Girly Drinks vs Manly Drinks

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Quiet Tomato : ahhh the first vid that I watched from Grade :^)


Radiophobia : Bittah Beah Lightah fluid. I cannot get over how absolutely wonderful his accent is. BITTAH

Mr. Fedora : And with that, a star was born...


TheLonelyGoomba : Can't wait for Grade to go back to these videos being the focus.


NoSuspect : Hah, your presentation has vastly improved in 3 years. You have become a professional complainer now.

Phil Hayes 3 : Girls say my di...I mean cooking taste bitter Yeah cooking

Retro Watermelon : I herd that Arizona tea had piss in it so I guess it's a real man's drink.... yea! :D

matty : "That's a bad adjective!"

imunsane : OMG I'm laughing so hard I almost choked on my drink 🍹 XD

Zach Falbe : Who came here from his other video to find his comment?

GhostGemz-gaming : Manly drinks taste like lighter fluid, or piss... ... Or lighter fluid mixed with piss 😂😂😂😂

ThatAussieGirl : The real hilarious thing is that these so called "girly drinks" often contain more alcohol than a beer. So some twat can be a tool about men drinking cocktails because it some how makes them "soft" when in reality the booze soaked glace cherry in said cocktail alone has more alcohol in it than said twats Bud Light

MXL : I died when the picture of shane came up😂😂

yo it's rabbid : “Pint Of Disgusting” gets me every time

Lord Detrivore : His voice has changed quite a bit but its still a nice video.

kungfuman82 : I happent to love the taste of bourbon and typically order an Old-Fashioned on the off occasion I do drink. My dad can't stand the taste of it and drinks beer instead. According to this bullshit theory of "manly drinks", I'm more of a man than my dad... a military veteran, aircraft mechanic for decades, taller and stronger than me, but I'm "manlier" because I drink a "manlier" alcohol. Yeah, no. Makes no sense, indeed.

Miklós Bremer : your drawing has improved a lot scince 2013

iamaniPod : You drink what you wanna drink. If someone tries to shame you with a "what's with the girly drink?" shoot back with a "what's with the girly genitals?"

Ali Daimasoum : Don't know why the video is age restricted

Kenji : Well i just like the taste of beer more than i like the taste of fruit mixes, but i dont see either as a manly or a girly drink.. maybe it's just me or because im from germany :D


The Entire Earth : BITTA! IT'S CALLED BITTA!

Aryan Kumar : Then what is water?

Steel Titan : Who's the cute lesbian at 1:52?

suga we're going down swinging : B-but Shane's not gay he's bi :/

X O : How he put a pic of shane when he said gay😂😂😂😂😙

Miklós Bremer : lighta fluid I love your accent you sound so funny when your 'angry' youre a really good comedian

Mini Gamez : He's so bitter about this Im sorry ill just leave

KamakaziDaniel : this version of grade a under a looks like the catfish version of him from his video called how to spot a catfish

Tango Or Fanta : Grade sounds so much different

Gelus Venn : The worst thing about all of it to me, is that the 'girly' drinks are usually mixed with significantly stronger alcohol. So they even get you drunk better on top of tasting good.

fernie.ernie : I would pay to watch you do stand up.

- Zyrowl - : Whysit age restricted now? It wasnt like this before

Hand Out : Age restricted!?!?!?

rosie The taco : 2017 anyone? This video is hilarious

herbert : sex on the beach actually sounds terrible. could you imagine where the sand would end up

Connor Clarke : I miss grade

Yoshiyahoo : Dis good

Dipps88 !!! : wow this video is old

Cole Graham : I think somebody is just BITTA about something. Guess his dad doesn't threaten to shoot him over just his haircut, but his drink choice too.


Vincent Xu : The most manly drink is “the bloody awful”

SolarEarwig : When the video’s age restricted for no reason

Hey It's Ron Here : Humans were always able to drink whatever they want...

cøllîn-rūth : 1:52 HAHA SHANE!!

colonelvector : Legitimately, the comment about bitter and a "pint of disgusting" might be the hardest I've ever laughed at anything

don nivo : Lol what happened to his head?!?