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The video was going to just focus on the Wesker fight and Jill mind control, but I came up with the RE3 portion later and added it in to make it over ten minutes so I could add an extra ad at the end as well. Yes, I'm slowly becoming that guy... Also, this is the first video available a day early to $10 Patrons. Only one person has access to this reward, but you could to if you oh my god im turning into ricegum... Script - Patreon - Twitter - Discord - Fan Fiction - Archive of Our Own - DeviantArt -

Comments from Youtube

cnquistador : I remember reading somewhere that Anderson has never played any of the games; when he's brainstorming ideas for the movies, he'll watch someone else play them and take notes on what he thinks looks cool. Certainly explains some things.

VillRezint : GOOD THINGS IN RE MOVIES: -The main theme of the first one -Sienna Guillory as Jill Valentine -The Nemesis design (ONLY design) BAD THINGS IN RE MOVIES: -Everything else

kinokohiou : “because he wanted to make his waifu look good” hahahahahhahahaha it’s actually so sad that the only reason these movies were the way they were was because of that.

DrakeVagabond : I'm so glad Capcom never made Alice a thing ever.

mutegrab666 : The only good Resident evil movies are the CGI Resident evil movies.

Emman Amador : How about a RE movie remake that actually follows the plot and without Alice?

KokiriKid07 : “The Resident Evil movies are dreadful” *smashes like button immediately*

James Bransden : "Wesker get killed by a door" The whole way through The Final Chapter I was waiting for Wesker to kick some ass... and then that happened. My jaw actually dropped.

Blast Processing¡!¡! : Alice is like that one kid on the playground who would say bullets don't work on him because he has superpowers.

Mad Squirrel Mods : My brother loves Leon Kennedy from the video games, and he hates how he was depicted in Resident Evil: Retribution. If anything, he hates the movies and prefers the games, a decision I support.

DaPootisJedi : "And this film had a budget of 60 million dollars." What makes this statement even sadder is the fact that they had almost 10 million more than the COMBINED budget of Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi

NotsoSkilled : “Are you excited for monster hunter? Fucking don’t be.” Oh my I couldn’t stop laughing at this part!

Rollins : one of the biggest problems with these movies is that characters just disappear from one movie to the other without explanation, like from re2 to 3 Jill is not there and neither Carlos nor Alice seems to care(also Claire never has a line mentioning Chris something like saying "hey I'm trying to survive and find my brother Chris he is in the army" would set up at least a reunion for us to care in 4), then from 4 to 5 neither Claire, nor Chris nor Kmart who we were told to care about in the previous 2 movies are there then again nobody explains what's going on, then from 5 to 6 no one besides Alice reappears, and there is no mention of that, never a single word, Chris is never seen again and Claire is never like "oh yeah Chris died back in the boat when umbrella attacked us", Paul Anderson really does not know how to write a movie even less an entire franchise

The Strong : Ada putting Leon's hand away from her leg makes you instantly understand how inaccurate these movies are to the games.

Byun Taehyung : Nemesis looks good in the movie, like, the the SFX artist were spot on with it! But other than that...TRASH

Shenron Rush : Being a long time Resident Evil fan I have to be honest the films were a disgrace.

ChronoJedi : 7:44 This pissed me off so much ... i mean COME ON!!!! A DOOOR!!!!!!!!!!!

ClayDog MadMan : The game series never honored the character Alice... And that was a good thing...

Sosozanyway : The movies are pure trash. This video is perfect.

EETSHITUTUBANDGUGL : My mother unironically loves these movies.... She shames our family

Gizmo aP : This opened my eyes wow, I remember I loved the movie series as a kid but you’re totally right on them ripping off content without direct context in their own universe

ThatOneMeowth : I love strong female leads but this isn’t the kind of lead people should love up to. A Mary Sue who’s super strong and does everything seemingly right all the time and is unstoppable, that’s a shitty role-model. Why couldn’t they just do Jill correctly? Or Ada? Or focus more on Claire? Characters that aren’t perfect but have amazing determination and other character traits that make for amazing female leads that can truly be inspirational and something to look up to.

Vlado Buster : I fully agree with your opinion.

CelaniSello : when the Director makes his wife to be in every single movie and try to have her be a badass <.<

Jon T : Paul Anderson and most of these directors probably never read the books or played the games to gain any understanding of the source material of the movie they were trying to make,they were probably doing it for the money.....all they did was read the script and probably had someone explain the rough background of

Sweet Potato : Nothing more disrespectful than disregarding the history of the characters we loved.

Daventry Scott : U speak all facts on here. Those movies shouldn’t have been made and the director was/is garbage.

Elanasse : Even without the games as a source movie serie is horrible

thermonuclear collider : Very good video, sir! You nailed it right on the head! That's exactly what the Resident Evil movies are: a way for Paul WS Anderson to keep his wife happy by allowing her to have her own action franchise (I am not so sure her career would've gone much further otherwise) while making money on the side by selling comic-book action flicks so dumb Marvel movies feel like "Apocalypse Now" by comparison. All this because they have the "Resident Evil" brand slapped on it. The first one was half-way decent, but, 17 years later, I still cannot understand why they had to make it about Alice and a random special squad when they could've easily fit Jill, Chris and the S.T.A.R.S. team in the same plot (which is not too dissimilar from the George A. Romero-penned script that can be found online - the latter wasn't very good either, but at least it tried to be like the games). Seeing the characters from the games being reduced to sidekicks to Alice, one the least charismatic leads ever seen in a scifi-horror movie, has always been quite insulting as a fan of the franchise and witnessing what little lore the people at Capcom had managed to weave together being thrown down the toilet was equally discouraging - until the games started to be more like the movies (even though they always managed to be better written and make more sense, which it truly is something). I am just glad I am not the only one who sees things this way (given how much money each one of these sloppy movies has taken in, one could be led to think the world likes them unquestionably).

