Allen Edmonds Shoe Restoration - Bedo's Leatherworks

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M M : Next time don't cut out all the action. Even a few seconds of showing you actually doing the different stuff is fun to watch!

David Hooker : this is a real craft. In a throw away culture its good to see this.

Rara Avis : Very impressive! I wanted to learn a trade like leather or woodworking after school, but people talked me out of it. Still pining 20 years later. Living vicariously through YouTubers like you 😄

Apocalyps : 15:07 Brass nails help the heels from wearing out? No, a restriction from wearing the shoe reduces the heels from eventual wear. *smh* This is simply cosmetic (and loud).

GreynSilver7 : There are not enough businesses like this around. No one likes to keep and take care of these anymore. If it is worn out they just buy a new one. I love old school craftsman professions like a cobbler.

Cy Brunel : You sound American. I'm French born and raised, lived in U.S since '84, and have found only 1 shoe repair shop in 34 yrs living in the States. You are a craftsman on the endangered species list my good man. Those shoes are a work of art too. Nice job restoring them.

John Gray : Who'd have thought it a tatty old pair turned into a beautiful renovated pair ,top notch work this was a pleasure to watch ,

Dale Miller : My god your work is sensational, you are the master of the cobbler trade. 😇👠🙏👍

Omahabigbill : Just wondering how much he saved by having you restore the shoes instead of just buying a new pair.

Ryan Barnhart : Nice! How much would a restoration of that caliber cost? I'm digging that French tip in particular. EDIT: $300, saw below in the comments. Worth every penny.

David Kelsey : Wow that brought back memories. My dad was a boot repairer. He passed away about 40 years ago. He was a craftsman just like you...a dying trade. I hate those cheap shoe repairers in the shopping centres called here "Mister Minit." Mister Minit means they got 1 minutes training.

Michael Miller : Not a fan of the black toe area

Luis Cervantes : Excelente trabajo amigo eres muy buen restaurador de zapatos

tim mccracken : this may be a dumb question but....why did you keep the footbeds? they looked pretty beat up.

Kathie Gadd : Wow - you'd never believe they were the same shoes!!!

Frank Xu : Wow, the sole looks better than the stock AE leather sole

Connie Doiron : You are a true craftsman. Those shoes looked brand new. I loved watching you bring these shoes back to life in a toss away society.

Uriel Cam : For a pair of shoes that cost above $350 it’s well worth it. Love the old days when shoes were made with passion. Now days it’s easier to just get a new pair of shoes. Thumbs up for this guy! Great job!

daredevil7442 : Good work, whats a shoe rebuild like that generally cost?

Sigkeeper1 : I have a pair of Allen Edmonds wingtips that my mother gave me for my 40th birthday. I am soon to be 68. I keep these shoes in cedar shoe trees and they look as good as they did the first year that I wore them. I keep the leather conditioned and of course polished and use sole edging. At this rate these shoes, which cost $175.00 at the time will last until I am over 100. Great shoe, great craftsmenship

GingerRootable : God, that was satisfying to watch! Thank you. Have you seen that Adam Sandler movie "The Cobbler"? lol. Seriously, nice work. I have to go in the city just find someone to do shoes. It's a pain!

Jonathan Leonard : Very cool! Wish we could've seen the stitching and glueing as well as when you put on that final heel with the beautiful brass nails. Either way. Well done sir!

Stevee Wonders : Wow, those AE’s appeared “trashed” and were brought back from the dead! Incredible work and attention to detail. And thanks for the more detailed Dalton video showing the steps preformed. As expected, that video gives even better illustrations your meticulous care for the end product provided to your customer. Very impressive sir. Not related but... just found your videos, you sound just like Billy Ripken, Cal’s brother, who is a baseball commentator. Haha I thought, wow Billy’s also a cobbler! Thanks for your videos, very interesting.

Ken : Wow, what a change you made to those Brogan-like shoes! Love watching an artist working at his craft. When I was a youngster growing up in the 50's, shoe repair shops were much more prevalent. My parents used to send me up to the shoe repair shop in my town and I would wait while he resoled & reheeled my shoes. Back then you repaired not replaced. Loved watching him work. I miss the days were every town (no matter how small) had their own shoe repair shop. Hope you continue showing your leather works channel.... especially the shoes. Love me some good looking Brogans! 😊👍

William Nguyen : unbelievable work. too bad we dont have you in town cause i have bunch of oxford and chelsea that need to resole.

Miguel Chavez : Amazing work sir, I follow you on IG and I am not surprised at all by the way they turned out. You do mail in correct?

holyblood1 : Beautiful shoe. Nice restoration

Lynette Scribner : They look absolutely beautiful! They look brand new! I have a question though, why are the toes stained a darker color than the rest? I'm just curious!

steemdup : Unfortunately this video would have been much better had you allowed viewers to see your actual work, rather than presenting to the camera after the fact.

Adewale Olatusi : Job well done. Forward me with your website or email address and i will be sending my allen edmonds shoes to you for repair.

Steve Lloyd : How do we contact you? I have 5 pair of Allen Edmunds shoes?

Alfie Mbra : Great job had to laugh when the compressor kicked in when you started hammering, do you run on compressed air 😂

macaco logo : what glue do you used there ?

Nigel Bishop : Watching this was pure pleasure. Nothing as satisfying as watching an expert craftsman at work. How did he burnish the tips?

DonQuixotec : "Alright, let's continue". No, but seriously this was really interesting and you're great at your profession!

Eric Rusch Sr : True craftsmanship. Thank you for showing us.

miko007 : this is funny :D i work as a senior web developer, and my office is right beneath the rendenbach leather factory. we even do their website. i did not know, their goods are getting used outside of germany (even outside this town :D)

Chris Hancock : Great work. I rarely see people address the leather on the inside of the shoe so I appreciate your attention to detail here.

Marco A. M S : My Hat Is OFF to You, AMAZING job, a true Proffessional at his Craftmanship.

Chris Bling : I guess if my 400.00 shoe broke I would get it restored too

I don't know : WOW! I am highly handy with all kinds of tools but this was spectacular craftsmanship. I did not know how this was done. Lot's of skills and skill. Well done!!! And I am not easily impressed.

Tony Carlos : Great job chief!!! Those shoes have new life once again. The French Tips won me over.

Todd W. Perry : Sir you are a true craftsman! In a disposable world it’s get to see things being fixed and used again.

Arnulfo Marquez : After I turned 30 could not wear a pair of tennis shoes or sneakers. Im fascinated by good looking pair of shoes. Wish I could afford I nice solid pair like those.

Ben Smith : You guys did a great job. Those shoes really belonged in the trash - ruined uppers, ruined lining, broken gemming, etc. You took absolutely wrecked shoes and restored them to a nice state. No way AE recrafting would accept those! If I ever need complex leather work I'm driving over to you guys.

Frankallen12 : You Sir, are a Master at this!

Todd T : I added another like, but that i like adding a drop of water to the ocean. Bravo.

opusthe2nd : Great to see this! Grandfather came over from Sicily and was a cobbler in Boston for his lifetime. Had I known what this world was coming to, I would have taken it over. Good job!

Catabatic Anabatic : Wow! That's impressive. I wouldn't have believed that those shoes could be saved. They looked a total bin job. Nice work. I bet the owner was well pleased.

wesley largen : I live in Amish country your work is a step above SIR