Race & Ethnicity: Crash Course Sociology #34

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The Bamboozler : They better not say anything I disagree with, REEEEEEEEEEEEEE

ruoweii : this comments section really brings home the harsh reality that technology and industry may have progressed with the times, but mindsets and perspectives have (and do) not.

Matuz : I'm really glad to see that you're not discouraged by the irrational backlash you sometimes get on these videos. Keep going, Crash Course!

That One Dude : I thought Latinx was a new Trap artist

LolGuy : Wow, people in the comment section are arguing as if they are social scientists.

Silverizael : I feel like most of the commenters weren't even listening to the video. She very clearly described race as both a social construct and biological.

Haby 2611 : As an English learner, it's very weird for me to hear the word race being used to describe ethnicity. In French, "race" is an extremely racist word.

Snowball Effect : racists at it again ;P

Beau : Black Rednecks and White Liberals by Thomas Sowell is a great read if you're interested in this sort of topic.

Suso Medin : American obession meaningless in the rest of the world.

Phyrexious : People who downvote right away are no true scientists. Ignorance is bliss to those who have preset idea's and are unwilling to learn new information. You would think a science channel like CrashCourse would have a better educated audience.

Comrade Potato : Hold on now, Poles aren't Eastern Europeans. We are Central Europeans and we don't like being called Eastern Europeans.

C. dogg : "minorities occupy a lower status in society" "in south afirca the white minority ruled the country" these are mutually exclusive.

NarrowMullen : I'm sure that after the video on gender, the comment section for this video will be much more respectful and insightful.

freak gamer : "Gender is a social construct" Welp, I guess that its back for me to books if I want to really learn something.

PUNKISINTHEDETAILS : I thought Jackie Chan was the black belt of America?

Dol _ : I feel like I learned a lot, thank you Crash Course

Bethany Leigh : This is so interesting

Yule Averdean : Just a warning, all these people who are making arguments "race is not a social construct" did not get past the title of the video and have not considered or seen all the information presented in the video before repeating the same opinion they make in every other video related to this topic. *In summary, their opinions are uninformed and based only upon their own experiences which mean they have not considered all the perspective to give you any meaningful insight

Gata Man : An abundance of dislikes because she's correct about race, surprised

Gerry G : They are just pumping out the controversy filled videos lately

SZA SZA : There truly is only one race..... *THE HUMAN RACE*

Jane Black : Wait-wait-wait, for what kind of purpose would you use race rather than ethnicity? And what's with the "self-identified" thing? If you want a sound definition (for whatever purposes), would you not rather make one which does not rely on people reporting what they think they are, but rather reporting what can be independently verified?

TheOrbitalDropShock : Women are not a minority by that definition.

troryANCAS : Oh man … I feel so bad for the host—her videos almost always get loads of dislikes. And it's not even her fault, imo.

Mmala Mokone : No, race is literally the color of skin. A social trait is NOT race. 2 kids one white and the other black could be adopted at birth by a Korean family and their Races will still be white and black, but their culture/ethnicity will be Korean. Language does not determine Race. Ethnicity is an inherited status based on society, Race is biologically inherited.

にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien : Sigh, again, the comment section is a disappointment

Silver Ion : So many dislikes for no reason other than wanting to believe your racism is not a social construct...

josh mcgee : Why didn't she mention white on white crime?

Random Complex : A lot of people here in the comments seem to have completely misunderstood the video to a surprising degree.

Lil Sandwich : Can you please make a video about how and why sandwiches are more discriminated against in the east compared to the west, please?

Pyro-Nexus : race is an illusion

starlight : Dislike crew already out trolling 🤔

omegadan : Who honestly considers someone from Iran white, am I crazy or do people in other countries do this?

10nth Man : Name me another mammal with a race classification. No no I'll wait...

M. Waheduzzaman Khan : RACE is a social construct. For Example, in US Society, a person of India and a person of China will be considered to be of the same race. But in Asia, they are definitely from different races. In Malaysia, Natives, Indians and Chinese are the three major races. But if one person from each group migrates to USA, they'll all be labeled as Asian. Similarly, in the USA a black person, a white person and a latino person are considered to be of different races. If they migrate to China, they'll all be called racially 'American'. That's why race is a social construct based on biological traits.

Sofka Veštica : Good video! and yet the comment section is what I imagine the 1st circle of hell to be

freesk8 : Race is genetic. Ethnicity is cultural. Much that goes by the title of Sociology is not science. Only a small percentage of the peer-reviewed scientific articles published as sociology either reach statistical significance or have results that are reproduced or reproducible by other scientists. Sociology is too often marred by political agenda. Remain skeptical and think for yourself.

Patomaluco Bebado : there is only a human race

Edouard Dubois : Aren't race and ethnicity determined by genetics more than by physical apperance?

darkblood626 : Race is a socially constructed category? Tell that to Forensic anthropologists

Bob_Dole : The Vengabus is coming And everybody's jumping New York to San Fransisco An intercity disco The wheels of steel are turning And traffic lights are burning So if you like to party Get on and move your body.

LegendaryNinjaGamer : Isn't there only one race ? The human race ?

Benjamin Wiegand : Woman are a minority lmao😂😂😂

Angel Lynn : Race is not real biologically the way we use to understand, it is a social construct based on historic/ institutional racism. Take this down and fix it .

slumdogtrillionaire : Im selling: -popcorn buckets for $7 -candy bars for $1 -drinks for $1

BrotherWoody1 : Race isn't merely a made up sociological category but it's also a biological category where differences in races are proven in susceptibility to disease, for instance. Whether the Genome project will be corrective of these realities that plague entire races is dubious at best. Race realism requires that we deal with both the physical & mental differentiations as tested to determine a race's innate potentiality & actuality, which, is what sociology is all about, right? Distinguishing races by appearance is merely a shortcut to distinguishing races at a glance. However, we don't judge people by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. Nicole seems a little confused as to what constitutes a minority in a democratic polity. African Americans are a minority, LGBT are a minuscule minority but women are not a minority, they're the majority but are designated as a "Protected Class" that fits in nicely with Nicole's sex & gender theories too. As data driven as sociology claims it is, it's not very reassuring to see how this particular CC tends to ignore biological differences in race in favor of their radical feminist, social construction theories.

SuperSmashyfication : Society is a racial construct.

Orev : "Irish, German, Italian, Lebanese, Iranian, Moroccan" None of those are ethnicities. They're nationalities. And no, Lebanese, Iranians, and Moroccans are not "white", they're Caucasian. Caucasian and White are not the same thing. All white people are caucasian, but not all caucasians are white. "White" is a race, whereas "caucasian/caucasoid" is a phenotypical classification based on skeletal anatomy. For instance: I am a White (race), Caucasian (phenotype), Canadian (nationality), Serb (ethnicity), Slav (also ethnicity, but more broadly an ethno-linguistic group).

goaliedude32 : Next video should be "Is it possible for non-whites to be "racist" towards whites" The answer is yes. Of course. But this kind of video is useful