"What do you think happens when we die, Keanu Reeves?"
What do you think happens when we die Keanu Reeves

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Stephen Colbert asks, "What do you think happens when we die?" Keanu's answer was perhaps the most poignant thing I have ever heard for such a question. #keanubeingawesome #keanureeves


XanltheCSG : Reeves has had a lot of people close to him die, he knows what goes on.

Dominic Corsey : You've won Keanu. You've won. Colbert drops the wit and conceds ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Moroni Sanchez : He is the one.

Sammy Sam : We die 3 deaths 1 the heart stops, brain ceases to function 2 our name is said for the last time 3 the last person with memory of you dies

VanDenSelv : You don't fool me Jesu.. I mean Keanu!

Laser Face : In other words, literally the entire planet will miss Keanu Reeves when he dies.

treemustach : He needed that sigh/breath. You could hear it in his voice. What an amazing character all around.

SM GC : handshake of respect right there, Colbert had no other options

Cliff Bush : The most surreal moment after his response is at 0:22. The smile was gone, he zoned out after giving one of them most graceful answers with the best composure. Absolutely admirable.

Manuel Gonzales : Lovely response and I just love Colbert's reaction. Colbert, someone who lost his dad and most of his siblings in an airplane crash at a young age and has also lost his mother a year or two ago, heard the answer, had a moment of quiet reflection, smiled, and then extended his hand for the handshake.

Robert Buscemi : Word is he's a massively kind, charitable guy. That certainly was nice.

Supreme Gaming : Keanu Reeves is worthy for the Mjรถlnir

Lone Wolf : Wow...Stephen Colbert had NO COME BACK....what a class act Keanu & most of all thank for the answer about death that is a FACT....thank you man !

Flipper Moyers : Keanu is a class act... this after all he's been through.

Frano Widjaja : You may admire Tom Cruise , adore Denzel Washington . But it's Keanu Reeves the one that you love .

Gregory Krug : That is going to end up in books of quotations.

shonz88 : Ever see a talk show host short-circuit before? Itโ€™s like Keanu answered the riddle of the Matrix correctly and crashed the system

JDela10 : There are two reasons his answer hits people. The first is he has had a difficult life. Lost one of his best friend's (river phoenix) to a drug overdose. The love of his life first had their daughter who was stillborn, and not long after that she died in a car accident herself. So you can detect a lot of experience with pain in his answer. Secondly, because you would assume he would say "we go to heaven" or some other answer that is basically a prediction of a first person post-death experience. Like "when I die, I will go to heaven". Instead, he didn't think of the experience of the deceased at all, he thought of the deceased's loved ones and how the loss of you will affect them. He lived it, he told Stephen what he "knows" will happen for sure. Keanu is an awesome human being!

hoshang Rawanduz : Way to go Keanu!!! Thatโ€™s a very sensitive subject to bring up on a guest who has gone through tough time. Well said Keanu and well acknowledged by Stephen.

December Cloud : Such a simple answer but you can feel the pain when he says it. My eyes watered up

Thomas Schroeder : People don't know, that was the whole interview

Zali Becquerel : Radio goes dead. Grocery store plays "Rehab". Singing no, no, no...

Shashank Sharma : Profound answer. And the way he said it. It took him a while to recollect himself before he waved his hand in the end.

XYZ LUCINA : Stop making me love you o damn much Keanu

tonyroid1 : He's just fragging awesome! A simple man. Steven couldn't even comeback. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Ruin Nation : TY Keanu you saw how much it affected him he was caught off guard and got choked up.

FEAR The Walking Don : For those who don't know. The reason why his answer is so profound & heartbreaking to a lot of people is because in 1993 he lost his best friend River Phoenix, in 1999 his wife Jennifer gave birth to their baby which was stillborn & less than 2 years later in 2001, his girlfriend (mother of his child) died in a car crash..

Mr Seven : Yeah he's full of wisdom

Hatori Matori : It was uncomfortable for Keanu. Asking this question a man who lost so many loved people in his life is not cool man...not cool...

Fernando Alegre : This sounds like something a Highlander would say...

Abhilash Das : If I ever get a lot of money then I'm making statues of this man

Amsterdam 87 : Unexpected but very powerful answer. Big fan here since Speed ๐ŸšŽ

Alex Febrero : That's the best and most beautiful "turn down for what" in the world.

Anthony Ornelas : You can literally hear the pain in his voice.

LuKas Kasdan : A thoughtful response of wisdom and sincerity. All too rare nowadays.

flyinglittleducks : I already loved him but this made me love him even more ๐Ÿ˜Š

dmk : Pure class this guy... Silent strong type... A role model for all of us.

Tanya : The Legend. The Man. My baby Daddy. My Husband. Keanu Reeves

artao5 : Over the years, I've gained more and more respect for this dude in his personal life. This answer? NAILS IT!

Joan Hinz : Bless this man.

SweetMomoGurl : I will watch all of his movies despite whether his movie good or bad... i will watch it just because of this good man called Keanu Reeves, acts in it.

Rorke Zalyz : this world truly doesn't deserve Him.

Leopoldo Astudillo : When you need only eleven words to prove you are a genius!

Ashutosh Miskin : The world needs more people like Keanu Reeves....

Chris Skuller : That was probably the best answer I've ever heard to that question.

Boston Black Cat : He sounded like he was about to cry.

Matt 24 : Why is this some profound revelation?

Hossamism1 : he's so selfless that even when asked about death he thinks about the feelings of those around him

Henbot : Pretty tough question for Keanu considering what happened to his girlfriend