Oasis' Liam Gallagher Being Ruthless Throughout The Years | TRAPS TV

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TRAPS TV : You can buy or rent the incredible new 'Oasis: Supersonic' Documentary via the link in the description. Thanks us later!

Shelly. : "the worst part about being oasis is that i cant pay to see a band as good as us" damn guy

yeahSOwhat : he is a twat but funny one

nahimgood : He must be 90% cocaine

Una cabra cualquiera : *Take a shot every time Liam says foocking*

ROY FR : It’s easy to speak your mind, to have swagger, to cause trouble, when you’re a multimillionaire. Try acting like this in a 9-5......

Anthony : "How are you liam? "GODLIKE" "How are you feeling?" "GODLIKE"

SP330Y : He might be rude, argumentative, swear and attack people, but i tell you what...He had the HEART to get to Manchester for the One Love concert, jump on a plane and perform, top bloke Liam :)

Jordan : Noel: ''When we do interviews around the world we're subtitled'' Liam: ''Cause' they're mongs man'' AJAJAJAAHAJHAAHABHJ RGYHAB I CAN'T STOP CRYING

Just Liam : A lot of people just don't understand where Liam is coming from. He's one of the lads. He loves his fans and has never pretended to be anything but himself. Yeah, Noel is the brains (and a feckin funny bloke)...but ask folks who have worked closely with the band and many will tell you Noel has always been the arsehole of the group, or at least the hardest to work with. Love him or hate him, it wouldn't have been Oasis without Liam.

Zemar Rednaksi : I don't always use the internet, but when I do, eye brows

underneonloneliness2 : I wish the music industry had characters like him nowadays! Everyone is way to PC now and there isn't any rock and roll attitude anymore

2ndGenMonkFan : This man is the coolest human being that has ever lived.

bob bobo : Liam is what the term "savage" was invented for. He defines the term lol.

Honey Babou : Whre can I find this video with english subtitles?

Gregor Carlin : Whenever Liam is getting any sort of attention Noel is always lingering about trying to get to the front

Steve M : "Liam was one of the last great rock stars." - Noel Gallagher, BBC Radio 2

Andrew Inwood : liam theyll never be another like you mate. you came saw and most definitely conquered and i loved every fuckin minute of it. thanks for the memories. nice one!! live forever!!

Rada 800 : Morons. Liam's always been the genuine, personable, friendly one ever since they started. The band members always said that it's Noel that's hard to deal with. Liam's been portrayed a certain way in the media but that's not entirely who he really is. Ugh. Idiots.

Matt Hafey : Lol he really wanted one of those buns :P haha

Billy Jango : It must be such hard work putting on the hard man act every minute of every day. I don't know how he can be arsed with it.

- Farqueef : I would pay to Kanye West to try and take an award of Liam Gallagher

jeff caliendo : I've actually grown to like Liam a lot, I think with their music style in the 90s they were gonna be crucified as Beatle wannabes, they prob felt they needed to bring a Stones attitude with that pop music so they wouldn't be a target. personally, I dig blur, Radiohead, Oasis, Noel, clinic, the verve, the Arctic monkeys,!and have a lot of respect for all of them ....

Donald Trump : I'm 27 but i would give my right arm to have lived through Oasis's best years in the 90s. Please reform :)

Kai Birley : Before they blow you up Liam Gallagher-2000

songs about mixing : its rock n roll people! who cares! lets party!!

Sam Evans : He's an idiot but hilarious

James R : I reckon he drove himself out mate hahahha

Natalie Ayres : arrogantly hilarious!

callum clancy : "I thought I'd pay my respects before the blowy up and that" presumably he's talking about 9/11, which happened in 2001, and that album was released in 2000... someone explain

Arfabiscuit : liam goes drinking with one of my pals in Hampstead who reckons he's a top bloke

Ash Almond : Liam can't speak English :-)

Lord Caedus : I think Liam and Axl Rose would be good friends... or they'd kill each other.

McGeeK02 : "I come because I was invited, y'know"

Ginger Nutz : Legend .

Theo Devlaminck : 4:03 "you" lmao

Anders Forsell : That all the people moment is my favorite

The_Brentmeister_General : Noel looks a rate barn owl

Rebekah Cobbson : What a legend

Joe Squid : Shit, I thought Axl Rose was the worst. Now I'm not sure who is.

Paul Renwick : What do u think of rock and roll today? "I think it's shit" 🤣🤣 Liam your a legend

YO yo : That Simone bird interviewing Liam, wat a fkn annoying cow

christschinwon : It's hard to believe but Liam's probably an alright geezer. He's of very low intelligence, a sort zero watt bulb but you can't blame him for his genes. Life finds a way

Frank Zappa : Give the man a bun.

Sean Connolly : @6:36 she is loving it

Rogue : I feel for him. He genuinely needs to see a therapist. He could have sorted his head out ages ago, become a decent bloke that wasn't struggling with constant inner torment, and his career wouldn't be in pieces now- better still, he might've been able to stop and just relax a bit. Put the shitty persona down and relax.

trevor phillips : Radiohead are a far better band than Oasis

Gibson Weasel : and todays so called top rock act in the UK is the 1975?? total SHIT!! seriously! check them out! they think their a rock act? they are the backstreet boys with guitars act!

Cynical Films : *Cough.... blur is better... cough* cough*

Bpg5012 trick : Feeling God like lol