Estas Tonne - The Song of the Golden Dragon

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Jesse's Auditorium : Anyone else think he looks like a Jesus version of Hugh Jackman?

bobaker el capitano : Who still watching in december 2018?

Mohamed Oualla : So .. This is what 2019 years of practice looks like

King Kong : Some say the incense wasnt even lit before he stated playing.....

Jeff Zuiderveen : ...sure hope that guitar was at least 18 years old....

Samuraii Zack : This sounds like it should be a Quinton Tarantino movie already

Foamh : You can tell that he is a guitar player by the way his fingernails are shaped. Of course, him playing the guitar, was the second clue that made it obvious.

Faker6969 Bjersen6969 : But Kim Kardashian is the one who is famous

LittleFilip : you know its an older video because the crowd is full of people listening and enjoying the music instead of recording it with their phones

travecartman : Welch ein unbeschreiblicher Kampf gegen diesen Drachen. Estas Tonne hat verdient gewonnen. Wir alle werden dich für immer in Erinnerung behalten. "Veni, vidi, vici"

Cubi Craft - Minecraft : Who's watching in 2018? Still insanely good!

Reading Rambo : all the women in the background look exactly the same and have that horny wine mom grin on their face lol

teo Χ. : But can he play wonderwall?

William Amaihian : This is why YouTube was created

Atahulpa : I learned to play classical guitar at the age of 5 in Spain by a Master and I just turned 70 and have performed most of the time, believe me when I tell you that The piece he's performing is very difficult and very strenuousness .. Estas is Blessing the crowded ~ While he meditates ... /

Guy Pheonix : He just told me a story without talking

Alan Nemtsev : Who are these ten thousand morons who gave this a thumbs down ?

Sam : What if God was one of us?

Luis Morato : Some say people return from the past and this guy is one of them

MeowFoxy : I feel like if he stood up and started walking, people would follow him like his the pied piper... he just has that kind of aura... mesmerizing, spiritual and magnetic....

Ondrej Hrdy Guitar : Sorry Jesus, YouTube allowed me to like this masterpiece just once.

mehmet timur horozal : This music is not for humankind. Fuckin clear that he is calling some aliens or waking up some dragons.

Первый Второй : Кто дизлайки ставит вообще??? Что это за существа??

Olivier St. : 5:49 me when i can't get the chords right.

Benjamin Brozenick : Did anyone else get the feels a lot

BITCH SLAP : On that day, Jesus decided to play his guitar among the people. And all praised the Lord for his ninja skillz.

Persian King : Still listening 2019?

Maya Sirine : he's plays it with so much love ❤❤💕 not just with his fingers

bogdan Stefa : He make it look sooooooooo easy , but its like who the fck can play this

Bekir Güngör : Jesus has Came Back :)

Alex Cervantes : now I know why all Christians put his picture in churches

Sophie Armstrong : What a guitarist… I’d love to play with him!

john paul : 5:08 is my favorite part

Tibbity : I have a short attention span and this is the first time I've watched a video with my eyes glued to the screen...

Elbek Rikhsiyev : am I the only one who has watched it 100 times and now the 101st time and many more times ahead! simply j'adore!

Scotty Zepplin : Legend has it, you could still hear his music play on that same spot after he left.

Skunk Fart : You can see his Adam's apple moving with the pitch

Ilya Ingilevich : fake

SlayerPlayer27 : Progressive Classical

TOMMY CHINADA : 您的琴声能慰抚天底下所有有经历的生命。

Viceroy : fuckin hell he even looks like a bard from an RPG

A Lesson Everyday. : nice playing

Hades : east or west jesus guitarist is the best

Mikanato Leerails : I don’t care if it takes me 99 years to learn this

레온 : 0:52 2:44

Hunter Clary : So this is what 2017 years of practicing looks like?

DeluxeFalcon : Should be the Zelda theme

Eric Moore : BEAUTIFUL!!! Would love to hear this on a electric guitar...with just a tad bit of distortion.

Dmitrii Bikov : прочитал целую книгу гитарой. интересный рассказ, спасибо

Заурбек Есенов : Если в аду играет такая музыка, то я готов! ))))