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Life OD : Subscribe with notifications or we’ll come for you with baby oil !

davidrobert2007 : Next video: "Can You Use Engine Oil As Engine Oil?"

San Pro : Please take the valve cover off, I wanna see the aftermath!

captainchaos087 : Up next on Scotty Kilmer channel: Why oil is bad for your car!!

NotSoGoodGamer18 : Do flex tape tires

Gree3000 : 6:01 dude in the back pickn his nose like a mf champ

Matsimus : “Dude.... dude.... dude” - Every Chad YouTuber

A P Developments : Right. I’m covering the wife in castrol gtx.

Konvoy 00 : You shouldn't have used a Toyota for this

Cristian Saavedra : America, did i hear oil?

blazedxjan : It's not the baby oil... it's that legend of an engine that you're abusing...

Nic Motter : I seriously hate when they show the highlights from the vid in the beginning

Google User : It's actually no thinner than the 0w-20 oils most cars already use. ........ Add a quart of lucas heavy duty and it will likely be better than the EPA cafe oil it came with

Khaleel Khan : I wanted to see the oil when you drained it

Dimitri Andreou : I've used it in way more difficult missions

JohnStax : How many cars have you killed?

Audit Watcher : Have you guys ever tried something like KY, or “adult toy store” oils ? LOL

matthew mercer : 6:09 tell your boy to stop pickin his nose in your car😂

Name not found : Next: Can you use gasoline as engine oil?

dank meme : that dude in the back look like bart kwan

willmatic 84 : Scotty Kilmer will approve✔ .... 😄👌

Austin Pieschel : Now do printer ink I would like to see that work.

Abdulla Jaafari : Empty out the oil, we need to see the condition of that thing!

Renon Music : It’s not the baby oil, check the car u were messing with #toyota’s never die

AMS VIVID GAMES : Useful information for the apocalypse...

tommy d u b b s : Changes brake lights... OHHH DDUUUDDEE Are you guys on drugs

Raymont Panther : Instead of using trays, try using furniture dollies once lol

Paul Estrada : i wanted to see the baby oil after you took the plug out :(

Xalbrecht 112 : Torque specs= 3 ugga duggas

Two Bear Arms : Why would you buy Johnson & Johnson for $4.92 a bottle when you could get Equate for $2.47 a bottle?

Samcrac : I bought JNJ stock after watching this video

Rhey Jen Crusem : That's the oil Johnson uses lol.

Mr.LionMusic : Try some thick sex lube, I think that would be VERY fun to watch! Love these vids.

nick highland : Awe i wanted to see what the oil looked like when u guys took it out

capang9555 : I will always remember these asses for destroying a saab. 😡😤

Experimental Fun : Engine oil and baby oil are both made from crude oil so i wasn't surprised it worked, still fun to watch though. I would like to see you try dish soap :)

Allahu Akbar : Try lube as engine oil.

Aztek4611 : Where’s chow-son

Bernie G : TOYOTA

paintball130 : does engine oil work on babies tho

More Skids : Try rainier beer

Simen Thorbjørnsen : Thicker then a thot

Chase olson : Try chocolate syrup

StaxxxCmd : Why he look like orion from haggard garage?

BASE line : Try engine oil on a baby 🙄😍

Geo Magnaye : How to make your engine have a rebirth

Cat , meow : Test diesel as engine oil check if it give the same result.

Raihan Islam : Don't use it in a 3x3x3, I tested it and it makes your cube disgusting

Aidan H : Since when did u live in Seattle?

Google User : This will get the idiots on Bob is the oil guy whizing in their panties! ........ The clueless bob fools still have no idea that the ONLY reason Ow-20 and 5w-20 oils are specified is that the EPA wants to save the planet NOT your engine!!