The Resident Evil Movies Do Not Work | Adaptive Difficulty

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The Sphere Hunter : I just want Jill to come back and be happy...

DrakeVagabond : I'm so glad Capcom never made Alice a thing ever.

MKNerd Music : What really makes these movies so awful for me is the inclusion of Alice. Why did they feel the need to throw in a superpowered character like hers in the story? With the obvious exception of Jake from RE6, all of the heroes (to my knowledge) were just regular officers and soldiers fighting against the mutated undead. With a character like Alice in the fray, any sense of tension is lost and no stakes can be raised since Alice can easily take care of the vast majority of threats that anyone else would struggle against. Also, Chris punching that giant boulder in RE5 never got adapted in the films, so I'm hella pissed.

Blast Processing¡!¡! : Alice is like that one kid on the playground who would say bullets don't work on him because he has superpowers.

Yolo Masta 69 : This wasn't a video I was expecting but thank you for making it, the resident evil movies are complete trash and I wish the people who liked the movies would at least give the games a chance.

Jedi : Resident Evil 2 'remake coming out at the end of the month, who's else is pumped for it?

felman87 : It's amazing how they managed to blow Resident Evil and make it worse. Ok, I like the series but, we have to admit, it could be better written and planned out. It did all start from a game that was kind of, maybe, supposed to be a remake of an old movie-based NES game, Sweet Home. But man, to see things from the game taken and made worse. How do you do that? The source material was right there. It's like failing an open-book test.

Robert Warren : Resident Evil: Afterlife - Starring Quan Chi

Declan Kearns : The only good Resident Evil movies are Degeneration, Damnation and Vendetta. Because they have the characters and follow the games' story.

Vivi 恥ずかしがりや自信がなくなった Ornitier : Yeah, the Resident Evil movies are hot garbage. I only watched all of them out of a twisted sense of obligation

johnny h : Thank you for speaking the truth. ✊ MAKE JILL GREAT AGAIN

Zero Attention Gaming : Super Saiyan Michelle Rodriguez. Nothing in these movies is as terrifying as that sounds.

JahlisMan : what blows my mind is that every single one of these movies was released in theaters. from the 3d one onwards they should've been vod/home releases. and in the perfect world, they would not release *any* of them at all after the 2nd one. that said, the inconsistencies in these movies, especially the last one, are just out of this world. you can't be this incompetent if you tried. I saw "final chapter" by accident (long story) and the whole way through this "movie" I had one thought "does Anderson forget what happens in his movies after they are released?" that's the only explanation that makes sense. he fucking *wrote* them himself, one must *try* to eradicate any sense of internal logic and mythos. and the direction and writing overall are next level awful in the last movie. great video, as always! this movie franchise continues to be one of the biggest misteries to me. first couple of Anderson's movies are solid, even the 1st RE is servisable, and 1st AvP, imo, is shot competently at least. but wtf happened to the guy next?..

Cicada V : I remember watching Anderson's first Mortal Kombat movie as a kid and liking it. The second not so much but the first one I still enjoy for being a decent if flawed attempt at a video game movie. As for his RE movies maybe it would have been better to have rotating protagonists for the films or just leave out the characters from the games rather than have them shafted for Alice.

Joseph : Resident evil can work as a movie but the ones that are made are pure shit

magita666 : They are my guilty pleasure. I totally get why they are trash after playing the games. I just separate them in my mind. The CGI movies are definitely more faithful to games. I am not ok with the how the game characters were portrayed. Nothing against any actors. It's the writing that did an injustice to the game characters.

Resolution : I’ve been telling my co-workers for months now, this is why I want to get involved in film making. A proper Resident Evil film can be done. Have it take place at the Spencer Mansion and make it a suspense/horror film. Pipe dream I guess.... :/

Rick : Eh, Sienna Guillory was hot in the second movie.

David Kings : The movies were total bullshit. The character of Alice tried to be so perfect (of course, she is the producer's wife) that it was so wrong and unbearable in many ways. Totally agree with what you say of Jill, Chris and Wesker. If only Milla and Anderson could see this. Good video.

DemonKingCozar : Im gonna be honest, when you showed the image for monster hunter I originally thought that was other joe from angry joe show. Then I did I double take and laughed at my mistake.

RoryKenneigh : I still wish Capcom went with Romero's script. Even though he killed off Barry (The bastard) it would have been so much better in every way.

Ultimate Hedgehog : 7:43 Wesker gets killed of by a door?....................W.S Anderson really doesn't understand logic and characters Lol that is hysterical Wesker getting killed off by a door

Lil Triangle : Love the Quan chi joke

Titanicgamerdude : Alice made much of the cast just redundant. Especially in the later films. Just look at the games. As the series goes on, more powerful enemies show up and go from slow strides to running. Biting gets replaced with clawing, run jump mauling, gun use, even more dangerous mutations, and lastly, durability increase. These are supposed to generate fear and make the players think of how to avoid and fight the creatures without burning through their resources. Alice, contradicts this. And this hurts the films soooo much. She's like a crutch you rely on too much, like a cheat code that gives you unlimited ammo.

