Alan Gogoll - Bell's Harmonic

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MARQmusic : How is this even real, those harmonics are godly.

Zachary Thompson : This guy should be called Cutesy Forest Noises the Guitarist.

Andi Döllinger : Harmonics <3 One of the best songs i've ever heard! Keep on Alan :)

daniel reeves : how the heck do you even find all these harmonics? haha amazing and beautiful playing as always alan :)

Dom Woolmer : how he produces harmonics so effortlessly is outstanding, beautiful!

Brian Herrera C : Tabs pls

Squiggs 【Glitches - ROM Hacks - Speedruns】 : I like the part where it was like "deewoo deewoo deewooo dooooo" and then "doo do dee dee dah doo dooo"

Adam Lamb : Absolute legend.

the3rdegree gaming : Alan!! i just learned this song from you, it is amazing great job! those harmonics were tough to find but i found em'! thankyou for sharing!!! keep it up!

Mario Cruz : No puedo creer que aun haya gente que conozca el gran y hermoso arte de la música, hoy en día todo es electrónica, banda, y estupideces, esto la verdad es maravilloso, preciosura de melodía. Mis respetos👏👏👏👌

player042 : I am very picky (ha) when it comes to solo guitar songs. But I have to say, I could listen to this a million times and still get awed.

Andrea Lococciolo : +Alan Gogoll my life is better since I met your music

Shahnewaz manto : technique is unique,melody is impeccable.make a tutorial...

Ameen Ali : eargasm

Jim John-un : Hey man, lovely stuff! What tuning are you in?

Christoph Tschernoster : Fantastic work! Just bought me a new Guitar and got even more inspired right now!!

Nissan Neupane : omg...why is he still underrated amazingly he is awesome😊😊

Simple COVER : tutorial plis

rudy sadega : I hope really want to playing guitar like you

Josué David Escácega Irineo : Muy bueno Cual es la afinación?

H S : I have to be that guy who asks what the hell is harmonics? #sorryguitargods

sevenfacecomplex : you Bela fleck and wooten together would b sick. add Jean luc pony too.

vicdmise : I've been playing loosely for 25 years and I'm a recording engineer and I've NEVER heard harmonics like that. They're really beautiful and it's blowing my mind to hear something that new. Wonderful job. (And seriously, we need a harmonic tutorial.)

Gerald Landhartz : I really enjoyed this song the first time I heard it.. Keep up the good work!

Tony Music : I will repair your broken air guitars for free... No strings attached

Cassandra Bee : i love harmonics

Bernd Thiel : ............only Poets can do that !

Sof : Lovely !

Maya Vallevona : This is amazing. I have always loved harmonics but you just blew my mind. If I could ever play like that, I would literally be the happiest person alive! Thank you for making my day. 😍😘☺️

Emil Yong : surely music from heaven

Alta Bavia : Master piece....!!

chloemadison24 : this makes me so calm

mrak rock : Feels good man!

Kenneth Huang : what technique would you call this?

The STiVo : I like the little "bwahw..bwahw..bwahw" part.

Seanders : You were born for this.

Joseph Cabusas : Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is great!

Patrick Reza : BEAUTIFUL

Rory Pawson : Very lovely

C TS : This is beautiful. #smartereveryday should featur this in a video; it's that good.

julian Stegehuis : Wow. Your music made me feel everything for the first time again! What childly joy this is. I am in love.

p hoge : All those harmonics just opened a subspace portal in my lower spine. Niiiiice.

MIchael Rosenberg : Reminds of Don Ross and of course Michael Hedges,,,but holy hell!!!!

CVCK MΔSTER : How he do that

North Korea : I can't believe this... truly beautiful.

Rihas Rahman : Middle finger the one who unlike this music

James Siggins : This is one of my favourites. I remember the first time I heard it, it was an instant purchase on bandcamp. Such a beautiful guitar player.

Elsa Birss : just like a musicbox. beautiful! <3

George Novaes : incrivel 👏👏👏👏

Shivansh Aggarwal : this is amazing Alan...