Allen Edmonds Shoe Restoration - Bedo's Leatherworks

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James Ziemba : I thought the era of fine hand-done craftsmanship was over but I was pleasantly surprised. You are a master.

Kamikaze Yamamoto : I never thought watching a craftsman bring new life into a pair of shoes could be so very pleasurable to watch. This is what YouTube was created for. Thank you Sir you are an artist.

LaPabst : One of the great upsides of the net and YouTube? The 'arts' get to live forever. WHY?? HOW?? gods name would you ever thumb this down? The guy is repairing someones shoes.

Michael Godin : I don't own any expensive shoes that will ever need this service, but I appreciate a professional when I see one.

themodularmodular : That shoes must have had a high sentimental value to the client

M M : Next time don't cut out all the action. Even a few seconds of showing you actually doing the different stuff is fun to watch!

Richard Bond : Some years ago I bought a pair of Cheney shoes they would cost over £300 today, they were a perfect fit. Several years later I decided they needed a repair and sent them away to Cheney at their Desborough, Northants factory where they renovated them for £110. When the shoes arrived back they were a good as any new pair and still fitted me perfectly. Shoes like these will last for decades!

Largest Classifieds : A master cobbler done with style & unparalleled finesse

SirSportsCarCollector Lanc's : It’s hard to believe someone can let quality shoes get into such disrepair, my favourites are Oliver Sweeney and Joseph Cheney, my Oliver’s are well over ten years old get worn regularly and are in mint condition, it seems men’s quality shoes are for use and yet women’s are for show, just watched your CL refurbishment, great work as usual. 🇬🇧

LET'S PUSH THINGS FORWARD! : Beautiful pair of shoes excellent craftsmanship bro

David Hooker : this is a real craft. In a throw away culture its good to see this.

Kevin John : I like this guy's "no nonsense" attitude. Shows you the material, explains its pertinence, and then abruptly tosses it out of the way. Immediately turns focus to the job at hand. Bench looks like an alien autopsy. Some interpret all that as a "sloppy attitude" which they surmise could be a reflection of a "do not care" approach to his work. But, this is an example of good thought/work management - lesser degree focus on what's not critical at the moment, laser focus on what's important at hand. Proper attention to detail is the antithesis of OCD and is essential to timely, exceptional repair/restoration of anything.

Henry Roman : You are a true shoe craftsman!

Luis Verissimo : Awesome !!! You are an artist !!!

NothingMaster : Excellent quality craftsmanship. 👏🏻 keep it alive.

Enzo 2791 : Nice much for such a job?thats a fading artform🙏🙌🙏🙌👍

richly mann : More than excellent restoration, hands of a master craftsmen indeed.. I like the heel job and French tips.. size 14 for me

mparryuk52 : Wow, your video just showed up on my home feed and I was absolutely immersed by the eye to detail. The finishing is nothing short of exquisite and it's truly wonderful watching a master craftsman at work - what a complete transformation and your client must've been delighted. May I please ask, what sort of cost is attached to such a job? Be very interested to know. Subscribed 👍

Safetyleed Nkom : I think restoration is way harder than making a shoe...

Rara Avis : Very impressive! I wanted to learn a trade like leather or woodworking after school, but people talked me out of it. Still pining 20 years later. Living vicariously through YouTubers like you 😄

Damien Michael : This was very fascinating, but I would like to see more of the actual process rather than just the explaining of the process. The equipment is just as interesting.

Just Frank : It may be the the Jack Daniels talking but I never thought I would have an emotional response to man restoring an old pair of shoes. Amazing !

NothingMaster : Let’s not continue yet, let me get my cup of coffee first. 😅

Stephen Austin : Aced it , Bravo !!!!!

Marton Lukacs : "Don't be afraid to add some color to it" *paints it black

John Kaminsky : Excellent work! It's great to see something with a new lease on life and someone skilled enough to make it happen.

Gary Shaw : Loved the vid 10/10.....Let's continue.

Rebecca Ladd : I want to see all the parts you didn't show!

Brian Donnelly : In our through away society it s nice to see someone willing to save his shoes and a craftsman like this man !!!!

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Tranz Former : I enjoyed watching this restoration. Quality craftmanship.

Erik Krauss : This was really interesting. It's just something that I would have never thought too much about.

Adam Garrity : This man is a true master of his craft! Very impressive. You can tell someone who loves his craft by there attention to detail and always doing his or her best work.

JamesJoyce12 : what a master class - thanks so much!

Rock Solid : I am a baby boomer and when I was growing up we have on many occasions had our shoes resoled in India. In those days it was cheaper to resole/repair, but now a days it is more cost effective to just buy new. Having said that, because of people most buying new shoes instead of repairing them, the cobbler trade has died out. It is refreshing to see you bringing to life a worn out pair of shoes. Great job and nice video.

B Walsh : We have a shoe Smith in are little town in Batesburg S.C it was handed down thru generations....

Angela Egan : A skill to be proud of

erock : when i bought my first pair of allen edmonds about 4 years ago now i was a bit sick to the stomach with spending $400 on shoes... never had spent that much, never understood how spending that much more than the typical $100 could be worth it. but man do i get it now, its absolutely worth it. they look great, they feel great, the break in so nicely and can be repaired to extend the life for so long. and a nice pair of shoes gets tons of compliments, a nice little bonus. have 4 pairs now and love every pair. worth every penny. so awesome to see craftsman doing work like this. to see such amazing work done with basic tools, bare hands and knowledge thats been passed down for generations now.

rix ell : I have found my new favorite restoration videos! What a talent!

Jeffrey Gold : Beautiful—and relaxing—to watch such craftsmanship.

MrRsmith327 : Excellent craftsmanship. So very glad to see that it still exists.

Robert Mesher : Well done.

kerry krishna : Why not show us all of it? I SO wanted to see the skiving machines and the stitching machine too. Great work on what we did see, but I am disappointed too.

Adrock Guess : my respects......

Axel Taylor : What was the restoration cost and what would be the cost of the new shoe?

hantzley louis : Is this actually worth doing (I'm genuinely asking)

KarenchikJan : Hi Steve. Great work, as always! Need your professional opinion. Can a pair of shoes in burgundy shell cordovan be dyed to brown? Is this something that you would recommend and how do you think it will turn out? Thank you.

njtech2005 : This popped up on my feed and I was very intrigued. I have to say it was mesmerizing to see a true artisan take a broken sculpture and make it like new again. Beautiful work, thank you so much for sharing.

BTMotley : Aaah! This is such a treat to see! Such wonderful work!

inova11901 : C'est magnifique.