Ben Hill : These garbage movies are just vanity projects.

Random J : The Resident evil movies are a travesty. I choose to not acknowledge them as Resident evil movies.

Lil D Flanders : Have never agreed so much with something

Suwat Saksri : At least his Mortal Kombat movie had Liu Kang as the main character

Paul Caine : Awesome work honestly they can call this movie something else not resident evil.

EpicJason X9000 : by far the absolute worst of the RE live action film series is The Final Chapter. not only is it god awful, but holy crap is it hard to watch without your eyes hurting. it's a movie that hurts both your brain & your eyes at the same time, and yet another example of how much of a dumpster fire Sony Pictures as a whole has gotten in recent years.

Sr Pasta de Amendoim : Great Video. Paul did a decent job with the first MK movie. It's in fact one of the best videogame based movie to this day. Too bad the same didn't happen with RE. Also RE5 (the game) is underrated as fuck IMO. Kinda like the 3D MK games.

Starlight : At least we all can agree that the CGI movies are way better then the live-action movies

EpicJason X9000 : it's kind of funny how Paul WS Anderson was able to make the best live action video game adaptation, Mortal Kombat, and the worst live action video game adaptation series, Resident Evil, at the same exact time.

Luigi The Vulpix : the 1st and Apocalypse and Extinction are my favorite Resident Evil Movies Retribution, Afterlife and Final Chapter are well... Bland and Commercial Failure. in my general opinion. No Offense to all fans of retribution, afterlife and final chapter though. sorry

shaqman813 : I don't want the Monster Hunter movie, I don't. Capcom should have made the movie cgi and in-studio like the cgi RE movies.

Killer_Queer : I don't see the point anyways, horror games are better than movies unless you try to appeal to boomers

iLuvPandas Smartz : So I'm not a 90s child and wasnt introduced to the games until 2 years ago when I stepped out of my rock, but i did watch the movies and as a result I think some of them are alright *not the last 2, those are complete bull shit* but I love how you presented your facts and opinions, I can say I thoroughly enjoyed this despite having somewhat different views on the first 2 movies, clearly you're doing something right, I'm subscribing

Oi Renka : Wesker is Dio Brando. Also, that part was a good tribute

Jackson 1060 : I always hated the RE Movies. Because they never follow the real story line. Like who the hell is Alice in the games? These movies sucked

MQF II : My honest opinion about the movies In general: 1 - If the movie didn't call itself "Resident Evil", the Licker was not In it and the virus had any other name, it would actually be a good, enjoyable zombie flick, maybe a modern classic like 28 Days Later ro Zombieland Apocalypse - It's the one I hate the less, because at the very least Anderson TRIED to replicate the Raccoon City destruction. Extinction onwards - Only got worse at every installment. Alice - You know, Alice could've been Hollywood's own version of Lara Croft, a strong, indepent and beautiful woman for both men and women to enjoy, but Anderson made his wife so OP, and worst, OP at the cost of making every character like Carlos, Jill and Chris completely useless.

The Strong : Ada putting Leon's hand away from her leg makes you instantly understand how inaccurate these movies are to the games.

Juan Bermudez : Those movies were trash. The first Resident Evil movie made me scratch my head because it was nothing like the game, and the movies I was forced to watch were a waste of time. The fact that you had the stomach to withstand such filth earned you my respect. Resident Evil 1 was a groundbreaking game that changed the way horror games were made in the new generation consoles, and the next 3 just expanded upon that developing a great story. The movie franchise was a complete mess that spits on what this franchise did. I'd say its as bad as the Mortal Kombat movies compared to their franchise, but those movies at least were somewhat faithful to the story of the first 2 games, and just had 2 movies.

Matthew Cool : I just hate the fact that they focus on some chick named Alice rather than the actual characters from the games. I honestly don't mind that the movies had a focus on action (hell, I'm one of the few people that actually liked RE6) but having Alice swoop in and save the day all the time just kills the mood. The Final Chapter is easily the worst example of everything wrong with these movies cranked up to eleven. It's not only the worst out of all of them, it's the worst action movie I have ever seen bar none. While Damnation and Vendetta also had a huge focus on action, at least they focused on the characters from the games, the action was actually fun to watch, and it all felt like an extended cutscene. Something I'd much rather see than any of the shit Paul W.S. Anderson has ever done.

Aeliath : dude, following you here for a while now. your videos keep getting better and better. love the way you show insight on stories! keep it up!

ALL-STAR GAM3RPUNK : 8:35 10/10 best comparison ever you get a 🍪 & a high five

Cal Schmidt : 1:07 was someone eating her out?

M : Im so glad they’re getting rid of mila for the next movie, actually accommodating to what the fans actually want; doing the game justice.

Quinton TV : Worst movie franchise ever. I'm sure fans of the original games will agree.

huffcustom : Totally agree Resident Evil before RE5 was about survival while getting max effectiveness out of limited resources. These elements used effectively with human, relatable characters, and a simple coherent story would make for a potentially great movie. Some day...

Bekee x : Terrible movies, Amazing game series.