16 Year Old Claims He's Illuminati
So woke that it doesnt even make sense

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Vinskiegaming XD : The bell does not dismiss you Mason does

canes : an Oreo jacket, high socks, a kilt, and an untied tie? this mans killin it

takumi : basic instructions before leaving earth

Ms.Tesfaye : Everything he said is true

obama : this is proof that if someone sounds like they know what there talking about everybody will believe them

BrysontheGhost Gaming : Sad world the kids he's droppin Knowledge on think he's joking but hes saying nothing but the truth.

Kauzey : When you study for the wrong test

D R : This dude definitely thinks WAKANDA is a real country

jona tavuki : is this detention

jesus ochoa : When you watch one episode of rick and morty and you start questioning everything

Void Divided By Zero : This guy got accepted into 20 top universities with full rides.


Grayson Rucker : When you watch half of an Alex Jones video

Simply Savage : I'm giving him 16 more years to realize he made zero sense.

YaBoi Rob : Dude was probably fooling around during a lecture, and the teacher hit him with, "Do you wanna come up here and teach the class?!?" .....congratulations, teach, you played yourself.

Truth Course #1 : You can tell he's intelligent, BUT he does not have the required resources (At least at the time of the video) to fully portray it. There's fragments in what he's saying. If he were to present a theory, it would be difficult for him to convey his words with the limited knowledge he has.

OddyNuff : Rely on Sleep? Sleep is 50 of your life. We dont RELY on sleep WE NEED TO SLEEP. 6 years and he will write a bible, Or could write a Bible I Can imagine what would be in there....... 🤦🏽‍♂️

notlengthy : "give me 16 years and i can write my own bible" why do you need 16 years it sounds so easy

Quron cobb : Dude just said night and day don't exist. I'm done.

sik Sicilian : I automatically believe any and all teachings coming from people with Oreo jackets.

CarpetBoy : Say it with me. WE WUZ KANGZ

Mscar 760 : 16 years old and already understands the universe?! I bet he gave a great valedictorian speech.....

Reaper 1337 : "If you didn't go to sleep, there would be no days, therefore days don't exist" Christ......

Tracey Wingfield : This proves if you teach children about themselves they will listen, learn and participate. He's talking about something most adults can't comprehend. But these babies are having an intellectual conversation with him. I love it beautiful.

Nezhera : shoutout to that girl who thought she was smart as hell probably for saying celestial

DEATH TO AMERiKKKA : Now the whole class is as dumb as him

myeyesonly : WE

Phoenix Bandera : White people combust in Egypt? Egyptian dna was european and turkish

Jeremy Dozier : Most ppl that comment on this video probably believe African history only goes back 6000 years. Smh

Hugh Hull Hunter : lol he be talking about philosophy, religion and all deep shit when during what looks like maths class. hahaha i see the quadratic equations bruh.

Marco Watson : Always making fun of him just because you the boy educating them just cause you black like them don’t make you the same as them you were created here by science and by humans who experiment on human genes but that is technically illegal especially back when they first started doing it. It was frowned on and people made fun of it and you talk to these clowns you wasting your breath don’t speak unless someone takes you serious and shows respect. Your a very intelligent young man proud of you.

Southside Baby : Tfuck youu wearin bro 🤣

love vibes : Great work man, respectfully Deserve my 👂 to hear what you said. Keep putting in the work.

Seth Williams : When they run out of substitute teachers

Wopse DHS : Yooo I heard that bell and I was about to get up LMFAO

Marco Watson : I’m so proud of this boy breaking it down for them

BlassReiter1100cc : "Sixteen year old mason." This is why people make fun of you.

Satanic Matrix Awareness : Dark matter 2525, Jewrassic Liars, Satanic Matrix Awareness, and Quasiluminous.

S Kadi : I rather believe this guy... Than believing thos words: That's one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind." Neil Alden Armstrong

Victõry BlueFírē : Romans 1:22-32King James Version (KJV) (22) Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

Don Ondrey : May Yah el Rah" bless bless" Search Dxn Xndrey x Black Pharaoh" Peace

waterdogxx78 : "Let me show you how the cookie crumbles"

Erik Ruiz : When the tidepod kicks in

Panaram : It’s sad to see the level of incomprehension in the comments section of this kids ideology on life.. goes to show how trash today’s education system is. Well like all of us, only in time will these kids fathom the spiritual entirety of the universe and it’s laws.

MR. OGMUDBONE : When u go high for the first time and got hellahigh on accident

Hiphop Head : What was he smoking?

MC Silverstein : This video reappeared in my home feed just to mass genocide my brain cells for the second time

Jason G : Okay look closely... A Doritos chip has 3 sides. 3 plus 9 equals 12. Jesus had 12 desciples. 9 of them died. 12 minus 9 is 3. What is 3 minus 1? 2. 2 is the number of kit kats in a package. 2 plus 1 equals 3. A triangle has 3 sides. Illuminati ....😱😱😱🤓 #StayWoke

MizzRivera86 : This is awesome.. Share knowledge!knowledge is power.... Hes very intelligent