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Colox : and what is a dis?

AAron Thom : He’s got the patience of a saint 🤣

The Timurid Horde : this man has the patience of christ

Black Thunder : That's cheese

Rito : Im waiting for the 10 hour version of this video

Cathy Leone : This guy still has nightmares from this.

Michael Kyle : The life of the parent of a toddler.

абвгдђежзијклљмнњопрстћуфхцчџш : How does he not break character I would die laughing if I took this guy back to the beginning of the row

Mkhi to Auba : Wow, that's one patient human.

Arman Zhamharyan : I don't like humor here, it's too cheesy

turkey bandit : @1:03 you can see sasha(borat) try not to laugh

JP Yutaka : "what is this a potato?"

Mr Snrub : Now thats costumer service 👍👍

Sloth h : If I was as laid back as that guy I'd live a very happy life.

Brook Rundle : Some say after this video all that man could say was "cheese"

ExO Magic Gaming : I literally nearly died from laughing

Stephen Minton : I still remember the first time I ever saw this video. I was staying in a hotel room in London, drinking wine on my own before meeting up with some friends later in the evening, and this just had me in hysterics. I think it was cut from the final movie, right, and is only in the 'extras'? Maybe I'm wrong about that, but it was just hilarious.

Praying Patrick : AND-A WHAT IS THEAS

exosfear512 : I rather deal with Borat than some of the regular customers

tipdub : I knew he was gonna go all the way back to the second row and start over, but I still went, "DON'T DO IT, BORAT, DON'T DO THIS TO ME." lmfao

towipo : "It is milks?"

Karla R : A man broken by society

Tyler the creator's Dad : legend has it he's still in the store

Ham Bone : 1:03 He cracks a smile!! Hahah

Gonthor1000 : That store manager is definitely an Army or Marine vet. Dealing with one of the most stressful situations in the civilian sector. Respect

AkooP ! : it is not a pen ? - Cheese

Rob Kimbell : Wish it would've made the movie but Sasha almost broke character like 3x going through the cheese, so they had to cut it lol

Emiliano Dean : waatiz-a-diece ?

ayy lmao : "But it say KRACKERS"

Amir Al-katib : This store doesn't have enough cheese and butter -.-

mcalpha3 : Top notch customer service right here. The man deserves a raise.

Aaron Selv : The word cheese no longer means anything

Anthony Gudgeon : Only an american

Moe hin Me a : damn hawkeye has alot of patience

Platypus : *And what is a this?*

EricG : The world's most patient man.

Gerald Cetrulo : cRACKEr

Sophia’s And SnowBall’s World : After a year, they finally reach the produce section.

Flexipop T : The absolut best cheese question is at 1:28.

JP Yutaka : what is this thing here is it rice?

Scaramouge Esteban : is it a Rice?

Gwifitz : That's not called patience, that's called being dead inside for 20 years!

Sideshow Bob : I was screaming at at my TV "just tell him the whole section is cheese!"

nigelcarren : That Jeremy Renner knows his cheese!

QuantumStriker 003 : Sacha Boran is a pretty good comedian. At least i used to think this was real.

NUTrition : “It is not a pen?” “Cheese.”

WorstCriticEver : Jesus that grocery store loves it’s cheese 😂😂

Mohammed Tahshir : This must be wood😂

mihir y : I like the part where he says cheese

Jelena V : "This cant be cheese".