Lassie (WR) 2007 (PS2) – Brothers Dude - Episode 2

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Ayeee dudes, here we have Lassie on PS2, I brought this game about 6 years ago from a closing GAME shop here in Perth, Australia. It cost me 4 dollars and I played it once, for about 20 minutes and turned it off, residing to never play it again. Time stamp for Record Run ;) - 8:08 When I started this Youtube series I was like hey me why don't you try that Lassie game again? The game was incredibly short, so the Speed Running segment was added after half the video was complete because it felt a little empty, hopefully it gave you a bit of a laff, thanks for your time! see you next time! If you have a suggestion or something you'd like for me to look at, just let me know in the comments! or any social media platform. Instagram - Discord - Twitch - World/Galactic Record - #retro #gaming #retrogaming Beginning sequence music by Kevon Mecleod! - "Fearless First" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Comments from Youtube

Efzo : <3 miss u! you also could have played dead by daylight with me ;) could have :)

Kappa : Well done on editing Also 11/10 memes

Alexandra Hrissis : Lololol

FinnExists : Great video