RAW VIDEO: Dashcam of Moline Police Chief's OWI stop
My citys Chief of Police was just arrested for DWI This is the only section of the video the State Police would release

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Local 4 News has obtained dashcam video from the Iowa State Patrol car during the Moline Police Chief John Hitchcock stop that led to OWI​ charges.​​​​​​


Turd Doodlesworth : Throw that pig in jail and never let it out.

Robert Martin : Was the passenger drunk too? If not then why wasn’t he/she driving?

Pheonix2022 : Damn lol not a cop apologist or anything but you'd think he drove through a playground and killed a group of deaf kids reading the comments. Most of the population has driven over the limit at one point in their lives, but when a cop does it suddenly he's human garbage and should get life in prison? So easy to pretend to be a perfect law abiding citizen online, who's dedicated to the pursuit of justice lol. Fuck outta here.