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Don't expect much. Its just a quick thing I thought about while using Gai and J in SRW@3. PIZZAAA!! --- Wow, thanks guys. I'm glad people like it. I thought it would only be funny to a selective amount of Gaogaigar/Getter Robo watchers.

Comments from Youtube

hi i'm emily : Give and take!

Gotmilk0112 : shit, this video is over 10 years old I remember watching it when it was new

Babylauncher3000 : ABU NAI!

Alirio Cervantes : After all this time, I still get a laugh out of this. XD

Jun Kim : Dude was this video offline for a while? I swear i was looking for it and it wasn't up for a while. This is my favorite video on youtube, pls never take it down

Joinsideke : Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Library!

Heroic_Spirit_Gomikubi : After more than 8 goddamn years, I just now noticed the MGS sound/music at :45 :I

LieutenantGwo : "Library?!" always gets me

PK Mongoose : Barbecue Sauce.

Suralin0 : Me and some friends were watching Shin Getter vs. Neo Getter the other night. We couldn't get through episode 2 without quoting this.

hi i'm emily : Give and take!

YouGotRolled1337 : LIBRARY

AuthenticSky : haha, that's Link's voice

Vyx : I like the part where he says balls.

Friendly Face : idk why i just imagine the Pumkin avi. guy going NO I Don't want that!!! >:L

Huuballawick : I like the part where he comes out of nowhere and says Library.

wwazman : you should have put Little Caesar in there.. Pizza Pizza!

vanglee84 : Love the Metal Gear Solid death theme

Mason M : 5 years later and yep, still funny.


Rose Beowulve : Jesus that spoiled GaoGaiGar for me!

FinalBlast Bobby : LIBRARY!!

BPhoenixProductions : RAIBURARI

J L : @doglove1227 Pizza is the guys name I'm assuming

J L : I hear that Pizza is now a vegetable.

Dogman1227 : Somebody help me understand why they use the word pizza so much? I'm laughing hard at it none the less, but I don't understand one bit.

dcrcjoo : someone's hungry.

Kajetokun : Well, in the Fansubbed Gaogaigar, the subtitles always casted him as PIZZA. Probably is Peter, but man do I love his name as Pizza.

VromNath : @lalamei00 I decided to look at your channel on a whim and found out that HOPY SHIT you are one cool guy!

Tyra : pizza they made you a vegetable


9a3eedi : LIBRARY

jacksfilms : Loved the "Metal Gear" reference, loved the inclusions to your other videos, basically loved everything about it. Hilarious!

Arkeves : LIBRARY!

Andromeda Star : PIZZA DEWANAI!! xD

elliphor : GIV AND TAEK.

R0ckG1r7 : Give and take!

LelouchCommandsYou : @liberate98 are you kidding me? he is the mask that hides the greatest cyborg hero in history (along with guy and the cyborg 009 cast).

GregorioXII : I use all of my energy when I fight with pizza too. ):

R0ckG1r7 : PIZZAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

Adrian Malacoda : "Hey Vegeta--" "WHAT'S UP."

Reichu : @jibinsnbits: He's Jack King from "Shin Getter Robo vs. Neo Getter Robo".

Reichu : @X1oY : No, no, it is most definitely "Pizza" (PITTSA in katakana). "Peter" would be "PI-TA-".

Reichu : I don't normally watch these robot shows -- but this video is so awesome I finally snapped and bought Gaogaigar. What a pitiful creature am I... I wonder how much better GGG would have sold overseas if MEDIABLASTERS had put Kajetokun in charge of the promotional campaign.

Dominick Lopez : it sounds like "pizza all night"

Timsonourside : This needs more views FFS. I had to go to page 23 on view count searching for pizza cuz I wanted to do it that way.

GiGiordano : I want over9000 pizzi immediately!

DarknessSquall75 : Finally, the real Kajetokun is back and with him, the Pizza video...! There were no copies anywhere...

Curttehmurt : I was thinking of this the other, thank god it's back up