Crows attacking and copulating with a dead crow

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Pierre Buehler : It's called necrowphilia...

Snowball Effect : Wth was that. That's some intense reaction. Any idea of why this happens? Is it some sort of empathetic overload leading to some sort of adrenaline or other hormone rush when they see a dead fellow?

looni3 : Looks like they were trying to rouse it.

darthsnider : Did Ron find Becky?

ng seng : No wonder from the Bible, its always refered doves are from heaven and crows are from hell.

SoluciónFinalXXI : Los cuervos son pura maldad, picotean el cadaver, se ponen cachondos, y quien sabe si esos graznidos significan risas...

NoX Bird : Experimental research, you just put a dead crow into a taken territory, no wonder they attack it since they defend their territory, damn your research is nonsense!

Lexxusj S38 : la naturaleza en su maximo esplendor

Mohit S : 😦

Kouya Sakurada : Quoth the Raven “Nevermore.”

LordHumungous619 : Bob's celebration of life gathering went south when everyone realized what a complete a-hole he was!

Stonemass : es lo que hacemos los humanos con los vivos no ?

Ahmad Taufiq : Oh... didn't know they could do that... kinda reminds me of duck for some reason....

SyntheticDivine : Science is a little scary sometimes, when it reminds us that chemical reactions within a brain can drive aberrant behavior that we would normally find horrifying. The kinds of actions that creatures in nature, both animals and humans alike, can take when their impulse control is damaged/dimished or in some way overwhelmed. Intellectually we need to know these kinds of truths, science and our understanding of the world must be driven forward, and yet it leaves a part of you wishing that the truth were somehow different from what it, in actuality, is. That humans, and the animals around us, were somehow nobler than we, in fact, are. These crows serve to remind us that biology can be a terrifying thing. May we yet overcome ours, for some of humanity’s most beautiful moments come when we act in direct opposition to our instincts.

MrOGG : dam nature you scary