The 10 Levels of Thunderstruck intro

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Davidlap : What is your favorite level? Mine is level 11 ;) Subscribe to see more slaps on Nacci's head.

David Nwokoye : Where can I get those strings. Hook your fellow David up.

Noyfb33 : I actually laughed out loud when 11 came up. Great job!

SirCarcass : Someone plays Rocksmith

You Shall Not Pass : Was he giving you head In the thumbnail😂

OreoZSUK : 0:35 I need to learn how to do this

paulerxx : 8 should be 10 imo

Barbara Castronuovo : Bravissimo!!!

juan :v : I`ll just say... very nice

Bo Wolfe : Prince looking ass dude.....honestly good stuff tho.

Buyanaa : The hardest thing i I cant do is alternative picking WHILE fret the notes in the same speed as the original. Basically no hammer and pulloffs.

Matheus Delôgo : amazing man!

Ravi Teja : Found this through reddit! Not to belittle your talents, but I find this hilarious. I lost when you used the bald head as a drum. Subscribed!

One Dollar : (speechless)

MrPreva : Very very fun!

Fabio Cagnaccio : Lol 😂 😂 😂...the best level is 11. ☺

I Tummy : adoro

123 123 : blowj… well, it's nothing

Cool Music Covers : are those plastic strings? Also, nice work mate!

Shell Bowen : Nice! Also, wonderful.

Jorda n : Nice stolen concept. Also there's one way to play it . The right way