Jay Napier : I grew up with the movies and they're the only reason I started playing the games. Now I love the games and I do admit that the movies are nowhere near as good, and I wish an actual Biohazard fan had made them.

DrDovahkiin94 : That White guy living in Japan line is still killing me

Gaming Moments : These live action movies sucked ass but the animated films were amazing

Gabriel Escalera : I do like most of the films but I highly agree with you 👍🏼

Eksy ß : The fact they're doing monster hunter scares me, I wonder if they plan destroying every capcom franchise with husband and wife fanfiction

The Sphere Hunter : I just want Jill to come back and be happy...

Robert Jensen : wait what? they're trying to make a monster hunter movie?? Games made into movies are really bad as the directors tend to want to claim creative rights (basically they wanna mess with the source as much as they can). Also who the hell is alice in general? There is no RE character like her at all save in this directors versions (which suck) and like The4thSnake says its like he did this just to cast his wife. Thats a terrible reason to make a 60 million dollar movie.

Andrew Lawrence : These movies made a combined 1.25 Billion dollars at box office so I don't think the director is going to be short of work. The films gradually focused more and more towards the Chinese market which cares less about story and more about ridiculous action with monsters and aliens and jet packs and lazer beams. That's where the final film made 90% of it's profits.

Conversation Strangler Steven : Great video dude. Spot on everything. And you just scratched the surface too. The movies were terrible. Leon's character in the movie is the exact opposite of the original. Alice=💩

Albert Pak : I never understood why Hollywood deviated so much from the source material. The games are tense and cinematic. The characters are archetypical and eminently quotable. The action is plentiful and fun, with great horror atmosphere. If any video game series is prepackaged and ready-made to be adapted as is to the big screen it’s Resident Evil. I can’t wait for the time when cinema becomes truly democratic and a person can create Hollywood quality movies from his bedroom desktop.

Nemesis_FTW : Thank you for making this video. Only thing I would have added to show how idiotic these movies were would be to expose how in the last movie they essentially tell you that the plot from RE Apocalypse didn't play out as it did. Were told that Dr. Ashford created the T-Virus to help his daughter Angela Ashford live a normal life but in the last movie it was Dr. James Marcus who created it to save his daughter Alicia Marcus. These movies came out when I was younger and at the time I was willing to accept that they were loosely based on the games but after Apocalypse I was done with the movies. The movies pretty much became Mad Max with zombies with crappy effects and overuse of slow motion. I remember how they hyped up the 4th movie because they were using the cameras from Avatar. That movie literally would have been 45 mins long if the movie was sped up to real time with all the 3D slow motion BS it had in it. Hopefully the Netflix series paves the way for a truly game based set of movies in the future.

Cytron1515 : I gotta admit, one of the few things I loved about Apocolypse was Sienna Guillory. She killed it as Jill Valentine.

пулемет абду : Wow this video is completely wonderful really nice job

Carcosa : I always felt bad for RE fans because the movies butchered the game source/soul and force this new trash concept of RE into mainstream media.

Dillon Correa : Thank you for this video. Doing God's work lol jkjk but ya awesome video and a much needed outline of Paul Cancerson's complete disregard for important elements in the RE universe.

evilvixen05 : I just have to say... THANK YOU! As a RE fan myself I had been excited to see a movie of the franchise when it first came out... then... after seeing the first movie, I cringed. I had hoped it was an AU and that would be the end of it... then the second movie came out and I was just facepalming the entire way through it and continued after *renting* the dvds because I didn't want to support the movie franchise but had to see just how worse it got. It's just atrocious and an insult to the source material. As for the Monster Hunter movie... I am not wasting my time and money on another mediocre fanfiction movie about his goddamn wife. The formula for Paul W.S. Anderson is find the most hyped, beloved and profitable game he can find; destroy it in his fanfictions, profit from the those cheap plots he makes and leaves the fans of the source material to pick through the destruction of a franchise they cherished.

Jay #24 : I got a lot of respect for for you!! Spot on and let's make a credible reboot that follows the story spot on.

Charge Beetle : Y'know, Michelle Rodriguez always *did* seem like a Saiyan woman... 💪🏽💁🏽‍♀️

Diane Blake : I couldn't agree more with this. I mean Alice completely killed the film series. A Mary Sue of all things. Those characters NEVER work in anything!! I liked the first one but after that, it fell off a cliff VERY fast with no emergency brakes. Paul made the series revolve around his wife and making the original RE characters complete mere fodder. Didn't even bother to do research of the RE characters or even making connections that make sense. The second move was loosely about RE3: Nemesis and it was JILL'S Story!! And Paul made her into an afterthought. And I agree with your opinion about Nemesis. He looked good in the movie but I hated that he got killed the way he did. And Alice going one - on - one in a fight with him?? I just changed the channel and never bothered to watch the rest of the series. I hated this series. Why it went beyond the 2nd movie is beyond me. They were total trash!! But thanks for this video though!

spaz monkey : Thank you for telling it like it is