Never Deep-Fry A Frozen Turkey

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John Pabst : Tip No 1: Don't fill yer freakin pot to the top with oil.

s s : kinda cheating, they are filling the container to the brim with oil, and when it overflows the oil catches on fire.

James Miller : Or you could be normal and just put it in the damn oven, with the vegetables and once it's done everything is perfect! You just have to Bleve in magic.

jander6442 : They didn't take the plastic hanger off in the last clip. Always discard all plastic before you fry.

yung cash register : tis the season to burn down the house and one's face

John Cetti : All this video proves is that firemen don't know how to fry a turkey.

Zyrader Da Noob : Am I the only one who think that it's burning because they overfill the oil? And when they put in the turkey, the oil overflowed and got burned.

TheMoistMango : : What kind of special idiot would overfill the pot with so much oil that it would caUse a fire?

Patrick94GSR : Yeah that first demonstration, right by a damn tree! Real smart!

Roger Ellison : Also, before starting, fill the pot full with water. Completely submerge the turkey allowing the excess water to overflow. Remove the turkey and mark the spot where the water returns to, this is the maximum height you should fill the pot with oil prior to cooking. Any higher and you can guarantee it will overflow.

Curtis C : Saw this happen first hand, there may or may Not have been alcohol involved, but that turkey took off like a minute man missle, never did find the damn thing maybe it is still in orbit who knows anyway we had ham that year.

Matt Yaqin : Nuclear Fire

themrjones : turn off flame while putting in Turkey should be flashing in bold letters the whole time

Daniel Singleton : It's not that bad. Just be sure to use enough oil to fill your pot. Keep the heat high and make sure your inside so the wind does blow too hard to knock the pot over. Also try and get the Turkey in the pot quick. Simple.

digital1911 : Don't drink and fry. We are trying to save lives here.

Darrell Cook : Never put a can of unopened condensed soup in the fireplace. Freaking BOOM. Now everything's on fire.

TeacherTeacher : Forget the fact that the turkey's frozen, what moron would fill the oil to the very rim before putting turkey in ?

Perryinjax Studios : GREAT video. A public service. More cooking fires occur on Thanksgiving Day than any other day of the year, according to State Farm data. More than a third start in a garage or patio. Each year, fire departments respond to more than 1,000 fires related to deep fryers. These blazes cause more than $15 million in property damage annually, not to mention serious burn injuries.

Defensor Rationis : They point out that you should turn off the burner before frying the bird but they in all the clips they have the burner still on. They need at least one of a frozen turkey with the flame off so that people will see that it's still really dangerous. But then it doesn't burst into flames. That's boring. Who wants to watch that?

TCPB Branch : Tip No 2: remove all plastic from bird before frying. Fried plastic is no bueno

sinkiy : You should never deep fry a turkey because it's freaking awful for your health that should be enough lol,

Fbi Open up : There goes next year thanksgiving plans

SERVPRO of Chesapeake North : Cooking is the leading cause of home fires and home fire injuries. Please stay alert.

James McKinley : Please, please, please - what is the name of the music after 0:50?

panchyto1101 : Wow that's crazy

John Batchler : Deep fat fried turkey is not like chicken the oil gives turkey another taste and no nuwave oven could make a turkey like oil can a different taste

tree rat76 : Make sure that is thawed out

Josie McKenzie : That's scary 😨

Perich29 : Tadaaaa 1:39

shi Abq : happy thanksgiving to Canadians out there!

Nathan Straccia : What if you turn the burner off when putting the turkey oil the hot oil

Frank Garrett : Or… you could broil a turkey.

Lonnie Bell : fake news

98engine : Not a BLEVE. Don't make videos as if they are fact when you clearly don't have a clue what you are talking about. This is just about the ignition temperature of oil, the only thing that could suffer a BLEVE is the propane tank used to make this debauchery of a video.

m Zachary : Fire is due to overflowing of oil

John Batchler : Did someone set off a hydrogen explosion for deep fat frying over a deep fat fryer set up a terpee structure crane to lower the turkey

plum pulum : Is the turkey cooked? I'm still hungry.

J D : Yea a frozen turkey can cause a fire and is dangerous but I think the majority of the issues in this video is the overflow of the oil.

g0tfrohwned : the music makes this seem like you're fighting a frozen turkey themed dark souls boss

Rich Feliz : Wait til isis hears about this

User name : Frying is basically the reaction of H20 and oil

Jose Rodriguez : That last one was just plain stupid.

Nick Mansfield : I think you guys might want to go back to your case studies and see what an actual BLEVE situation is. This is not a BLEVE.

johnny chainsaw : someone needs to learn what a BLEVE is before they start using the term in a situation that absolutely has nothing to do with what is happening here. Sorry

protectbodythetans : did it work tho? looks like ill be getting my frozen turkey to the middle of walmart parking lot

Embers73 : I must admit that deep frying a frozen turkey has never really crossed my mind.

2arnold888 : congrats no burning tv. Instead of showing useless video of destruction with no knowledge to gain u shoved something useful and opposite.

rt : Not a BLEVE

icwiz : Thats not a BLEVE.

MrPepsicola123 : why not just put the turkey in cold oil and let the turkey thaw out while it's heating up if you want to cook a frozen turkey.