Estas Tonne - The Song of the Golden Dragon

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Freelancer Fabba : I interviewed Estas 2 times and also recorded his concert: Please subscribe to my channel for more :)

Jesse's Auditorium : Anyone else think he looks like a Jesus version of Hugh Jackman?

Budi Drummer : 2019 who still watching?

Master Blaster : The guy you REALLY don't want you girlfriend to be "just friends" with.

ankit kaliraman : He man seems like he had understood life. Now he travel , play guitar and talk less.

Eagle Bearer : I like to imagine he sits on a mountain all through the night and day, burning that incense and refuses to stop until it is burnt all the way through. Meditative discipline. A musical monk!

Samuraii Zack : This sounds like it should be a Quinton Tarantino movie already

SickHumanity : Who's still listening in 2019? This man is awesome!

Saradomin Nz : must be hard to sleep with so many women on top of you

Joi Akhom : I wonder what story is playing through his head, it could only be majestic..

Lkz : Bard Song: Golden Dragon's skill vitality + energy + stamina + mentality +

Scotty Zepplin : Legend has it, you could still hear his music play on that same spot after he left.

Trends Tamizhan : He must be the founder of the guitar

Arturo Aragón : He looks like: Paco de Lucia + Hugh Jackman + Clint Eastwood + Jesus

Dmitriy Vainer : Я думал я умею играть на гитаре, пойду нахер отдам ее

Саидхамзат Магомадов : Превосходно!! Классно!! Мощная,великолепная техника и скорость!! Слушал с большим удовольствием !! Лайчище огромадное !!

Cubi Craft - Minecraft : Who's watching in 2018? Still insanely good!

Наталья Яковлева : Отличная техника, молодец мужик!

Александр РОССИЯ : ну как ещё достучатся до души людей?

тара 202 : Привет из России Это просто божественно

Yescob : This is by far the best guitarsolo ever made. Its like a freaking story man, holy fuck

Suman P : You deserve a platform not a street. You won million's of heart ❤❤ best guitar player in the world 🎸❤❤

Stefos : He's got Buddhist Bodhi seed malas on either hand a Stone pendulum at the neck & an Incense stick at the headstock........Sweeeeet

Ruan Severo : Cadê os brasileiros ????

Chrispy : This level of mastery provides a universal respect that is excitingly admirable

LustyLoops : Music like this is to make you freeze and experience yourself, yet made to stand still and listen to another soul, although the same as yours, you confirm the path and decisions you've taken on how to proceed with this life. Respect!

Ondrej Hrdy Guitar : Sorry Jesus, YouTube allowed me to like this masterpiece just once.

Real English : This guy looks more like the Jesus version of Vincent Cassel.

Felipe Lima : Isso é cultura! Os jovens aqui no Brasil querem pegar 18 anos pra ir pra balada sozinhos, enquanto em outros países apreciam o melhor que é a música

Holst Play : Классная реклама CommerzBank

Solo Kapo : 2019 РЕСПЕКТ

Guy Pheonix : He just told me a story without talking

Александр Кобец : Кто поставил диз видимо лучше играют-невежи,Тонни лучший!!!

Happy Haus Vids : Legend has it that he played his guitar all the way to the Bank with over 57 Million views....

ДАИМОНТ МЭЛ : Красив ,Как бог и играет ,Как бог!!!😘

SuperNova : In a Western film, his name could be The man with a guitar

Viceroy : fuckin hell he even looks like a bard from an RPG

Vell Vellov : Very very nace. it quite nace o uuuu yes !!!

MD MUSIC : Jesus Christ

판사님 : He is 21 Centuries Paganini

DEnoob Abouabid : 2019?

Harry Houdini : The legend says that after that day, he became one with the universe

Jack Peery : Well done. You are a master of your craft and a true artist. I thank you for your spirit.

sonny ward : Heard it over a hundred times still not bored of it....

HurryKen Production : Estas is a Great Artist which has made an Organic Buzz on Youtube without Promotional advertising.Do You Know other Talented Artist like him ? Greetings from France !

Вільна Україна : Я його обожнюю. Яких геніїв народжує Україна, але шкода що не береже!

Alex Cervantes : now I know why all Christians put his picture in churches

махсат жул : Ай да сукин ты Божьий сын!!!! Ай да талаааантище!!!!

Zarządzanie Licencjat 2018 : Estas, Come on, girls are waiting. no ........ I have my guitar

Аранжировки на гитаре : How has this not nominated for oscar )))) Beautiful music With love from Russia ❤️❤️