALMusoly : Hello how are you distributing the training loads by Scaling rating perceived exertion? Thank you

[no u si] nosegoesfrogvlog/dab youngster : chuck norrises slow workout

James Smith : That what Im talking about..greatness💪💯

FitYourWay By MelD : Am in love eheheh

Dakota Drone : This was very helpful and just what I have needed thankyou!

Annie Mallie : I’m sure if I only did 3 of these moves per session I will lose some serious weight! Thank you very much for sharing

Gavin Hyman : Beast Mode.... Just incredible 💪

abdel eliud gomez ortiz : excellent work out.

Колька Пепси : Just look for Unflexal Workouts page. There is all you need about workouts :)

wildiris11631 : This is the Best cardio serie I saw so far. Thank you so much !

Parshya S : Now I won't ever buy their redundant magazines again

Jeferson Nunes : Outstanding. I lost some grams just for watching it. =D

Ramil Urazmanov : That's fucking amazing! Thank you a lot!

Shadow Helper : I am a cybernetic organism living tissue over metal endoskeleton.

Anjel Shrestha : hold the beer dude

Eddie Armenta : woah thanks mh workout motivation!!!

Bullet with Nukes : You can hear his sweat pores saying "STOP THIS"

Ali Stone : Wow...great motivation

Callihan Hopwood : I am sure you will find great workouts instructions on Unflexal page. That insane how it is good for sane :D

DMN DMN : So pretty much take some strong pre work or cocaine go into a decent size room and go crazy. I mean the Predator Jumping Jack what the hell is that. Just do the disco dance