I Really, Really, Really Like This Image

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Comments from Youtube

Pinapl Juice : The history of the two most pure people on the internet

kremit : These guys need to start a band, called "This Image"

Depressed Potato : This is our world without bad peoples

JamesAndGames : my sense of humor has devolved to the point where this is the only thing I find funny anymore

CheeziSponge : I love the vid you posted, wonderin' if i share it, would you mind? i know a couple people you would love it, please reply

Setämies 76 : this is how canadians steal memes

Browncheeze : Thomas Bagels and Randolph Cutter name a better duo lol

Some Internet Person : Randolph is awfully shady about where he got the image in the first place... 🤔

Peter Jackson : I feel sad after witnessing this, what do I watch now? Where do I go from here? How can such levels of greatness ever be toppled? I really, really liked this video.

Extremely Sad Person : If god doesn't exist, explain this Checkmate

Pinguenella : I like how Thomas thanks Lori in the end. Takin' ownership of the image.

Epic Voice : This is what comments under memes look like in Canada.

Speedpoke : 1:39 Poor Lori all she wanted was to be apart of the song.

TeeSoar : Sonic Movie 2019 leaks 👌


bitch : I love that Thomas thanks Lori but it wasn’t him who uploaded the image in the first place lmao

Dolan Dark JR : This is just Facebook in a nutshell

Beanie Leung : This video comes up in my recommended every so often... And i click it everytime

Thot police : This is honestly the best thing I've seen in a while

Mw Roberson : The way Thomas is so passionate over this image, and his strong bond with Randolph, made me realize this is easily the best anime of all time

Sondre Marsteen : I really, really, really like this video

apocalypticrabies : *Thanks, Lori.*

Fastthunder009 Games : *The sonic movie looks great...*

Komrade : For context: Radolph actually stole the image from Thomas, hence the shadiness

Porter Morgan : This video scratched an itch I didn't even know I had

oxeh : Liked it 1 year ago. It’s back for the anniversary boys

P5YCH Official : Who would have thought that you can make a whole song with comments about a hedgehog giving a 👌🏻

Y B : I can't fucking express how much I love the internet

Wub : Elon Musk also really really really liked this image, not hard to see why.

Meh Ya : This the kinda song you get stuck in your head during a math test

Zacxion : I love the video you posted wondering if I shared it would you mind?

r e n : 3.3k people don’t really like this image

dogey qinck : I was feeling down today and then I found this in my recommendation and it made my day :3

jack : Two gentlemans having a polite conversation.

The Alterlion : I really really really like that image

OfficialSh1be : I really really really like this COMMENT xD

Nick : The new owl city song sounds great!

impermanent : Can i send this video to my friends? They would love it! please reply

john papple : This is probably the stupidest thing I've ever seen on the internet. I mean that as a compliment. I feel so lucky to have been recommended this video. Thank you.

1000 subs with one video? : -why is this in my recommended?- *why hasn’t this been in my recommended until now?*

CyBeR : I love the vid you uploaded,wonderin' if i share it,would you mind? I know a couple people online who would love it,please reply.

Sleazy Bæ : so did they end up getting together or what

Superkobster : is this an oblivion conversation

Pryxtel : these people seem too down to earth to even exist. how wholesome.

Mikoyみこい : thanks youtube for the recommendation

La'Ron Clark : Little did we know, Carl was famous on YouTube before Instagram.

NeoSilvanus : Thomas is a good dude

German Suplex Potato : the "I really, really, really like this image" part sounds like Mark Hoppus is singing it

McTouka : Sometimes I'm Thomas, sometimes I'm Lori. "Haha great pic!" "Thanks, Lori..."