Disney's Aladdin - Special Look: In Theaters May 24

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Hacer : Happy to see that small time youtuber Will Smith has finally gotten his big break in Hollywood

Stina Starry-Eyed : I keep revisiting this trailer to see how big the dislike count is...

DJ Skandalous : Will Smith as a genie should be a horror movie. He is what nightmares are made of!

Joseph L : This honestly looks fan made..

TachyonKing : *Maleficent (2014)* Oh, disney are doing live action remakes again? I'll give it a shot I guess. *Cinderella (2015)* Hey! This was alright! Maybe these remakes will give us a new perspective of Disney classics! *Jungle Book (2016)* This was great! Such a unique retelling! *Beauty and the Beast (2017)* Oh, wow, that's basically just a beat for beat repeat of the original right? Ok...I guess this one has...Emma Watson? *Dumbo (2019)* Okay now this is getting a bit much isn't it? *The Lion King (2019)* Er- *Aladdin (2019)* Wait-wait, stop, this is ridiculous, the casting doesn't make sense anymore! The original was a masterclass of animation! You can't just expect to reproduce that creative energy in live action! *Lady and the Tramp (2019)* Are you going to just remake every single goddamn movie again? *Maleficent 2 (2020)* Even the remakes are getting sequels!? *Mulan (2020)* Stop! Stop it! *Cruella (TBD)* You're remaking 101 Dalmatians AGAIN??? *Pinocchio (TBD)* Why...what did we do to deserve this? *The Hunchback of Notre Dame (TBD)* I-I don't think I can go on for much longer- *The Little Mermaid (TBD)* This has to be it right? What else could they possibly remake after this? *Lilo & Stitch (TBD)* ((Gunshot))

CJ PLAYS : Wait, will smith is actually the genie? I thought that was a Photoshop meme.

Jared Rogers : Everyone’s cringing over will Smith’s genie. Just wait for jafar to be geniefied

suke : *Jaffar was on OLD sorcerer with a hauntingly DEEP voice* ... not a 26year old nerd from L.A. ...fail.

Riddhi Vaze : Disney thought that Frozen 2 will distract us from disaster response of Aladdin, But not us.. Not us.

L O L : 0:22 "Your life begins now" *Your career ends now*

FandomTrash93 : Put him back in the lamp

Nugget : The only thing I like about this trailer is the music

Unchallenged Mediocrity : I could do a scarier Jafar voice than this thirteen-year-old dressed as Donald Glover.

DJordan18 : It’s nice to see James Cameron taking risks with Avatar 2: Rewind Time.

Wolf Fang : You know the film is in trouble when the MONKEY is the most impressive looking CGI model in the movie so far

Kesh : Jafar needs to wish for a deeper voice...

Jacqulyne : Another bomb from Disney. I wish they would leave the classics alone.

Abhijeet Kharbade : This happens when you pay majority of movie budget to Will Smith.

Zahara Love : The only thing exited to see after this trailer is the carpet.

Hailey DeGroff : Repeat it with me: Not. Every. Disney. Movie. Needs. To. Be. Live. Action.

M.S.Piranha Plant Advanced : The dislike button has been getting a lot of exercise lately

Dionis Leev : the only thing that's interesting in this is the genie and that's not a compliment

FBI ! : This is more of a mistake than me being born And that’s a big one

Daymein : Disney is having collaboration with T-Series.

Ozzy Valentine : Seriously Disney stop it with the remakes. Not one has bettered the original just seriously stop it!!!!!

Kadz : *_Sees trailer_* Aahhh that’s not hot

SheepLaugh : Daaaah, Will Smith is slowly turning into a meme.

Derick James : Guys, lets sabotage this crap, don’t go to the movie theaters on may 24 th, better stay home , and watch the classic cartoon , show some respect to amazing classic !!!! In memory of Robin Williams !

Mc'Oi TV : WE DID IT EVERYONE! 100k dislikes!!

Peterkaboomi Train : Eiffel 65 has joined the server The blue man group has joined the server Papa smurf has joined the server Half of every character in Avatar has joined the server The Sonic the hedgehog movie has joined the server Steve and his dog Blu has joined the server Hades has joined the server Will Smith covered in blueberry has joined the server Robin Williams' ghost has left the server

Kadz : I’m so happy for Will Smith! From aspiring YouTuber to actor!

Magos Errant Malleator : Why did you guys have to remind me that there will never be another Robin Williams?

The Strexil : So Jasmin looks like an aunt, Aladdin should have been Dev Patel and the Genie...... They better not release this movie or they will get serious backlash!

MessZ : What is Thanos doing here?

Halle Hooffman : ok let’s just review::: aladdin::: •looks 36 instead of 19ish •isn’t even a little bit “street rat” looking •is just sad bc it’s not Avan Jogia jafar::: •looks 25 instead of 50ish •isn’t Ben Kingsley •sounds like he’s never hit puberty jasmine::: •is wearing indian clothes even though the original aladdin was set in baghdad genie::: •is will smith •looks like a crackhead honestly what were u people thinking

Kadz : *Sees the trailer* _It's rewind time._

Glitched Gamer : Don't get me wrong, I love Will Smith ... But, not hearing Robin William's voice come out of Genie's mouth just breaks my heart ... Edit: Also, Will's face did not match that head-shape and it make it look very, very strange like someone tried using photoshop for the first time ... Wouldn't it have been easier to stick a bald cap on him and spray paint him blue and then use CGI to ad the mist-like effect around him?

Ramiro : I bet the team that made this are a bunch of ‘yes’ people who talk in upspeak

suman mandal : Alright Disney admit it, this could have been a lot lot lot more better. Like SERIOUSLY?!?

Infinite Possibilities : “I’ve seen this raw CGI only once before. It didn’t scare me enough then... it does now....”

Dolan Dark : But why

Sinecery : This release is gonna lose so much money and I feel bad LOL

suppaman19 : Jafar's line in this trailer should've been "your childhood is ruined now"

The Hooded Spider : It looks like a fan made trailer! And Jesus, what did they do with the Genie??!!! WTF DISNEY??!!

Alexandros Markopoulos : My grandma make better looking CGI

How To Train Your Dragon Fan 2003 : Genie Comes Out Be Like Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Oh That’s Hot That’s Hot

Pearl Johnson : *if you pause the video at **0:34** , you would see in the bottom left WILL SMITH CHARACTER NOT IN CGI*

Nayun Asahina : They should never have done Aladdin live-action in the first place cs man look at the amount of dislikes yikes

Chris Hernandez : Robin williams is rolling all over his grave watching this

Keiko Katze : So still need a white female as jasmine in 2019(?_?)