Overcooked 2 Tips + SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy Review | 1800% Pro Underground w/FrankJavCee

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Smoof5 : I miss you FrankJavCee please come back to us.

Jordyn Armstrong : Is it just me or was this video already uploaded once before?

William Mendes : Ok, it's hard to make me laugh, but this was actually legitimately hilarious. Great video Super Deluxe, keep up this kind of videos and keep Frank JavCee around he's truly funny, in a way that is unique

Speed Weird : Super Deluxe is really pushing the standards for video quality on YouTube. Great show, look forward to seeing more!

Michael Rivers : The Dark Souls of Baking Cakes! The cake is a lie.

I am youtube ! : Who else thought that was Tabasco in the thumbnail

I.C. Wiener : No for real I'm gonna need that "god hates jrpgs"

AI : This would be so much better without boring tiddy bounce simulator games. Also, if the sexy beast DJ could just split me in two with his magnum DJ dong that would be nice

Enem Disk : M E T A M O D E R N

Devin Bremmeyr : is FRANK closer to the camera or is he just a LARGE MAN?

Peter Liotta : This is advanced humor.

Jake Calvillo : Yo. Who won the giveaway?

John Ramos : FrankJavCee is the best!

Misha Arsenyev : wait why did this get reuploaded?

NamComSNK : Adult Swim is treating Franko better than ol' Susan did

Xdbolt Shots : First

Mc913 : Frank looks like Ohgeesy with a mustache

j12re retas9 : Super Deluxe is now my #1 channel

reefblip : frankjavcee went from vaporwave to normcore!chilling facts fam.. where's lil croixx when you need him..flex on the look!

15commandments : This channel has become a glorious dumpster fire, but I still have mad respect. Thanks for wasting my time in the best way possible.

luis bernal : Very epic gamer!!

Xavier Garza : Where can I find those food? At my local grocery store

Brian McQuain : This is internet

Conner Bacon : More. Please make so much more.

Dick Chocolate : Time to see it again

Zeddles The Penguin : i wanted to see more of this not the same video

dave lage : god i love tht u gave frank a show god bless this man

nopassa 7 : I give it 8/10 needs more sick fx

networkweirdgree : Bring will back this is bad

daOriGinooGrapeBeer : Can't lie- I wan't some of that Blue DX

Able X oxide : This is on par with cheap thrills

Sproot Overalls : More. Please. Thank.

Xavier Garza : And all those actual games?


Wynadorn : Yeeee it's the sickest boooooy

Ned Gold : This is fantastic.

Bee C. : Where can I get that ‘anime is not a crime’ cap? I need it asap

Xander Lander : *finish him*

TUBES : wtf is this where is will

RandomU5erName : Daddy Franky

Tyler C : Legit hilarious.

whoatemyteeth : 800% sich

Zenith 77 : First

Julian Evanchik : First

cool cape : cool

Erick : Nice broooo

Andrew Hassel : mai boi fjc

marcella huggins : First

f i s h i : amazing

Ben Cusack : First?