The 10 Levels of Thunderstruck intro
This guy plays the introduction of Thunderstruck ACDC in 11 increasingly difficult and fun ways The thumbnail doesnt refer to anything obscene

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I played the intro of Thunderstruck - AC/DC in 10 increasingly difficult ways. There is also an eleventh level which is the most difficult of all :) Any other ideas for the 10 levels of something? Write it in the comments! Playing two different parts simultaneously on the same instrument or on two instruments is very difficult and requires a lot of training! So if you liked the video, click the subscribe button and the bell! INSTRUMENTS USED Guitar: fender pawn shop 72 Bass: the bass of my brother Kitchen oven: unknown Drum: Nacci's head Making this video I was inspired by a great musician! His name is Mattias Krantz! Here his channel:



neroloko12 : 12 - Play "through the fire and flames" with the right hand

Andy Kromer : Now you can have double copyright claims!

Noyfb33 : I actually laughed out loud when 11 came up. Great job!

Daniel Kustra : Lvl10: When you beat the final boss Lvl 11: WHEN THE REAL FINAL BOSS COMES OUT.

Edgars Lacis-S : *warning* don't play at level 11, my guitar caught on fire when I tried it!

Julian Palomo : Very impressive but can you Oh wrong channel, still amazing !!!

Tyler Mcay : 11/10 Those are the stages, I rate this 2/10

Simply Slipped Roblox : I remember hating this riff bc I couldn’t play it. My hands were too small ;-;

KittyCatTiger 123 : Oh look its Davie504 from another dimension!

X3mdain : Very impressive! But can you actually play smoke in the water on the E string??? Oops wrong channel.

Space Cowboy : *Level 100: become a guitar*

Matt TheDestroyer 2 : I thought that was a bass guitar for a second

Jesse Collins : For level 4 I just slammed my wife’s head into the wall. That was a dishwasher right? Jk I love her :)

David Nwokoye : Where can I get those strings. Hook your fellow David up.

NinjaCloud : Rocksmith strings? :D

Sal7_one : Adding somke on the water was very shocking and darn impressive

Dave54600 : You forgot the air guitar version. It's always great, sounds just like Angus.

dario HC : Those strings are driving me crazy

W P : Kept seeing this pop up in my feed. Had to watch it.. Wasn't disappointed lol

Dakoda Sinderly : number 11 actually made me laugh out loud. bravo liked/subbed

TheDammit Man : at last, a guy who makes interesting content, but with talent, not memes

Dempy : What a talented guy, only 16k subs, so under rated

Ozni Xiquin : Now I love you more than I love my mom

Its Juancho Yo : *Level 12: Get Angus Young To Play Top Strings On Your Guitar Whilr Playing Bottom*

Ayush KUMAR : 00:24 😂😂

Pedro toMCat : Nice man..

Renatoe Gómez : Is this 0-3-5? Rudy Ayoub fans will understand

MrCyssiek : I say NO to untweaked, stock, out-of-the-box EZDrummer drums.

jazztom86 : original version has no pull-offs. It's picked through.

Thomas : Can you do the full Thunderstruck song with the vocal on the same guitar? That sounded rad as hell

Allan Peterline : LOL 😂 The level 8 is the best ❤

Tyler Mcay : 2/10 he lied about stage 11

Sr. Coboultous : 0:01 level 1 crook, 1:00 level 100 mafia boss

Aryan Agrawal : Final level - play the original while being stuck outside in a thunderstorm

AliceTS : Very impressive, But can you collaborate with Davie504?

juan :v : I`ll just say... very nice

SirCarcass : Someone plays Rocksmith

ミライ : The original version is harder only using one hand

Quan Joe : That 11th give you another subscriber haha

Jacob Treide : That last one was really impressive. Tilt of the hat to you sir

Kawaii Ghost ._. : Level 1 Bedroom Guitarist *Thunderstruck Plays* Level 10 Guitar Rockstar *Dancing* That’s how the mafia works

EXMORr : That Was Awesome and Appsulutly Hysterical Great Job Thanks For Sharing Your Amazing Gift 👍👍

paulerxx : 8 should be 10 imo

Master Longdong : Yeah....this is something different. I will be waiting for level 12.

Ronald : Lvl 3 should be alternate picking, the real original way

Jorge035 : That's a strange looking SG you got there...

Tee : Level 3, no problem! Anything beyond that my hands won’t cooperate with each other

Bo Wolfe : Prince looking ass dude.....honestly good stuff tho.