Most URGENT rescue EVER! Kitten falls 43 ft straight down a water well & cries for help for 5 DAYS!

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We NEVER filmed ANYTHING like this... this is BEYOND EPIC and today we need YOUR help in making this video GO VIRAL. Please share this video with your family and friends on your favorite social media network. We are about to celebrate Hope For Paws' 10th birthday in a few days, and I really hope that many of you who haven't done so yet will make a small donation to our organization so we can save many more animals: Thanks :-) Eldad #HopeForPaws #CatRescue #KittenRescue

Comments from Youtube

Arthiga Puvanendran : I think those 3.1K people who disliked want to be down there next

Xenia Massyn : When the kitty almost gave up I started bawling out my eyes😭😭😭

fira script : my heart breaks for this poor little baby kitten.... Bless this little angel You guys and gals are heroes!

realsdjdjjd : seeing that kitten almost falling but climbing back up again almost made me cry

Wolf and Gacha : This made me cry, I’m glad the kitten is ok

Teddy .j : I donated 300$ 💖💖💖😔❤️❤️❤️

Cieling Katpeepz : *I regained my faith in Humanity once more*

Pixie : Both my cats are here with me and they looked around when the meows came on So heartbreaking that poor baby :(

naomi frye : The poor baby she deserves all the hugs 1 like = I hug to the kitten

Angie’s World : When the kitty closed it’s eyes my heart stopped. You guys are so nice

Albeit Arson : I would have poured a bunch of water so it could swim up... Then I realized I'm an idiot.

Armerican Bulldog : I will try to convince my dad to donate because I can’t bare watching animals suffer

Katey Grimshaw : the fact that the kitten nearly died actually make me cry... atleast its safe

UNKOWN BEAST : 1 like = 1 Kitty Saved everyday

ReD BrIcK : Does anyone else wonder why theres a frickin 43 ft. PIPE IN THEIR FLOOR!!!

SubTo Zero : One like equals 1 point from heaven

Bulb _Life : He was not even scared to take a bath, That water must have felt so good!

warrior cats, gameplay, and roleplay :D : >~< I SO HAPPY THE KITTEN SURVIVED click this if u aggree | | | \/

Olivia Martin : Those little meows are both so adorable and heartbreaking.

Baked Beans : Its nice that marshmello the artist of music organized this fundraiser

Justin Mills : This felt like a movie it broke my heart when he was about to give up... but now he is alive and well i just want to hug him❤😭

vanphan27 : Our world would be such a better place if we had more people like this 😭

PON PON PATA PON : not even my cat but i love him so much, what a soldier

Emmanuel Luongo : I'm just wondering why they had a 43 foot pipe in their floor.

Chris and Heather Cunningham : Wow! It's amazing what you do to help these animals. God bless you. And I'm not asking u for likes. Whoever hit dislike missed like button because this was amazing.

Macy Gartzke : Even though I am 13, I am still going to donate. I will pay my mom back!

Sekky TV : You deserve the best life cause you helped a little soul. 1 Like = 1 Saved kitten

shaheen akhtar : I literally wish I could fit in that pipe, jump down 43ft and comfort him.🐱😌😫😭🤧

Sofia Burgos : Im so happy that there are amazing people like this to help this kitten I cried :)

Havanna Summers : I have always loved cats and to see this adorable sweet kitten made my heart break, thank you guys for saving his life!

THAT YT KID : 😿😽 I was crying happiness when Jessie was saved

NIXSI : That cat will have nam flashbacks everytime he sees a hole.

Amaria Worthy : Awe😭❤️🙏🏾may God bless the lil kitten

xX Gacha Kitty xX : He has such a strong and brave soul. Love you jessie!❤

s a m p l e t e x t : I've seen hundred of HFP recscues. This one got me right in the feels. Outstanding job as always.

Mulle_Gacha Life : I’m just going to go cry... this is to adorable!!!😭😭😭

hnowitall 247 : Give a like if you think this is the cutest kitten ever

Lutetia Joe : OMGG I hate crying ❤️❤️😔 He is so strong ❤️ God bless this kitty

TheEmpire 2009 : Awww so cute I would jump down there for him 🙂

Chicken nuggets : One like One bless for this cat. Let's see how many👇 💕🐱

Maddoxie : I wanna cryyyy!! this is try not to bawl your eyes out! I am so happy that you saved that little kitten!

tru pekamu : the fact that you flew all the way to save that precious kitten is so heart warming

Umur Tanrıverdi : And this guys,is what a survivor looks like.

omg puffball 675 : It's wonderful he gets to see the daylight again and is happy now!

OMG! It's Molly! : do this video for try not to cry ;-; NOBODY can survive ;-;-;-;-;-;

Hubbie Dubzz : I was friggin bawling my eyes out and went searching for my cat

OMEGA VOLCANO GUMSANS STAR BOMB SYLVEON FAN : Whoever disliked the video have no heart like if you agree

Sari Sari : Totally looks like my dead kitten :') Mama missing you, Sparkle

VENGEANCE OF WARRIORS Mobile Legends : 43 ft!!!!!! Thats so deep heart 😢😢 im crying