top secret - surf scene

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TheoBrixtonTheKid : One of the most underrated movies ever, I highly recommend it.

SFAPowerhouse : Here's a bit of trivia: "Weird Al" Yankovic has said time and again that Top Secret is his all-time favorite movie! Makes total sense to me! It seems like a film he'd totally be at home in! Love it!

A_Quarter Of_Twelve : "It's totally bitchin', riding waves and blasting pigeons, and it's so neat shooting skeet while we're riding on the heavies all day!" Best song lyrics in movie history!

Crassus : America in a nutshell

Fin del Mundo : Best Movie Intro. Ever.

alex thelizardking : those crazy Republicans

peachie05 : 2:06 Love the old folks running along with the kids.

Anthony D. : And time permitting, Frank Sinatra XD

vccstudents : Nick Rivers and Tammy Wynette "Your Skeetin' Heart" ROFLMAO!

Hal Wakka : Back when this was released when I was a dumb kid, 1:20-1:23 was my favorite scene in the movie.  Now, 30ish years later and wiser in the ways of the world, 1:20-1:23 is my favorite scene in the movie.

Legacy : I just want to know who the girl at 1:20 is

Hal : When NRA members go to the beach

Mike Colburn : "My name is Hilary. It means, she whose breasts defy gravity" "What does NICK mean?, I dunno my dad came up with it while he was shaving". Muhahahahaaaa!

AdamG1983 : 1:19 So much teenage fapping ensued from this moment.

Aaron Seet : Why hasn't anybody made this a sport yet

soberchimera61 : This should be the NRA's recruitment video.

Frank Dodd : 1:20 Best part.

Nuno Oliveira : Best movie of all time next to Anchorman!  Wait a moment... Frack Anchorman! Top Secret is the best film in the history of Cinema.

Luis Ferreira : "And we'll have fun with our guns until the lifeguard takes our ammo away"

elsrdick : this should be an olympic sport !!!!!!

ingles gratis curso completo : the movie is an hour and half, but Fist time I saw it, in 1992, I couldn't help laughing for a week and since then I can't help smiling.

Toursiveu G : "When we shoot the curl, we really shoot the curl"... :)

Johan Bock : Velcome, Neek!

peachie05 : Definitely not a California beach. Think I read it was filmed in England.

bmh4d0k3n : 'Merca.

sha11235 : Notice the three girls doing the see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil thing after the plane gets hit?

leftcoaster67 : I'll take things you can't put in a movie now for $1000 Alex!

Sergio Leone : This is not Mel Torme.

lame : i was looking for skeet and found this instead

DRACONUS REPTILOID : 1:20 makes my night.

Dozia Boii : who is that at @1:20?

Rachel Brudenell : Beach scene was done in Newquay

Migunne : Name of the girl 1:20- 1:23 ? T.I.A.

Skull : Murica!

PrincessTS01 : #gopwetdream

brianwesley28 : Proof that the Summer Olympics is superior to the Winter Olympics. 

Луан Луоайоханссон : 00:38 - nude woman?

JARED BARATTA : When gun lobbyists go to the beach.

Brendan Black : 1:20 Damn that girl is smoking hot.

shesnailie : 'Your Skeetin' Heart' only made it to #3?

dogmart : Genius humor. 

Rex Sexson : This is one of my childhood favorite films. Weird Al's 90s Off The Deep End album song Trigger Happy song reminds me of this scene.

Mad Katt : Skeet surfing .lo

sha11235 : You know, today it looks like a lot of people have 12 gages that shouldn't have them.

Que Dableyou : 0:37 is that girl literally naked?

ayf1983 : Ah, the 60's. Why isn't music like this anymore.

Chris Mumby : i loved/still love this film. Never did find a copy of the soundtrack though

Nelson Diaz : this song should be on iTunes

angelo lopiccolo : Fricken   best   ,,   when  the  flack  gets  heavey

AdmiralBlake : best part of the whole film