Most URGENT rescue EVER! Kitten falls 43 ft straight down a water well & cries for help for 5 DAYS!

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୨୧ n a t a l i e ୨୧ : This gave me so much anxiety. I was so close to crying. Oh my, I’m so glad the kitty is safe. Thank you

Olivia Martin : Those little meows are both so adorable and heartbreaking.

Kristy * : Congratulations guys for 10 years! May you have 100 more. I was rooting for you all the way through this video Jessie! Bless you Eldad n Loretta for the most incredible rescue if all times! Bless you n thanks to his new family. May he always be spoiled

Bella Oyarzun : Your amazing! You should be proud!

Na Na : Awww....he is so cute!😍 Thank you for saving him!💕💕

Storm Tater : I've never fastforwarded through any of Hope for Paws videos, but I just couldn't take this one. That baby's cries just killed me. Thank you so much for rescuing this little one. This is why I send you money every month!

Samantha Godard : If I was the lady who found him down the drain, I’d never let him go. He’d be mine so I can make sure nothing like this ever happens to him again.

LonelyWolffen : "Don't cry, just pet him" Me: "I CAN'T PET HIM THROUGH THE SCREEN I'M JUST GONNA CRY MY EYES OUT."

Olatie : My cat died today 16/05/2018❤️😭🌈 im glad you could save this ones today :) ❤️

BenJ : Im Proud to *donate* to people like you , animal hero’s you are

love you : the fact that you flew all the way to save that precious kitten is so heart warming

Claire Cates : I’m crying, you guys are amazing!

Theresia Simon : You guys are so amazing, and kudos to the guys from Freedom Plumbing who were pretty incredible also!!

Mejustme : The first thing I was going to mention was made anxiety and just when I scroll down on us all the first post under mine mentioned anxiety! The whole time I wanted to scroll up because I was I was dying just to see the ending but I didn’t want to miss anything and see the end this and was tough but oh what a sweet sweet ending!!! That was unbelievable!

mad ladakhi : Who else cried??

EHC Semak : Rescue for Paws für mich seid ihr Helden.

Kelley Stein : You guys are the most important people on Earth. Thank you so much for your time and consideration for all of these living animals.😀😊😊😊😉😉😉😀😀😁😁

Lauren Brewster : You spent 5 days trying to save the kitten. You are truly angels 👼🏻

Alyssa Campos : I am a cat lover and I am so glad you guys save that cat if you didn't save it was and it would probably die.😢😢😢🐱🐱🐱🐈🐈😺😿❤

Bling Bling The BS OF THE ISS : This is definitely my most favorite rescue from watching your channel for so long. Thank you so much, this so amazing for Jesse 🙏 such a great home 🏡 my heart bursted on this one

merlin ballera : Why ther is people un liking this its wonderful if u did not like this stop watching they help animals wat kind of person u are

Joha Saenz : I cried of emotion with this beautiful video! Jessie stole everyone's hearts... What a beautiful ending for this brave kittie! God bless you Eldad and Loreta for what you doing, you're an amazing!

Lili Cookie : I love this channel because your saving animals that can live a happily life after that rescue😃😊

Non Ono : Your back!!!!😀😄😱

Soccer Hero : Wow this was heartbreaking but an amazing rescue! Another great video from Hope For Paws and thanks to all the people who donated, you saved another life.

den den : thank you ❤❤❤

James Figueroa : God Bless Animal Rescue in accordance to Proverbs 12:10... +* :)

Placinte Anonime : Ador episoadele voastre succes in continuare

Donna LeGoo : I do support Hope for Paws, but I really have to question this particular situation. First of all, Flying from LA to SC for a kitten rescue? What about the local fire and rescue operations there? They could not have developed a plan to release this kitten, perhaps even sooner that 5 days? Sorry, but this seems like a total amount of necessary funding that went toward a cause that clearly should have been taken care of in that jurisdiction.

Skulls Ain't Dead : For all those outside the US 42 feet is 12 meters! What an epic rescue! He's so cute, those big eyes. Aww he's probably thinking 'So you were the big cats meowing me on from up above!'. Its so wonderful and inspiring to see the lengths you guys will go to in order to save a life! Go Freedom Plumbing too - what an appropriate name!

Edel Kirsch : Große Klasse !

Pâris 06 : The cat is save

Nadine Undine : No words needed. Just... thank you ❤️

Sunny Rastin : respect from Canada ,

Farhana Naumani : i ❤ hope for paws #NOTIFICATIONSQUAD

Good work allah bless you Zulfiqar : I'm speechless you guys are a angels for helping the animals great work hats off love you

Mochi san : meow

MariSa : Thank you guys❤❤❤

Cisnacho : Glad to see he was ok!!

Multi Fandom : i’m always in tears after watching these videos

Forever Love02 : Wow i just wondering peoples on there so care to help animal. I have cats and love animal😍 i support this channel with watching and sub then like.

Cute Unicorns Channel : God bless us

Wood Fur : Omg i have a 7 month old cat if that happened to her i would die

Nature Wolves : i cried!! my mom was like are you ok? and i told her to come watch and she started crying she is allergic to cats but she loves them!!! IM SOOO GLAD ME AND MY MOM WATCHED THIS

Thejorgegcastro1 : God bless Hope For Paws.

Denisa Duruttya : :.)


JSJ L : God bless you and the world is a better place because of you and your big hearts💕💗💞

Elizabeth López soberano : poor thing 😢

Marcello Bello : Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year......That's what it feels like at the end of this rescue.