The New Doctor Who Titles | Doctor Who: Series 11

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Doctor Who : Want to ask composer Segun Akinola a question? Reply with your questions and we'll post the answers over on Twitter next week at 💙💙

Jamaal Ellison : It somehow feels new and classic at the same time I really like it

PopLopChop : One question:”Where is Tardis?!”


Bombird 88 : Good, but too short


StuckIn-A-Vortex : Anyone else getting some Doctor Strange vibes? Anyway still visually and audibly stunning!!

nameless rando : 1 2 3 4. The beat of 4. The never ending drums, can you hear them?

TheBlueSoulOfIntegrity : I love the mix of Orchestra and the Old Doctor Who theme, my one complaint is that *It's too short!!!!*

dinter and tay co. : the classic intro is back baby

Yason You : 1963 oppening remade, huh?

ChipperStreams : Its like the classic doctor who intro and a modern doctor who intro did the fusion dance

Emma Cole : I keep listening to the beat drop at 0:06 🤦‍♀️😂

Vokhenan-Senpai : The best opening titles from the new series so far.

Faolan Steamson : something old, something new...

Edin Šahbaz : Great Doctor,everything is top notch...but the writing is sooooo poor that i can't believe

Alex : I love it. And the new TARDIS interior. So alien and yet so british! Custard creams!

babytuber161 : Is this what LSD looks like?

Jackson Stuhr : Isn't anyone else going to question the fact that the 13th doctors first scene in the first two episodes have had that theme played with a really deep base in the background?

The Recon Project : I wasn't sure what to think at first of a female doctor first episode. I wasn't too impressed but second episode knocked it out of the part been watching since 2005 when I was a kid at 8 years old and still watching today at 21 13 years of pure awsumness

Olan DelosSantos : The beginning part looks more like a big ball of..wibbly wobbly..timey wimey...stuff.

Captain Jack : TIme vortex has let itself go...

Chandler Sun : That drop gave me goosebumps

Gallifreyan Warrior : I'm getting an extremely odd Jon Pertwee (Second Intro)/Tom Baker (First Intro) plus the intro from Curse of the Fatal Death vibe from this. I actually like this into

cylasbreakdown : Eh, a little fast-paced. I still prefer Capaldi’s intro.

Marcus Bierman : This Intro is kind of a colorful HD version of Hartnell's intro.

Ky-Long Nguyen : Imagine if they brought back the face morph in the title just like in Old Who!

Toria : how come Tosin and Mandip keep getting switched around

Ian Graham : It's a shame that we have such a superb theme that ultimately makes it's debut in such a travesty of a series.

My Name Is Not Ryan : So it's the trippy 60's intros again... ...won't complain

BraynCel : Love the reference to the patterns from the titles for the first three doctors

Mr. Tea : Doctor Who logo gone done a reverse THANOS

Jeremiah Ware : I love this, I could play this over, & over & over, again

Mitch Skelcher : YOU'RE DOIN IT MATE! RYYYYANNN SINCLAIIIRRRRR, DON'T YOU DARRRRRE! All I hear when I hear the theme song now lmao Like if you get the reference!

ImATimeTraveler : Very "first Doctor Who intro" like.

SuperAverageGamer 123 : That weird nebula thingy in the beggining is straight out of classic who! (1963 who)

Rekzy : I get the feeling that whoever made this was definitely on some kind of hallucinogenic drug

NerdyGirlCosplay : I absolutely love Jodie Whittaker as the doctor honestly. I was skeptical about a female doctor like many people were at first but oh b o y am I loving it now honestly. This opening is definitely my favorite of the new series by a long shot in the sense that it doesn't need excessive camera work, all it needs is that base drop and the LSD like visuals to be amazing

CODEFORTYTWO : 3D Howlround, Derbyshire theme, Classic TARDIS, historical episodes, accidentally kidnapped companions, interior archway resembling the interior doors from Classic. Chibnall's bringing us back to the 60's, he really is /ourguy/?

AtomicDinosaur : This is based on the original of course...but I'm loving the downward zoom at 6 sec it just me?

TheSparkyOne : It’s just so beautiful!😪❤️😍

Ryan Spees : It’s like the original title sequence took acid...

lonkplay : Reminds me of the very first few Who intros with the ink blots!

Dannie Madsen : Someone should do a side-by-side comparison of the Season 1-4 titles and Series 11-? titles.

Endyrym : Reminds me of John Smith VFXs recreation of the first doctors time warp. Very sweet!!!

TheFridayVerse : It's got the same feel as Hartnell's a bit.

Thomas Meehan : Sort of back to the Classic version 🙌🏻

hiAsim Shagarai : It was rubbish i didn't like it

spector969 : The tune's good, shame the show's complete garbage and basically nobody likes it apart from the "critics" whos jobs rely on them being alt-left zealots. Audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes is 27% and still falling... Which is DIABOLICAL when compared to the David Tennant era, where the show was receiving a 90% plus audience approval rating... Dear feminist n00bs at the BBC, here's a tip (if you actually care about how the audience reacts to your shows), when people watch Dr Who, they're expecting a sci-fi "flight of fantasy", not an hour of trashy feminist preaching. Next time you try to create something, bear this in mind, thanks in advance.

skylark belle : This may be the best them/ credits version of new who...Love the music!