Tyler Cassidy - Boyfriend (Live)

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iTwe4kz : Lovin' it man - so glad you're getting some more exposure. Keep em comin!

Anwor Ali : Money maker Mike on the guitar. James did the recording using a potato to sabotage Tylers career.

Ryan Upload : Who’s down to set up a go fund me to get this man a nice recording microphone like a blue yeti and a quality camera. I’ll throw $10

Jake Burns : This man could beat you up even if you had infinite knives

redhatcore : Tyler's chorus's are insanely good. Songwriting 10/10.

rjzantow : So who putting my man in a studio to record?

Zakc 1189 p : Take your hand out of your pocket, stand up straight, support from your diaphragm! That is a bad ass song own it!!! Showed my girlfriend your songs and they made her cry they were so moving and touching. Keep it up can't wait for new ones

Max Diven : Your song Boyfriend showed up in my recommendations and now I’m addicted. Keep up the great work! Love your sound

BSkates : I promise you Tyler if you got this recorded and mastered in a studio, people including I would eat this stuff up hahaha don’t stop what you’re doing

Zakc 1189 p : I wish money maker Mike was your guitar player though....

Dallas B. : Why are we not funding this guy?!?!?!

Devin Shearer : Recorded from a potato

Grayson Andrews : Do you do birthday parties😂

Zeth : This sounds like a number 1 hit to me, record labels should be queuing up to sign you brother, super talented...you must have got offers, right??? 📝💯


Jacob McCarter : Billboard #1 song by October don’t @ me

Dino DeVito King : KILLLED ITTTT!!! Don't ever stop doing what your doing man!

Nick Hanley : I first heard of Tyler about a week ago. Through froggy on Reddit. I now listen to junkie and damn fool daily. Love this, keep it up!!

Alebop : Been with you since Dunked on. What a journey to watch from that song to something like this. You have truly earned your spot in my favorite singers. Keep getting better. I'll always keep supporting. Good job froggy.

Horchheimer : You don’t have a perfect voice. You don’t have the perfect accompaniment to go with your vocals... you don’t have perfect stage presence... But for some reason, all of that put together works perfectly and I’ve got all your music in my rotation. You’re killing it and you’re only going to keep getting better. Keep it up man.

BLUU : This is on spotify. Go enjoy endlessly . Thanks Tyler!

ToastCreativeWorks : Dude, seems the only one that doesn't believe in you is.... YOU. You've got skill but this hands in the pocket ish isn't convincing anyone. Your talent is your own, own it! Not sure how many people need to tell you that your songs are good before you believe it but... confidence my man is everything is the music biz, bro! Step up or step down, one way or the other your wasting your time if you don't go full throttle into the game. Best of luck TC!

Noah Evans : 3:17 ... oopsy

coolerjackify : Usually YouTube recommends me random stuff and mostly things I don't even want to watch. They did well with this!

chefboyartee : This song gives me so many chills each time. Crazy, the first time I ever saw you was on Tosh.O.

Steffani : Tyler!!! I love you, man!!! :) Your singing is so grea- IS THAT MIKE!? :'D

Derek Blankenship : No shade to the guitar player but I need you on the piano for this!

Jose Hernandez : James and his crew still mad they got dunked on! They came to disslike the video SMH 😤

greasyfriedliver : So good, did anyone else in the audience with a good camera record it though?

Tyler Watson : You need to write an mgk diss track Krispy Kreme style and send it to Eminem!

pld006 : This song has been stuck on my mind since I've heard it. I keep having to re hear it.

SavageMorty21 : R.I.P. FroggyFresh Thank u Tyler I'ma big fan and I've been listening since Krispy Kreme

daniel williams : Absolutely killed it live. Get a little more active onstage and engage the crowd but your live voice is awesome

L. M. Kenney : Can u do a video with mike, that would be awesome we all wanna see what he's like now

Budget Bullshit : I especially love how you opened up more near the end, keep it up brother, you’re going places

Beard Booze : This is badass man! Sound awesome live.

AKA TG : You’re obviously very nervous in the beginning but start to get more comfortable as it goes on and that’s when you started to do really well. Very good work Tyler, hoping to see more from you.

Timothy Rodriguez : You gave my friends and I some great laughs in college with your comedic style and now your songs kick ass. Time to take yourself to the next level

Juan Caballeros : Honestly, my new favorite song.

A Part-time Astronaut : Mr.Cassidy, Youre a LEGEND

Empty Caskets : Your gonna go so far dont ever give up brotha

MUHZOMBEHS : Whew, was wondering if that hand was ever coming out of your pocket lol super catchy song

Carin Hall : Who's here after Killshot?

DC Wolf : Man you were my child hood every since 2012 I was 8 years old now I’m 14 I grew up watching and listening to your content now just to see what you’ve grown to how you all have grown up it’s insane. Dude man I’m honestly crying wish I could go back to them old times to when you first dropped dunk on remember that summer I was at my brothers friends house it’s insane man dude just keep following your dreams and dude never give up dude your the best

James Mckay : a little nervous at first I see.. keep that dam hand out of your pocket.. you can play pocket pool later..

Chris Harford : HEY keep it up with the good music

SuperEvilC : Probably some hoes in the audience cheering thinking the other parts about them while they sitting with the other guy in the song... whao whoa idk!

NoVa Godtict : Keep making music please I’ve been watching since you were Krispy Kreme them had to switch to froggy fresh broke down is literally one of the best song I have ever heard I can’t stop listening to it your music is amazing and I hope you will become famous one day

James Raj : Great performance

david jackson : Damn you Tyler for getting rid of Froggy Fresh aka Krispy Kreme...