Estas Tonne - The Song of the Golden Dragon

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Scotty Zepplin : Legend has it, you could still hear his music play on that same spot after he left.

The Modern Hermeticist : I see this guy appear from the aether whenever I take 10 tabs

Raccoon : I have three times experienced orgasm from this performance

Nivaldo Reis : Toca na alma e com a alma.

Iron Bridge : That isn’t actually incense. The guitar is having a cigarette after the mad love that man just had with it.

LiebensteinMovies : 4 Mio. Views WOOW, Thanks to all for supporting us. And I also want to thank the external web listings, which embed our video in their listings and through them we get always a huge amount of views (100.000+ in a single day) in a short time frame. We nearly get each month such a peak and after each we have an higher average amount. So big thanks to all the external websites for their important support and of course to all viewers, sharers and all the comments. And don't worry about 451 dislikes, we have a fantastiv ratio of nearly 100:1 (likes:dislikes).

Cody Evans : I'm a guy and even I got wet.

Xx xX : Hey Jesus came down to play guitar!!.. lol 🎸🎵😅🐒😈😹✌👍

HeyYaKnow : This should have been the theme song to Game of Thrones

Lakshminarasimha Sharma : This kind of music can be produced only by deep philosophers. He truly is a gift of God

Mr Man : 4000 B.C anyone??

Alan Philips : This is the Estas I like...where he looks like he just crawled out from the desert after sixteen years of surviving on only cactus juice and locusts dressed only in goat skin.

Nuvam Mavun : You can see that all the mid-life crisis housewives want a piece of this guitarist stud/dude-bro

Vincent Gatekeeper : Alot of you make fun of this person, yet you have no talent much less balls to go out to a street and perform like he has! This guy has talent that puts to shame many musical artist of today.

junosensis : Pussies dripping all around ... nice move man !

Vishwadeep Sonawane : A million views are mine from these 45M.

Crafty studio : Who's still watching this in August 2018

Artur Scherbina : Гитара в умелых руках сильнее, чем автомат. Может быть, я глупый.

100,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos : Can’t imagine how much this guy must get laid.

G Fakruddin Ahmad : He is not a human being! Damn ! He's in a complete meditation, oblivious of his audience.

LiebensteinMovies : An now 40 Mio. and Rumbadiosa reached 4 Mio. right now and Internal Flight 1 Mio.. Thanks for supporting us and for the many of us who rewatch this again and again ;-), I see in the comments. And not to forget "Between Fire and Water" 5.8 Mio on Estas channel. (Edit 2018-03-05)

Gabriel Matheus : 4:09 on that moment one of those kids was dreaming about being a music legend

MEEMSTAR 69 : I never saw someone playing the guitar in such perfection every single note on point such a beautiful masterpiece

Bestdruid ___ : Love the face he does at 2:22

Frenk Summers : Here in Holland we've got only ONE WORD for this:  VIRTUOOS  !!  Such talent is very, very, VERY rare...  Thanks for sharing, subscribed..!!  Peace, Frenk  (the Singing Dutchman ;-))

Exotic Scents : His guitar must love him!

CosmicSea7 : All those ladies in the back are like "damn... I wish i could bring him home."

Marouane Badaouini : Just close your eyes and enjoy

Marist Old Boys : Great musician. Looks like Edge from WWE too.

Anthony Manuel : so insanely stoked he's going on tour and coming to a small venue in my city. that's gonna be an amazing experience.

LiebensteinMovies : 2 Million Views !! Wow, great, thanks to all, also from Estas, and of course thanks to all the comments. I read all, okay, when I understand the language ;-). We have other spectacular footage, we will share soon. Thanks to all !!

footfoot07011988 : I'm juste wondering why put DISLIKE to such a magnificent music and artist !!! WTF !!!!

Naushad Khan : Legend

John Antony : pwoliii

Север : Ебать...

Artsy Sarah : He looks like clint eastwood/ hugh jackman ...

сергей каурин : очень красиво...

Goran Akustika : 5:16 face of masterbaitning haha

Olli THEMASTER : Its on germany i was there right behind him

Bro Flow Infinite : .....Tutorial.?

ShivaCosima : Phenomenal performance... 🎼💙🎼

paul : you show them jesus

matt p : Legend has it, Estas Tonne WAS a guitar in a past life.

MANOJ DHORIA : Legend 😊love from India 🙏👌

Chris L. : The crowd looks so unimpressed haha

Yin Yeung : He is fire! the way he playing is beyond the tec. and emotion.... 他是最自然的内心连接着音乐的人类。这是通过练习和学习都无法完成的。

Piotr Zacharek : kurva bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TheRoolez : Это же жизнь человека проиграна.


Sonechka Влади́мировна Cмирнов : soul of guitar :D