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Emily Plays : Give and take!

jacksfilms : Loved the "Metal Gear" reference, loved the inclusions to your other videos, basically loved everything about it. Hilarious!

gsm1091 : hahahah omfg i forgot how hilarious this vid was

LieutenantGwo : "Library?!" always gets me

Skinkemann : You are genius personified. This is wins on all kinds of levels, even those still unknown to man.

Jun Kim : Dude was this video offline for a while? I swear i was looking for it and it wasn't up for a while. This is my favorite video on youtube, pls never take it down

Babylauncher3000 : ABU NAI!

Emily Plays : Give and take!

Bleeding Skies : I'M NOT PIZZA! ...Pizza.

QuesoGr7 : I love the random "GIVE AND TAKE" xD

Kajetokun : Hahaha, I tried to find a place for that, but it didn't fit in well. "Koitsu wa TOO MUCH HIGH POWER MAN!"

Kajetokun : Well, in the Fansubbed Gaogaigar, the subtitles always casted him as PIZZA. Probably is Peter, but man do I love his name as Pizza.

Huuballawick : I like the part where he comes out of nowhere and says Library.

NasaXnieru : Wooooaah. . . He stole that guys pizza!!

blackmamba345 : LOL. What cruel parents who named their son after an italian food?

AuthenticSky : haha, that's Link's voice

Alirio Cervantes : After all this time, I still get a laugh out of this. XD

Adrian Malacoda : "Hey Vegeta--" "WHAT'S UP."

nooodl : LIBRARY

PaperCutStickFigure : i loved the pizza slowed down

elliphor : *game over theme* PIZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Dyonus : I still quote this when someone says "Washington." What?!? Washington?!?

elliphor : GIV AND TAEK.

DinosaurCoolguns : Still love the random library

Isikien : LIBRARY!

RurouniStarchild : That puts Little Ceasers to shame!

Arkeves : LIBRARY!

topazshot88 : I like the Howard Dean part.

exfoliator : library!

bossgoji : It's the "LIBRARY" that really makes this into comedy gold.

Stephanie Mansell : GIVE AND TAAAKE

SwordOkami : PIZZA DEWA NAI!!!

Genereaver : Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! LIBRARY! Pizza! Pizza! Fucking win.

TheSpeedKeed : (Metal Gear Jingle) Pizza! Pizza!? PIZZAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!

kmuf : Shit! I used up all my energy fighting with Pizza!

gil17xvii : "PIZZA~ library.. PIZZA!"

Keaton2008 : Fighting with Pizza! XD

YouGotRolled1337 : LIBRARY

Temjin707 : LIBRARY

AmrasFelagund : Pizza! Pizza? Pizza-- Pizza! Pizza... Pizza-Pizza! Pizza! Library! Pizza!

BrienBoru : PizzaLIBRARYPizza

muffinmanxiv : <3 Kajetokun


DeusEXE : Freakin' Awesome. I love your videos... Though... I was hoping the Lil' Caesars "Pizza, Pizza!" caveman guy would jump in there randomly...

sean sullivan : What? WASHINGTON?


BPhoenixProductions : RAIBURARI


Josh : shit, I used up all my energy, fighting with pizza!!

9a3eedi : LIBRARY