Hold up, wait a minute something ain’t right

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Will TW : Is that how he eats ass. Nup nup nup nup

Adam Ford : here from ninja

Random Access Channel : 0:18 when you see a default doing the floss.

Yisroel Goldstein : ninja made me do it

Nacho Josh : 0:18 ninja when he gets killed and danced on.

The Yellow Minion : 0:18 when you know ninja is in the same building as you in tilted

wasyl00 : Someone please autotune this guy!

angel kitty 2018 : 0:17

D matthews : The people who downvote this have no soul.

Marco J : so many gifs

Xrocks : somethin aint right

xMagic : OmeGa LuL

Copperystorm346 : Oof

Ech Dech Schloën : Whate fuk why he's talking about Anne Frank?