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Life OD : Subscribe with notifications or we’ll come for you with baby oil !

davidrobert2007 : Next video: "Can You Use Engine Oil As Engine Oil?"

Big Island MN : it's a Toyota it would run on Aunt Jemima Syrup

paintball130 : does engine oil work on babies tho

Rune Andre Bergtun : I can only imagine whats going thru the mind of the guy or girl in the cash register when a bunch of guys walks in and buys loads of baby oil.

Khaleel Khan : I wanted to see the oil when you drained it

Gabriel Blyde : These people are determined to blow up as many cars as possible in the dumbest way possible and I love it.

Matsimus : “Dude.... dude.... dude” - Every Chad YouTuber

Panaki_ Turbo_X : Can a car Run on cum instead of engine oil

Abridged Media Source : Useful information for the apocalypse...

blazedxjan : It's not the baby oil... it's that legend of an engine that you're abusing...

Two Bear Arms : Why would you buy Johnson & Johnson for $4.92 a bottle when you could get Equate for $2.47 a bottle?

Name not found : Next: Can you use gasoline as engine oil?

Abdulla Jaafari : Empty out the oil, we need to see the condition of that thing!

N.J.R &H : It’s because it’s the 92-96 Camry 2.2 4 banger engine you can’t kill those. I had one with 500k and got rid of it running and driving after I didn’t drive it at all anymore. From 100k-500k, all I did was oil changes, brakes and one set of rear struts.

San Pro : Please take the valve cover off, I wanna see the aftermath!

Darije 5655 yt : Sunflower oil is made of sunflowers Coconut oil is made of coconuts So what🤔 is baby oil made of

Raymont Panther : Instead of using trays, try using furniture dollies once lol

Bezo Balo : If it work's than just because it's a Toyota!

Aaron Bartlett : Sex lube next?

Experimental Fun : Engine oil and baby oil are both made from crude oil so i wasn't surprised it worked, still fun to watch though. I would like to see you try dish soap :)

4 star diesel : can you use engine oil as baby oil

major Spoosh : you should go to a oil change place and ask for a change and watch the guy changing the oil be like wtf is that smell ??? lol is that baby oil (0_O)lol

Navy SEALS Rock : I love Toyota's. freaking reliable af

thanks ace : "we gotta torque these to spec Adam!" 😂 😂 😂 😂

JohnStax : How many cars have you killed?

Ijul Dzulfadli : Test diesel as engine oil check if it give the same result.

Ziqaku Zenaku : it is not about jonson & jonson.. it is about.. TOYOTAAAA...

CareyJ714 : did these dudes just avoid a wreckless driving charge by charisma alone? LMAO

Jose’s Garage : I want to see what the oil looked like when you drained it

willmatic 84 : Scotty Kilmer will approve✔ .... 😄👌

Chase olson : Try chocolate syrup

Mr Wavy : Can you use car oil as break fluid ? 😔

Ko Tu Oke : Use a sunscream as engine oil

Nick : Christ, why the hell am I using full synthetic...? #retorical

Mr.Mister : Now you guys have to try engine oil on a baby.

Hugo blijham : Use butter as oil

Knightmare Original : Next video:"Can u use water as engine oil?"

BASE line : Try engine oil on a baby 🙄😍

Cristian Saavedra : America, did i hear oil?

Domo Bro : Can't believe that your Rolls Royce actually ran on baby oil!

chaseman94 : I like to see you put baby oil in domestic engine like the GM 3800 series and see if it will go at least 100 miles

TotallyOriginal : 0:09 *"We're only pulled over just a little bit."* What? Pfff. No there isn't anything down there, dont bother looking. Please call the police i have been down here for 34 days.

Ricardo Guzman : Can you use oblick as engine oil? 🤔

Geo Magnaye : How to make your engine have a rebirth

أحمد الحزيمي : this old camry is stronger than the new one best camreis ever 1993_1996 manuwal

Eduardo O. : Can you use baby oil as baby oil?

Envelo Envelope : Use gasoline as engine oil.

A Doge : Race oil

Joe Box : Dude I wanted to see the aftermath! What did the oil look like after you ran it 100+ miles? I demand to see a fallow up oil change video!