Need a Business Idea? The Best Way to Find One Is to Stop Looking.

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Deepa Maisuria : The one thing I love about Gary is his focus on self-awareness! Not everyone should be an entrepreneur and not every business idea should be pursued even if you think there's demand for it. Know yourself! And do what's right for you :) Great advice!

Serhan Ozulup : If you are brand new entrepreneur; Just find a profitable idea has existing market and copy, put your little twist, make it much better and go with it. Don't try to come up something new from your head that's the quickest way to fail. Remember it's about execution, execution, execution.

Zen Ventzi : Short notes from the video: I think that the best way to come up with a business idea is to reverse engineer what your day to day looks like. I actually think ideas are directly in front of your face. To me the number 1 idea on earth is scratching your own itch. If you're living your life, and say "that sucked", well you gotta business because we really value time, convenience. I'd walk around, judge what stinks and see if there is a way to make it better. The biggest thing that's crippling entrepreneurs of winning is lack of doing. They romanticize around the idea and then spend the rest of their summer debating it until they are 7 months later, haven't done anything and then just loses its energy .. because the second I think I've got something I go, I go. I lose money, I don't lose money, I try, I taste, I adjust, I stop. I'm not scared that somebody says that's a bad idea. My dad used to yell at me "you always change your mind". But that's okay. It's the cost of being an entrepreneur. I think restrictions, rules are very valuable in that way where they are macro. They are terrible in the micro because they become processed and slow but a macro.. I think it's right man.. I think it's right. If you're David, play David's game. If you're Goliath, play Goliath's game. Play your strengths. .. I don't even break from the ethos. The machine runs outside of me. What I try to do is inject that DNA back into the machine so I'm inspired by my day to day not what it used to be like. I'm still doing it. Entrepreneurship is sports. Speed kills. are in the habit of doing it all the time. That makes a lot of sense when I read that, I used to think is he just taking some parts out of his day.. setting that up.. maybe thinking about what it is. But I think that the more that you get into the habit of doing everything all the time, i.e. if you're a constant idea generator.. some of the best people in my industry, they are just spitting out ideas all day long.. a lot of them are that good but they are just in the habit of constantly producing them. Which means that you never have to have that time that you are just sitting down like "shit I need an idea".. .. and you are doing great but somehow you're waking up miserable every day.. it's time to move on. So, no golden handcuffs, don't let the $$ amounts get you into a place where 30 years later you look back and you might've made some money but you were miserable for 30 the only decision that you have to make is if it's going well, are you enjoying it enough for the financial benefit and if you're not, you have to move on

Joshua Gregoire : Guy is not good at interviewing. You got to let the guest talk 80% of the time and talk 20% of the time. And stop interrupting Gary. Let him talk

Suresh Kumar Majhi : "If you are David, play David's game... if you are Goliath, play Goliath game." - Like this line.

kaushik kumar : amazing man, what's better than Gary on Entrepreneur. never stop this please. truly inspiring.

Guy Person : Jason: "The brilliant idea, it is the key to success" Gary's face: NO! EXECUTION IS THE GAME! But seriously, great interview

Gēoffrey Eng Ātkinson : Ideas dont come fully formed

S M : 10 min long vid trying to tell us to "just do it"

Amauris : Great ideas thanks for it. Is just me or the host look just like Keanu Reeves

Authentic Team Building : Evolve while doing. Nice!

MrRgarcia2010 : Wow, I've never really listened to Gary give an interview. Good content and seems like a down to earth guy with plenty of experience. Keep 'em coming please.

yaseen ghazal : I love this man

Clyde Chapters : Ideas evolve

James Hill : This is the reason why most new business fail,stick to proven business models and recent proven models.Copy, but do them better. Bob. UK.

Ms. Green : "Judge what stinks" lol

Katrina Katress : Love watching videos when Gary Vee makes an appearance. He is always a wealth of knowledge!! Thank you for sharing this content.

Dennis Schultz : I have a business but I need help with a niche

Deonetto Dirkse : Love this. Gary for President!🤘

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Samira Imran : I have an idea, but I am 17yrs and even quirky won't help me

Milan Goranovic : Many thanks, I've been looking for "tips starting a business" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about - Bavordcon Business Bohemian - (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my colleague got cool results with it.

Peter Saputra : 1:35

Practice of the Practice : You explained this really well, thank you!

Vishal Kanse : I love entrepeneur channel

Priyanshu Chaudhary : Gary inspired that editor see his eyes man 😂

Dan Kelly : Ugh... I *love* Gary, but I hate the "scratch your own itch" advice. I don't have itches. I don't have a business, so I have no itches that business owners would have.

Matttaro : Loved the last question

surjeet singh bisht : this guy is so cool.

Authentic Team Building : Action!

S3ntry : TOO... MUCH... COFFEEEE...

Darren Hill : This is me all over. .. procrastinating around perfecting one of the many ideas I have had pass through my mind. . I think this video may just be my push in life. . Thanks guys

Interior painting Coach : Gary says it how it is. Helping America wake up and get off there but land of free -DUMB! Lol

Coach MCkan : Gary, you are awesome

Samuel Salami : Love this From beautiful African safari

Stef Joseph-Kruyswijk : Stop looking... I'm going to sleep on it.... Now I'm playing David's game

Aris Jan Arias : I feel so lucky to be alive with these kind of people... I will never forget that I listened to Gary Vaynerchuk in person at July 15th of 2018. Hoping to meet Simon Sinek, Tony Robbins, Mel Robbins, and many more in person...

Jorge Zavala : i love entrepeneur!!

Rocsi : In reality as a normal person in the states. Having great ideas and inventions is very difficult if you have NO ONE to connect with. Help with suggestions if u think this a lie 😒 ...of course we can dream and all “make it” blah blah. But I am speaking of ideas and inventions and WHO TO GO TO to get where u need to be...

Chris Churchill : I hate it when people misuse the word 'humbled'. People need to learn it's definition.

John Murphy : good advice

Miracle O. Omoike : Huuuuuuuuge VALUE guys... Many thanks!

Whitaker's World : Excellent advice guys!

MD9 : 8:48 This is kinda straight forward and shouldn't be said this way. I mean you've been (Gary) insisting on the idea of being patient all the time. I don't believe these are the true indicators for quitting.

TOP3Central : I loved this! Helped me so much.

Ryan Ramirez : Execution is the move to skill Gary thank you for opening my mind

the lost journal of inception : i actually was able to make a profitable business selling my used socks. kinda weird, but i made a couple million.

potato head : That dude on the right should stfu..

Garnette Small : You Tube broadcast yourself

Crazywaffle5150 : Nothing seems to be in demand...