Allen Edmonds Shoe Restoration - Bedo's Leatherworks
Shoe Cobbler Restores Shoes from Beginning to End

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Kamikaze Yamamoto : I never thought watching a craftsman bring new life into a pair of shoes could be so very pleasurable to watch. This is what YouTube was created for. Thank you Sir you are an artist.

LaPabst : One of the great upsides of the net and YouTube? The 'arts' get to live forever. WHY?? HOW?? gods name would you ever thumb this down? The guy is repairing someones shoes.

Michael Godin : I don't own any expensive shoes that will ever need this service, but I appreciate a professional when I see one.

PatCruiser : i replaced my old white shoelaces from my sneakers and i thought "WOW the shoes are like brandnew!" ... Then i saw this video XD

David Hooker : this is a real craft. In a throw away culture its good to see this.

Wordsmyth8 : Nice work. But you skipped the part I wanted to see most - how you brought back that leather, which looked unsalvageable to me.

duncan devera : You should include how you work it. The stitching, using acetone, stuff like that. Those are one of the best parts of the video.

Slade Street : bought a pair of AE's when i turned 21. Still have them 20 years later.

Just Frank : It may be the the Jack Daniels talking but I never thought I would have an emotional response to man restoring an old pair of shoes. Amazing !

Ƶoya I : It would be nice if you tell us how much you charged for the work!

mparryuk52 : Wow, your video just showed up on my home feed and I was absolutely immersed by the eye to detail. The finishing is nothing short of exquisite and it's truly wonderful watching a master craftsman at work - what a complete transformation and your client must've been delighted. May I please ask, what sort of cost is attached to such a job? Be very interested to know. Subscribed 👍

Bb Bb : Very interesting video! Litteraly watched entire video!

Damien Michael : This was very fascinating, but I would like to see more of the actual process rather than just the explaining of the process. The equipment is just as interesting.

M M : Next time don't cut out all the action. Even a few seconds of showing you actually doing the different stuff is fun to watch!

Henry Roman : You are a true shoe craftsman!

Rick Williams : You, sir, are an artist of old school. Excellent restoration.

SirSportsCarCollector Lanc's : It’s hard to believe someone can let quality shoes get into such disrepair, my favourites are Oliver Sweeney and Joseph Cheney, my Oliver’s are well over ten years old get worn regularly and are in mint condition, it seems men’s quality shoes are for use and yet women’s are for show, just watched your CL refurbishment, great work as usual. 🇬🇧

Robert Campos : Wow! That's talent! Amazing work of art.

LET'S PUSH THINGS FORWARD! : Beautiful pair of shoes excellent craftsmanship bro

Joanne Wachel : You did a beautiful job of repairing these shoes. I found your video fascinating.

Hal 2000 : My grandfather was a union shoemaker. He had a shop in his house back in the 70's and I spent many hours watching him resole shoes. He used the foot powered sewing machines and at the time and they just amazed me as I was only 6 :) This video took me back in time.

closertothetruth : worth every cent, beautiful workmanship, bet you get a lot of return customers

Gregarious Antithesis : The heal stiffner material is called Silastic can also be used to make toe boxes

Santiago Hampton : Love the attention to detail and explanations. Would have loved to see more of the handiwork though.

Charles Fu : Masterpiece, but i also want to see how the lining was finalized.

Antonio Taylor : I just came across your video...AMAZING! I want to send some shoes to you to restore.

Somnorila : Sadly it skipped all the good parts. Not that i would wear these kind of shoes besides weddings maybe. And i would probably not build a pair on my own. But it would be cool to see the whole process in detail. It's mostly a dead craft but makes good subject for general knowledge.

Nikidee65 : Modest, meticulous, methodical and masterful.

Alex Rowland : So cool to see this profession going strong. Love your work! BTW, what do you think of Donald Pliner shoes?

John Kaminsky : Excellent work! It's great to see something with a new lease on life and someone skilled enough to make it happen.

njtech2005 : This popped up on my feed and I was very intrigued. I have to say it was mesmerizing to see a true artisan take a broken sculpture and make it like new again. Beautiful work, thank you so much for sharing.

Adam Garrity : This man is a true master of his craft! Very impressive. You can tell someone who loves his craft by there attention to detail and always doing his or her best work.

NothingMaster : Let’s not continue yet, let me get my cup of coffee first. 😅

Corey kishman : Incredible job sir, well done.

Tài Tuệ Nguyễn : That pair of shoes must have been tossed away without your magic. I mean look the condition: the upper wore out, the inner damaged till the core and the sole was pierced. And see how it happens after you restore them - like a new pair!!!

Demicron : Nike disliked this video 83 times.

Service Account : jobs like these, i suspect, will become more numerous in the future with the world becoming more environmentally conscious. maybe not though

Josefsson90 : Why did you cut out when you worked on it i wanted to see that

Zhadom001 : I appreciate your standard and quality work!

Kiam Seng Tay : very good demonstration and informative. I wish you could repair my shoe but you are too far away. Thanks

Losttoanyreason : Wow, doesn't even look like the same pair of shoes! Now I know why they charge so much to do this kind of work. There is a lot involved in the process. You do beautiful work. Obviously you have never done this before, LOL. Thanks I really enjoyed the video and best of all no annoying music.

Rarely Gaming : Videos like this really make you appreciate all the work that is behind shoes and shoe restoration

JOE BILLINGS : dammmmm great brother 👍🏆

nocturnal808 : Professional work

Marton Lukacs : "Don't be afraid to add some color to it" *paints it black

jbird Perez : that's was beautiful above N' beyond . . . GreaT jOb SiR !

Jaymie Harris : I have my great grandpas Ax..............all that has been done to it is it has gotten 1 new ax head and two new handles.

Lochnivar : It's a thing of beauty watching a master work his craft.

Online Tech Talks : nicely explained - I am internet marketer and while i was searching I got your video and saw it till the end ..... thanks and appreciate more such video from you ... - best wishes