VG Myths - Can You Beat New Super Mario Bros. 2 Without Collecting Any Coins?

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In today's episode of VG Myths, we decide to beat the most coin-littered Mario game without collecting a single one. It's possible a metaphor! If you'd like to support the channel and make possible shows like VG Myths, Dumb Fun Gaming, A Complete Review, and my general game analysis series, please consider backing on Patreon~ I also sometimes stream games on Twitch. If you'd like to join the funtimes, check in at For the No Commentary demonstration of the entire run: Media Sources New Super Mario Bros. 2 Knack Nintendo Unity's Coinless Run: Ceave Gaming's Coinless NSMBU Run:


Ryaquaza 1 : And people said the mini mushroom was a useless power up

Lubuzz Deawesome : 0:00 he says Good morning 0:25 he says tonight What does this mean? It means this: Good morning tonight Good morning night Morning + night = afternoon Good = nice Nice + afternoon = a good afternoon GameChanp wants us to have a good afternoon Thanks 😃

Real-life lies : 7:55 you have no idea how scared you got me I thought my laptop was breaking down on me

Craz_64 : Good Morning everyone! 20 seconds later So Tonight we're tackling a challenge...

Smash E. Brada : The Holy Trinity of Coinless missions: Gamechamp3000 Ceave Gaming MayroSMM

Mineman1969 : Wow. So some other Mario games can not be completed coinless, but the game BASED ON COINS can be completed coinless. Great logic here.

KennethS2005 : NSMB Coinless Channels: Nicobbq: New Super Mario Bros. MayroSMM: New Super Mario Bros. Wii Gamechamp: New Super Mario Bros. 2 Ceave Gaming: New Super Mario Bros. U & New Super Luigi U. Neat, I really wanted to see the whole New Super Mario Bros. Series attempted coinless, thanks. : )

Talaan2099 : I just finished watching the “beat sonic 3 without pressing right” video and Mario moving right like you’re doing seems wrong somehow...

An_Annoying_Cat : New Super Mario Bros. 2: Mario Stops Inflation

angelito 78 : I can imagine the devs like MAKE SURE THAT MARIO GETS AT LEAST 1 COIN!!! -but how many coins can we use? ALL OF THEM ALL THE COINS WE HAVE GIVE THAT MARIO A COIN!!!!!

Gil Rider : *Nintendo wants to know your location*

Mr MaXimum : New Super Mario Bros. 2 without collecting any coins Greatest idea ever

Jacob Guyer : Who else thinks that the game is more fun beating it coinless than playing it normally?

Bridger Wilson : Can you beat Super Mario Party without having friends?

LinkGameDeveloper _24 : You should do Super Mario Galaxy without collecting a single star bit

Trey Lockwood : I love #VGMyths. Dude, you’ve got to do WAY MORE of these. This series is definitely ONE of my favorites on YouTube. That just shows you how awesome this series is. Keep it up, brotha! #GameChamp3000

Cesar Managad : it is also possible to beat the game without TURNING ON your ds, you know how? you can BOOT UP your system instead!

Unknown Co : Father, I have waited... so long... *for this moment...*

TheBeastModeGamer : You ever accidentally save the princess? I hate when that happens.

UnlockChin Vlogs : Can you beat yoshi crafted world without being yoshi

Legendary Brother : 0:00 ITS NOT MORNING FOR ME

MistaOppritunity : can you beat sonic heroes without switching characters?

Hii There : do a coinless gold rush pack in the coin rush game in nsmb2 i did it. and its possible.

Mega Man M : *video gets demonitised* LUIGI GO BACK!!! WE ACTUALLY NEED THOSE NOW!!!

Cooper Taylor : 3-3 after the mini mushroom section you could switch to the super leaf then hit the block to become fire Mario, saving a toad house which saves a mini mushroom

Ugandan Knuckles : 3-B is LITERALLY my mini mushroom refill.

Samuro X : *Can you beat Dark Souls without rolling?*

Christopher Moon : NSMB2 without coins? That makes no *cents!*

H_Lock : Is it possible to complete crash bandicoot without collecting a single apple or breaking a single box?

TsundereDev : Original: 's Coinless run Subtitles: Scoreless run

Viraj Ghose : It was not this pixelly when playing.... are you using 4K?

RockyKido : Gamechamp! You’re in a Guinness World Records book! The Gaming Edition 2019 exactly. The no jump Odyssey run is at page 10. Great job!

Red Green : This is similar to this thing I’m doing. I’m trying to see if I can do a full run of life without collecting any money

MrKlassic : When the Mario Brothers invade the Sly Cooper Universe.

My Career Is Being TikTok Famous : Imagine a guy with a deep voice doing a Super Mario Bros challenge who has an anime profile picture! Oh... wait..

Big Chungus 1345676 : You should do “Can you beat Crash Bandicoot without breaking any boxes”

Juan Lona : Dude I never once in my life of playing new super Mario bros 2 I saw a damn mini mushroom

A.C.A : *You earned the SUPER VIRGIN trophy*

Aaron Mallie : i love the mini mushroom

UltraNathan 99 : Can you beat super smash bros ultimate without using sprirts skill Spears are aloud

Blu3strykez : Next time: Going to swim without breathing

Walker Farnsworth : Can you get Reggie to bring Mother 3 to America?

DogeGaming : 5:43 he said now the gap will be big enough to get to De udder side

ANTonio51006 : I never knew the credits was the hardest part of the game

Wolf. : Now Mario's broke and got nothing to bet with.

PinkPixel Productions : Marios expectations: 0:07 Reality: "Can You Beat New Super Mario Bros. 2 Without *Collecting Any Coins?"*

Daigle : Well, this run was actually surprisingly simple Oops, wrong channel


mikayuu hyakuya : Yo vg I made a smash ultimate stage dedicated for you 😁😁😁😁