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So I ended up procrastinating but oh well, at least school's done for now. Been playing Okami HD few days ago and I'm almost done eyy. Anyway, this is my (late) birthday upload. It's something that I wanted to do after someone showed me. I enjoyed voicing it but man, it was pretty difficult. Will probably do Japanese voice acting next. I usually label my crack uploads as [What Is This] but it already says it in the title this time so welp. I hope you (try to) enjoy it? Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/dottovuu Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/dottovuu --- Original Post: https://i-am-a-fish.tumblr.com/post/168157413417/imagine-reading-a-post-but-over-the-course-of-it BGM: Kevin MacLeod- March of the Spoons Image: Video Background, Tanaka-kun is Always Listless #anime #tumblr --- I don't own anything except my voice.


AlxndrJG : Literally everyone trying to communicate with their pet...

Noa Animations : I only have 1 question : How did that end up in my recommandations...?

hey you : This is the cutest and cringiest thing I found on the internet and I still come back to see it every single day xD

Robo101 : Can someone teach me this language

Black Ice : I was having dinner with my family when suddenly my dad started talking like this, thanks to educational videos like this I was able to identify he was having a stroke instantly. He's getting out of rehab tomorrow.

Stevie Wonder : *pulls out meat sceptor*

Blixen : How the hell did you manage to read that

Reveled ß : I've felt this way before, *So insecure*

Call Meh Kate X3 : _I lost all my brain cells._ _Wait, I forgot; I never had any ;D_

Vance Lee : time to commit uwuicide.

Uber Hamster : We truly reached a new level of failure as a civilization.

troll989_ legit : me: why is this in my recommendations? blue shirt kid: because of the youtube algorithm

JustAnAsianGuy : She is speaking the language of God

DynoSkrimisher : "Woman turns into Anime Catgirl while reading a deteriorating post."

Grappler senpai : This is ear porn.... *FBI OPEN UP* No FBI Sama I didn't mean to say that!

Jogarc : Not gonna lie. I'm hard.

Davien Clefton : I keep coming back to this video. Send help....

Frowny Face Cyani : Woooah. Brain cells, you can't just leave me like that.

Alex Cantu : Hello. Yes. Get me the police.

Nathan Leonard : I can't tell if I'm having a stroke or she is

Just some bush : I'm starting to question my sanity after watching this video

Vince Paul : This makes me wanna jUwUmp off a bridge

Abhay Sharma : Uhhhhhhh At least I know how to pronounce UWU now?

TomK Gaming : *fetish unlocked*

Daniel Wilson : YouTube: *this* Me: We should see other people.

Smol Boi : The voice went from angelic to demonic

Edible Pizza : Everytime I close my eye *WAKE UP FEELING SO 「HORNY」*

Alexander Corbin : every day we stray further away from god...

Versaucey : Plot Twist : This is actually a demonic chant to summon the dark lord Satan.

Mokongthe3 : Now, what is this spreading virus?

SubtleZeD : I felt my brain slowly rot from the inside out listening to this.

PixlJermy : I'm sure my parents are dissapointed at me, at this point

Worldillustrations : evewyday we stway fuwther and fuwther fwom god uwu

DeeK4yL : Yes officer, this video right here

Durmar : Any geometry dash fans? xd

a wild fuu : *thats 54 seconds that i will never get back*

TNT Tim : how can such a nice and somewhat deep voice transform into the ultimate owo voice ever..

Mr. Turtle :3 : All my brain cells just shut down after watching this video

Orange : Am I having a stroke?

Kazuki ichika : Marvel fans will get this Things stronger than uru metal UwU metal

Pegasus2137 : Nobody: Sims 4 nibbas: 0:30

Luce Nt : nwa nwa nwa nwa nwa nwa nwa nwa nwa nwa nwa nwa nwa *THIS IS ALL I HEAR NOW SWEND HWELP PWEASE*

Honky Tonk : Every day we stray further from god

Vsauce Puppet : Weeb increased by 100

sondre heitmann : ive never clicked off a vid this fast!!!

FreezFlame456 Xbox GT : *This pain will make me stronger!* OwO oh frick...

Stalin : Welcome back to our loved show WHY IS THIS IN MY RECOMMENDED?

Aries The Ram : Me : "Time to study for exam" My last brain cells :

Justin Y's Stand : 0:05 "the quality seems to deteriorate and it gets wose and wose" YouTube rewinds in a nutshell.