The 10 Levels of Thunderstruck intro

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I played the intro of Thunderstruck - AC/DC in 10 increasingly difficult ways. There is also an eleventh level which is the most difficult of all :) Any other ideas for the 10 levels of something? Write it in the comments! Playing two different parts simultaneously on the same instrument or on two instruments is very difficult and requires a lot of training! So if you liked the video, click the subscribe button and the bell! INSTRUMENTS USED Guitar: fender pawn shop 72 Bass: the bass of my brother Kitchen oven: unknown Drum: Nacci's head Making this video I was inspired by a great musician! His name is Mattias Krantz! Here his channel:

Comments from Youtube

Noyfb33 : I actually laughed out loud when 11 came up. Great job!

David Nwokoye : Where can I get those strings. Hook your fellow David up.

Najil N : You are such a talented guy,loved it😍

You Shall Not Pass : Was he giving you head In the thumbnail😂

Allan Peterline : LOL 😂 The level 8 is the best ❤

SirCarcass : Someone plays Rocksmith

juan :v : I`ll just say... very nice

yuehh tewbb : I'm sensing that I'm being tricked somehow, but I trust you and I'm going to ignore my gut instinct here. That was some fine playing, especially on the bongos.

paulerxx : 8 should be 10 imo

Thomas : Can you do the full Thunderstruck song with the vocal on the same guitar? That sounded rad as hell

Master Longdong : Yeah....this is something different. I will be waiting for level 12.

Bo Wolfe : Prince looking ass dude.....honestly good stuff tho.

redmaurice73 : Grande Davide.un saluto da redmaurice.

1965 Volkswagon Type 2 : 0:35 I need to learn how to do this

Cool Music Covers : are those plastic strings? Also, nice work mate!

Barbara Castronuovo : Bravissimo!!!

jeff sanders : This isn't the weed talking, but, dude, that was SO awesome!

Ravi Teja : Found this through reddit! Not to belittle your talents, but I find this hilarious. I lost when you used the bald head as a drum. Subscribed!

world record egg : you had me at weird guitar strings. cool video though.

Sr. Coboultous : 0:01 level 1 crook, 1:00 level 100 mafia boss

Red Rider : Level 12: Make money playing guitar

Shell Bowen : Nice! Also, wonderful.

Fabio Cagnaccio : Lol 😂 😂 😂...the best level is 11. ☺

Acoustic Boy : Excelente!😃🎸

Buyanaa : The hardest thing i I cant do is alternative picking WHILE fret the notes in the same speed as the original. Basically no hammer and pulloffs.

MrMusicM67 : whoh what kind of strings are those?

LinuxBox : How does a single brain comprehend all this at once? Damn!

Daniel Singleton : I can do all these but cleaner.

Outlaw Dog : blowj… well, it's nothing

One Dollar : (speechless)

Matheus Delôgo : amazing man!

Пётр Попов : Great skill

I Tummy : adoro

MrPreva : Very very fun!

Jorda n : Nice stolen concept. Also there's one way to play it . The right way