OwO What's This?

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TomK Gaming : *fetish unlocked*

DinksterDaily : This made me fail no nut november

Tohab : It was time for Thomas to leave; he had seen everything.

Black Ice : I was having dinner with my family when suddenly my dad started talking like this, thanks to educational videos like this I was able to identify he was having a stroke instantly. He's getting out of rehab tomorrow.

Vance Lee : time to commit uwuicide.

Cody Small : Dad, I can explain this.

WuzNab : O=W=O Tungsten dioxide.

RangerManSam : Me: Doctor please remove me from my life support Doctor: but you're not on life support Me: then put me in critical condition to the point I need life support and then remove it!

The Rice Fields : I hate myself for being able to read this clearly.

Mox ಠ ᴥ ಠ : tfw no large breasted dom mommy gf waifu to coo me with moonspeak

TheEpicPancake : Sorry guys, hell had a momentary containment breach. We fixed it and recontained the inhabitants that escaped, so all is well now. Unfortunately, we cannot delete other peoples' videos, so this shall remain until further notice.

PIERCE PARNELL : Can someone translate I don't speak OwOanese

Pokemonfan mario : I wonder If I could pay you to read some scripts using this voice...

TheBush Wacka : *watches* *until* *the* *end* *of* *the* *video* ...maybe I should have just slept last night....

yume's studio : Twis was vwewy good UwU

Anglo Eternal : please stop making me feel things I don't understand

TheBush Wacka : If you watched the whole thing all the way through, then congratulations! You get a tomato! 1 like= 1🍅 🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅

cage x : I found a new vid for my discord bot to read

Emma Nel : Friend: Hey, what's your fetish? Me: UwU Friend: What? Me: What?

Tam Lu Music : im a degenerate and im proud

AwesomeSauce : OWO what's this? *Stares intensely into bulge*

Dudegotgts Phone Edition : *knock knock* IT'S THE FBI OPEN UP

TheBlackDevil935 : I kinda wanna hear Goofy read this for some reason

FBI : is this what they call "Lewd ASMR?"

•Dreaming Creamy• : *Nani OwO¿*

scleuse : r/confusedboner

Raymond Productions : Who in the lord's name is patient enough to write that post

Stephen Reed : *_OwO has joined the game_* *_Grammar has left the game_* *_Stephen has left the game. He has seen everything._*

Alvaro Martinez : That moment when you understood everything after a single replay. Now excuse me, I'll commit sudoku..

Hlodowigoat : *_"Imagine reading a post, but over the course of it, the quality seems to deteriorate and it gets worse and worse, where the sentence structure and grammar reverts to a point of utter nonsense and you just don't want to read it anymore, and the whole ordeal is just awful. But the the post isn't over yet, it goes on, and on, and on, and on. You wanna stop reading but you can't stop reading, you started this and you're going to finish it no matter what! You have moxie kiddo, but you will give up soon. I can write like this forever so don't challenge me..._* *_...What's this? You are still reading my post? You have a lot of determination! You have completed that post, good job!"_* OK. Now where the fuck are my cookies? Also your welcome.

j kings : yes im aroused, god dammit

nikster days : Unplug my life support.

Lambda : is this person a trap

Boeing AH-64 Apache : i feel nothing but UwU

DeeK4yL : Yes officer, this video right here

Señor Lechuga : Lot of people talks to me like this lol I love it but at the same time pisses me off because I don't understand. uwu)~💛

QB Ak : I think i have cancer

KTM Trooper : Ive seen this vid so much to the point i can understand what shes saying even when i minimize the tab

Angry Svear : *why my pee pee bigger*

Pupper : Beautiful. Are you married? Do you want to be?

Kronos HutJunior : as the quality got worse so did my erection

A 9 Years Old NOT YouTuber : STOP STOP THIS

seporokey : Why are we here? Just to suffer?

Drunk Obi Wan : owo should be a banned phrase punishable by the offender being emidiatly stabbed. Weebs out —>

Ali GAY : Oxygen Tungsten Oxygen

The Lannister's Banjo Bard : This just devolved into moans for a bit. And I'm okay with that.

Ravioli Ravioli, give me a reason to live : Time to go to bed...

Orange : Am I having a stroke?

Titan : Why is the soundtrack from a porn game 😂😂😂 Wasn't this lewd enough to begin with?

NicoBros TM : boner's got a new hentai voice to follow by now