50 Shades of Chameleon

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Mo Cass : I feel violated

Maggie Cassuto : That is a very exotic dog

Polyurethane : The colors on that Chameleon are phenomenal. 👌👌

Andrés Esté : That's a dope doggo.

Richard Crumpton : What kind of Pokémon is that?

Willow Dances : I thought it was literally 50 different colors of a comelion.

VolkColopatrion : does this species change color?

Jordan Simone : Your cat is so cute 💕💕

imaginaerum Fruits : At least he Cleaned it

Rebecca Johnston : let me just lick the lense lmao

Ps4 Mail : ohh .... so sensual

DogeMeat : lemme mlem camera

Silenot Cloud : what kind of misting system do u have?

TheDarktiger81 : mlem mlem... mlem

Rebeccoon •Rose• : blep blep

RolePlayer Swag : Bleh :p

Jack The tugboat : What a gorgeous chameleon!

JB : That was only 49.2 shades of Chameleon. I want my money back.

BennyDawg1 : Great, now I have to get one...

Isaac mccorkle : Where can I get that type of doggo

Ryutix : camera just got tongue punched

Donald J. Trump : Omae wa mu shindiru

Kathryn Bjers : What a weird cat

Daylon Thomas : I’m I blind or is it a duck

VeekZ TBOI Op Seeds : As i looked the Video the views were on "494.494"... Wow

Michelle Torres : What kind of panther is it i want a red one to is there a specific breed?

purple : im hard now

Raphimous Gaming : what species is that?

FlameKiller 774 : That lion looks wired

nessie mystery : I like licking the camera it's a kiss to my fan's

Mikasa Ackerman the yandere : What a strange dog you have there😂😂😂😂😂

Prem Raj : Why chameleon is licking your phone

FoxHQ : What kind of dog is that?


örölörö plöötplööt : Let me eat that camera omnomnomnom...

spookyjimforlife : caaaaam

Mikey G : i randomly found your videos and ive found myself drawn to this beautiful guy (?). i know nothing about them though, are the normally aggressive at all? whats the deal with chameleons?

istrikerz 123 : People who disliked this video have no soul

Splides : Is this like 50 shades of grey cham edition? xD

Vousie V : The Chameleon guide he links to in the description... Why does it look exactly like those scammy ad sites that try to sell you some kind of "miracle cure" that's actually just sub-par products with a 500% markup?

Pandalover 27 : aww he licked us!

FlimFlamDrawz Drawz : What a strange cat you have.

Cleffea : *feed on thy camera*

Daniel Kelley : That dinosaur monkey is lit👌

MoonstonePearl21 : Coma Coma Coma Coma Coma Chameleooooooon!


Little Mann : When you dont like people recording you

Just me. : mmm... what a yummy camera that must be.

THINKING SUICIDE : Just cleaning my owners shitty camera 0:17

Snazzy Lord : I LOVE!! Ur land goldfish