Allen Edmonds Shoe Restoration - Bedo's Leatherworks

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James Ziemba : I thought the era of fine hand-done craftsmanship was over but I was pleasantly surprised. You are a master.

M M : Next time don't cut out all the action. Even a few seconds of showing you actually doing the different stuff is fun to watch!

Marton Lukacs : "Don't be afraid to add some color to it" *paints it black

njtech2005 : This popped up on my feed and I was very intrigued. I have to say it was mesmerizing to see a true artisan take a broken sculpture and make it like new again. Beautiful work, thank you so much for sharing.

kerry krishna : Why not show us all of it? I SO wanted to see the skiving machines and the stitching machine too. Great work on what we did see, but I am disappointed too.

erock : when i bought my first pair of allen edmonds about 4 years ago now i was a bit sick to the stomach with spending $400 on shoes... never had spent that much, never understood how spending that much more than the typical $100 could be worth it. but man do i get it now, its absolutely worth it. they look great, they feel great, the break in so nicely and can be repaired to extend the life for so long. and a nice pair of shoes gets tons of compliments, a nice little bonus. have 4 pairs now and love every pair. worth every penny. so awesome to see craftsman doing work like this. to see such amazing work done with basic tools, bare hands and knowledge thats been passed down for generations now.

Demicron : Nike disliked this video 83 times.

Cy Brunel : You sound American. I'm French born and raised, lived in U.S since '84, and have found only 1 shoe repair shop in 34 yrs living in the States. You are a craftsman on the endangered species list my good man. Those shoes are a work of art too. Nice job restoring them.

David Hooker : this is a real craft. In a throw away culture its good to see this.

Sigkeeper1 : I have a pair of Allen Edmonds wingtips that my mother gave me for my 40th birthday. I am soon to be 68. I keep these shoes in cedar shoe trees and they look as good as they did the first year that I wore them. I keep the leather conditioned and of course polished and use sole edging. At this rate these shoes, which cost $175.00 at the time will last until I am over 100. Great shoe, great craftsmenship

David Kelsey : Wow that brought back memories. My dad was a boot repairer. He passed away about 40 years ago. He was a craftsman just like you...a dying trade. I hate those cheap shoe repairers in the shopping centres called here "Mister Minit." Mister Minit means they got 1 minutes training.

Nofirst Nolast : You Sir, are a craftsman. Fine work.

Chris Bling : I guess if my 400.00 shoe broke I would get it restored too

Connie Doiron : You are a true craftsman. Those shoes looked brand new. I loved watching you bring these shoes back to life in a toss away society.

Scott Campbell BearFoot : This is awesome work. I am a certified Pedorthist and this blows me away. How long did this job take? How much did you charge?

SantaMuerte livE : You did ok... Keep it up though you'll get better.👍👍

Gasgiant : Very skilful restoration.

Rara Avis : Very impressive! I wanted to learn a trade like leather or woodworking after school, but people talked me out of it. Still pining 20 years later. Living vicariously through YouTubers like you 😄

Gluluman : It’s 2:15 Am here in California, somehow after my regular 10 hours long shift, I am decompressing with a cup and hot steamed milk and coco, while watching this shoe artisan and it feels great every time I take nice hot seep . thank you shoe artisan

Alfie Mbra : Great job had to laugh when the compressor kicked in when you started hammering, do you run on compressed air 😂

Ken : Wow, what a change you made to those Brogan-like shoes! Love watching an artist working at his craft. When I was a youngster growing up in the 50's, shoe repair shops were much more prevalent. My parents used to send me up to the shoe repair shop in my town and I would wait while he resoled & reheeled my shoes. Back then you repaired not replaced. Loved watching him work. I miss the days were every town (no matter how small) had their own shoe repair shop. Hope you continue showing your leather works channel.... especially the shoes. Love me some good looking Brogans! 😊👍

Dylan A. Kent : Good cobblers never go broke and while every other store in the neighborhood goes out of business, the shoe repair storefront remains.

SirSportsCarCollector Lanc's : It’s hard to believe someone can let quality shoes get into such disrepair, my favourites are Oliver Sweeney and Joseph Cheney, my Oliver’s are well over ten years old get worn regularly and are in mint condition, it seems men’s quality shoes are for use and yet women’s are for show, just watched your CL refurbishment, great work as usual. 🇬🇧

Hal 2000 : My grandfather was a union shoemaker. He had a shop in his house back in the 70's and I spent many hours watching him resole shoes. He used the foot powered sewing machines and at the time and they just amazed me as I was only 6 :) This video took me back in time.

