Estas Tonne - The Song of the Golden Dragon

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Setnomessej : Anyone else think he looks like a Jesus version of Hugh Jackman?

Elisha Long : Kvothe earning his pipes

TwizYyy : Who still watching in October 2018? Edit:October

Daryl Nimmo : Clearly quite a few deaf people in this street, anyone that walks past Estas Tonne playing a guitar without stopping to listen must be deaf, the man is one of the best Spanish guitar players on the planet

MJ ranfone : That’s playing with heart & soul. Could listen to it all day long. Thank you

Cubi Craft - Minecraft : Who's watching in 2018? Still insanely good!

Buff Barnaby : He just saved millions of kids from Rap.

bobslinker1 : Who still watching in october 2018?

Pınar Güzin : But can he play smoke on the water?

dakota bowles : This man could beat satan in a guitar duel

Shamren Santhcoomar : This sounds like it should be a Quinton Tarantino movie already

エレツクArek : Who still watching in October 2018?

BritishColombian : This is probably the type of music I'd play for alien visitors.

Анатолий Артемчук : Stanislav Tonné was born on April 24, 1975 in the city of Zaporozhye of the Ukrainе. He studied music from the age of eight and then began to play the guitar. The guitar teacher formed a love for the music of the world. In the 1990s, he moved with his family to Israel , where he lived for about ten years, not engaged in music. For several years he traveled to different countries, and in September 2002 he was presented with a guitar in New York, which later changed his life. Since that time, he travels the world, giving street concerts, and also performing at festivals. Calls himself a modern troubadour. Playing with violin virtuoso Michael Shulman, Tonné began performing throughout New York. [Since 2002 he began to travel with concerts all over the world. Performed in the US, Mexico, Israel, India, as well as many countries in Europe

Shiryu : That smoke is actually coming from the guitar

Guy Pheonix : He just told me a story without talking

Abhishek R : Insane player... He is not from this world ... Awesomeness

Actarus : Jesus' anger at the merchants of the temple

Lerooy Jenkins : Who is watching in 2019 January? I came future.

Простая Магия : Послушал прям как жизнь прожил. От начала и до конца. Со взлетами и падениями, сомнениями и озарениями.

Hunter Clary : So this is what 2017 years of practicing looks like?

Шамиль Рыбаев : Кто из России и стран Союза - лайк.

Greg Smith : those who didn't like it, didn't hear the story

Rodolfito y Inder : it`s been 6 years... like for october 2018!

Shiryu : I can't remember how many times i came here to see this... Fantastic

Viceroy : fuckin hell he even looks like a bard from an RPG

kamal bennaouch : The highs and lows in the life of a person, can be resumed in this beautiful song.

Eden_ : A good crowd like that is rare

Rishi Patel : He told a lovely story using just his guitar, this is pure magic ❤️

Yayak yartu : Ему не нужны ваши миллионы и миллиарды то что он делает это бесценно и это не купишь за деньги вся суть мирского бытия в мелодии это просто магия

Ondrej Hrdy Guitar : Sorry Jesus, YouTube allowed me to like this masterpiece just once.

Molly Al08 : Это лучшая музыка, которую я слышала в своей жизни👍👍👍

Buff Barnaby : He is RUSSIAN !

SARAH HALEREM : BEAUTYFULL, peace brother, we love u for ever and ever

frances norris : 73 year old Baptist lady from the American South and I LOVED it.

Suman P : You deserve a platform not a street. You won million's of heart ❤❤ best guitar player in the world 🎸❤❤

Rebel 248 : Why the F does this make me tear up?!?!? How the hell does this guy make an instrument tell such a sad story without words....

Aaron B : I don't see how anyone can hear beauty like that and keep walking. if they were to stop and listen, they may feel their souls lifted.

Johnny Sins : The Guitar is crying

Дизайн-Буд Луцьк : Віртуоз. Запоріжжя подарувало такого музиканта світові...

Shytei1 : when you're doing what you were born to do.

vik terz : Я думаю Нужно Дать Народного  и Квартиру в москве и в грозном

Marie Antoinette Raab : Estas Tonne ist ein Apostel auf seiner Gitarre

xImBeaST12321x : it took me the second time of watching this to realize hes using his guitar as a frikin incense burner........ this is da real Jesus man

IfYouAintGotNothingYouGotNothingToLoose : The guitar is a very dangerous instrument when you know how to handle it

Harry Houdini : The legend says that after that day, he became one with the universe

Bruce walkersk : street Artists are always better than stage artists

Georgia Fiefer : Makes me want some weed and a peyote button.

Dr. Evil : 3:30 *girl casually taking a dookie* 💩

Sampreeth Immid : I remember watching this video when it was at like 50K views. Now it’s at 50M views. Wow!