OwO What's This?

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Justin Y. : I can feel myself descending down the depths of insanity with every passing second.

FBI Does Stuff : The longer I hear this the more i lose

Ehab James : *OwO what's this...?*

Justin Y. : Humanity has peaked

1000 subs with no videos please? : *OwO* this is *voice porn*

Versaucey : Plot Twist : This is actually a demonic chant to summon the dark lord Satan.

BooM Pow : Why do i cringe but think its cute at the same time

NostalgicMonkey : It's like the video is gradually turning into hentai.

Idk Lol : There's this one guy on warframe region chat whose name is literally OWO_What_This and when he joins the region chat everybody goes insane 😂

POP cream : Everyone this is a trap. Don't get caught. UwU too late .

TomK Gaming : *fetish unlocked*

Kristian Gensler : How did I get here? I am lost, confused, and disappointed. Merry Christmas.

Y0u Ar3 Dead Junior : what....? is this supposed to make me horny?

Nhom 12 : Oohhh this voice is cute... Wait I think I hear some- FBI:Sup'.

John Doe : Nyotices hewetic OwO whats this, stwaps on bomb vest and nyuzzwe wuzzwes the twiggew Awwah wuvs evwyonye ;;w;; Awwahu akbaaaaaaa

Vsauce Puppet : Weeb increased by 100

blind shtick : THIS IS IT CHEIF

supposed1beanegg egg : Who ever made the captions is a legend lol

Valentino Eugenio : Something something something, owo, something something, owo, something owo owo owo OwO OWO *OWO*

sugar pop jasmine : the voice was soo cute REALLY ANNOYING IM MEAN WTF?! WHO WOUL O THAT THRU AN ENTIRE POST?!!!! again though.... i did say the voice was cute

CrimsonNerd : I have fallen far from God.

Luis Fernando Fonseca Padilla : Every time I see this video I understand it a little more.... I need help

Regular Apple : Everyday We Stray Further From God

R!FT : i find this cute and amusing

Fabian Gonzalez : Why do I absolutely love this?!!!!! 😭😭😂

isaha kositrat : I'm descending down the depths of insanity, Faster than Justin Y and all of his Alter Egos can find videos they can comment at.

Jason kyalo : Im both entertained and confused ........... great job.. i guess 😂🤔

CrazyShadow : Is this heaven or hell?

DinksterDaily : This made me fail no nut november

RexTine - Standoff 2 : Anyone feels *OwO* tastic after watching this?

LimboGen : *Thanks*

THE artistgamer : She is speaking the language of gods .

none21 : You're paying for my medical bills after I figure out how many diseases this video gave me.

Avo : How the bloody hell can you pronounce those words in your cute accent. Don't tell me this is your dictionary?

Tabaaha Metcalf : My life flashed before my eyes...

Tremomatic : My last brain cells during a test.

Just a typical weeb trash : *I don't know how but i think my life is complete.*

Kevanon : has anyone a gun i can borrow ?

Mox ಠ ᴥ ಠ : tfw no large breasted dom mommy gf waifu to coo me with moonspeak

Potatoe Squirrel : ( ━☞´◔‿ゝ◔`)━☞ Owo

RexTine - Standoff 2 : 1million views UwU

Ghetto Mar : *im sharing this to my weeb friend*

i hate my profile picture : The more I watch this the more I slowly start to rethink my life choices

Tam Lu Music : im a degenerate and im proud

Michael Littleelk : (ฅΦωΦ)ฅ wat awe woo wetawded?

Jawunleashed : Thanks, I hate it. uwu

Count Chronix : This is actually adorable.

Un Communiste : Degena-rate increase to 250%

yume's studio : Twis was vwewy good UwU

Ultra Sexy Chipotle : All i hear is "UWU" and "OWO"