Uriel Cam : For a pair of shoes that cost above $350 it’s well worth it. Love the old days when shoes were made with passion. Now days it’s easier to just get a new pair of shoes. Thumbs up for this guy! Great job!

iga27 : Fabulous work! Congratulations!

Tremolux Man : I'm stunned to see there are still cobblers existing and doing incredible work. Hats off to you. A good pair of shoes are a joy to own, though I prefer boots.

Spacecarboy : A true craftsman !!!!!!

GingerRootable : God, that was satisfying to watch! Thank you. Have you seen that Adam Sandler movie "The Cobbler"? lol. Seriously, nice work. I have to go in the city just find someone to do shoes. It's a pain!

Blank Frame Studio : I didn’t watch this type of videos until now... extraordinary craftsmanship !

Vince Bella : Excuse me, I meant stiching. Google spell's words the way they want to.

Van Her : Just like the owner just brought them. 👍

David Alberto Garcia Nuñez : Amazing restoration. Great video

Luke Mallory : How much does it cost to a) buy the shoes new and b) have them rebuilt like this? I think it's wonderful and I despite the fact that every country uses India and Vietnam as their source of shoes..

William Arrowsmiith : Quite the skill you have good sir! It was a pleasure to watch this restoration of such a fine pair of shoes. I own a pair of Allen Edmonds Leiden Wingtip Blucher and they are amazing.... now that they are broken in that is. Brilliant show!

craigslistrr O : As an ignorant blue collar worker, im going to assume these shoes are upper crust in terms of quality?, like a pair of whites?

Tyler Langlais : incredible work

Jonh Miccco : God the way ,how much do you charge for that restoration?

Flik Cof : Wow. Looks new after

stumpunk pumpin : great precision craftmanship on the spot; and incredible journey of a special art that brought me old memories - when i was a little kid i used to visit my uncles' shoe factory there he had all kind of huge automated manufacturing machines, polishing machines, sewing machines and all kind of chemicals he needed for the manufacturing process of his shoes but the area that most interested me was in the center of the factory, where about a dozen shoemakers sat on special squared benches made w/ suede and in front of them was a huge squared table filled with several compartments where they have their supplies such as nails of all shapes and different sizes, ornamental figures they used on the aestethics of the finished product, and of course the yellow glue/ cement to seal the process and the "inks" they used to give color to their creations the suede they used for fabrication was hanging in rolls next to them that they used to cut w/ these extra sharp knives; and my uncle was sewing shoes on the automated machines on the other side that panorama for me was super fantastic! it was like being outer space really i used to sat on one of the squared benches next to the shoemakers just to watch them how they created those incredible shoes and also i learned how to make shoes as early 6 every time i went back home, i remember taking lots of nails and put them in my pockets (that was my pay for the day) my mother and i used to fight a lot for that reason, but one day she caught me fixing her shoes in the bathroom and the arguments stopped 😉 today im not a shoemaker, im an industrial mechanic, welder, body and fender tech, auto tech, computer programmer, photographer, filmmaker and theater tech thanks to that inspiration from the past i guess ⌛

no bs : I echo all the other comments but I also combine give me a your likes please 😎

BTMotley : Aaah! This is such a treat to see! Such wonderful work!

twoweeled soto : Wow. Looks like you've done this before? ; ) Enjoyed watching this every much. Very informative.

Catabatic Anabatic : Wow! That's impressive. I wouldn't have believed that those shoes could be saved. They looked a total bin job. Nice work. I bet the owner was well pleased.


Raheel Shafi : Wow, 10/10. Salute your craftsmanship.

Abrakadeborah : Beautiful work! I watched your entire video. I sold Men's shoes and they were high end way back in the day. I have always found a talented shoe you, to redo my worn out work shoes. My shoes are always polished to wear with my airline uniform. I take pride in maintaining my shoes. There is no substitute of a nice worn in pair of leather shoes. You sir, are a dying breed of wonderful talented cobbler with excellent workmanship! Some man is going to love what you did to his shoes. Very Impressive! :)

Safetyleed Nkom : I think restoration is way harder than making a shoe...

Lochnivar : It's a thing of beauty watching a master work his craft.

hantzley louis : Is this actually worth doing (I'm genuinely asking)