50 Shades of Chameleon

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Marcos Myllerup : How the fuck did I get here?

Richard Crumpton : What kind of Pokémon is that?

Willow Eiseman : I thought it was literally 50 different colors of a comelion.


Eric Cisneros : eyy I love your chameleon it looks really nice you should do more videos with him.

Toby Conlon : I'm very hungry, give me the camera.

Jack The tugboat : What a gorgeous chameleon!

Blodhgarm Wolfskin : that is a pink panther

Not a Cat : 0.16 why did i have my screen of fullscreen? that was horrible!

OoWeE Comics : I need to find out what species of chameleon this is. I've always wanted a chameleon. How much was yours?

Sylvia Lopez : There's dark red, light red, red red, neon red, just red, can someone help me out here?

awesome1990s : 😢😢😢 This makes me so sad

D65 : RIP little guy you'll be missed

Aidan Langridge : What breed is that dog?

PyroJohn19 : I just love how he is just so happy to see you!

CH1CK3Nwings : I'm gonna be honest: I expected it to change colors... *disappointed*

pady peace : omg i thought he was going to change colors and shit

Noah Blondin : I think your dog is autistic

e30325ikiller : your chameleon is a really cool dude

Joaquin Badman : PETS

Man in Black : What kind of chameleon is that?

- 1856 : Where can I get that type of doggo

DAT Game KIDD : How do you get the chameleon to stay the same red and white color without it changing?

WildBoy62502 : What kind of chameleon is it

flipgurujn : What would happen if you put him in a plaid background?

JANET ELLIOTT : He's so pretty

Owlco : Awhh what an odd ball , rest in peace buddy !

Mr. Rich B.O.B : I have never had my face licked by a chameleon before....

Рофл Рофлевич : 0:35 bro this intonation is similar to "my name is jeff"

Alejandro Tavares : I like your turtle

DatRandomPanda : Can I eat your camera? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Sock Patrol. : That is one of the prettiest chameleons I've seen

Luke Van Meerbeke : Taylor Shawn: Stop Eating My Camera! Chameleon: But It Tastes Like Ice Cream. I Want To Lick!

zai. : Oh that a nice camera... PLSSLSLSLDFNHSJFADSFDASKFM

Alexandra Ivanov : "Stop eating my camera!" Well then if you want it to stop give it some chamemeon food.

BUMPIN' : what breed of dog is that

Akbar Khamidov : That’s a cute dog

Danger Shark : What dog it that?

Roman Alexander : the hell is wrong with that dog

national gam3r : the title got me dead😂😂😂😂

The Bonniebrother : Oh I get it

Raptorfang : What species of chameleon is that?

GingerNation : I want a chameleon

CrimFerret : That is a really nice looking Chameleon.

Jacopo Sangiovanni : Oh god I love him

Michael&Jello : When the ad is almost as long as the vid

The shadow Lista aka Lucas : 0:10 I thought there were somebody behind me XD

Drama Queen : is ur chameleon stuck at red color or what?

WhyYou SoTroll : this just got my dick hard

skullshott17 : I have never been licked by a chameleon before...