Most URGENT rescue EVER! Kitten falls 43 ft straight down a water well & cries for help for 5 DAYS!

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tru pekamuu . : the fact that you flew all the way to save that precious kitten is so heart warming

OrganicLime Deckerlol : Wait a minute why are people disliking I’d like to see them save a poor little kitten that is 43 feet deep

Julie Jones : Happy 10th birthday Hope For Paws! These stories warm my heart!

Shakedro : *MEOW*

Catherine Da Cruz : whoever disliked this should fall down that water well

Olivia Martin : Those little meows are both so adorable and heartbreaking.

Little-kiwi Art : The poor thing.... 😦

Eli Brink : Im crying ;(

Easton Langston : I want the 621 people that disliked this video to fall in a 42 foot well.

Aubrey Frigon : I cried....1 LIKE =SAVE ALL THE ANIMALS!!!

ΰ­¨ΰ­§ n a t a l i e ΰ­¨ΰ­§ : This gave me so much anxiety. I was so close to crying. Oh my, I’m so glad the kitty is safe. Thank you

The Purple Violinist : The cutest video ever. I would donate if I could. <3

Umarha Khan : I wish that everyone in the world is like you guys

Domo Arreku : For those who disliked the video ;) *Read more*

Maria Sheehan : I crying

Storm Tater : I've never fastforwarded through any of Hope for Paws videos, but I just couldn't take this one. That baby's cries just killed me. Thank you so much for rescuing this little one. This is why I send you money every month!

Melinda Sommerfeld : Who ever likes this video is a life saver if you don,t like its OK because those people might not want to see animals in danger. and i hate animals in trouble so i liked it for help and to get those animals out of trouble 1 like=1% luck so if we all like they will have the luck to get those animals that are in danger out of it. :)(:

Mikaelo Ruver De Los Reyes : longest branch i've ever seen

JustJames : no... im not crying.... ur crying.... my eyes are sweating... STOP COOKING ONIONS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Its Romello : Awww she's so cute how can anyone do this with a so cute ones I pray for her for her good future

Burgundy Flush : I don't usually cry to stuff like this but it really got to me. The claustrophobia, the darkness, the cold... This poor baby.

Chris Kingsley : Mew

Natasha gamer : Cat

LtuDomas gamer : Cute 😻

frisk/chara the fallen human : I share all your vids to everyone they said it was heart warming and they would sub

Bling Bling The BS OF THE ISS : This is definitely my most favorite rescue from watching your channel for so long. Thank you so much, this so amazing for Jesse πŸ™ such a great home 🏑 my heart bursted on this one

Ruby Weasley : Im so sorry i cant donate im just a 10 but i can sub

Yolande Sorensen : You shoed be soo prowed of you're salf

Shesh Raj : I love cat so much ...tq all of you .

dennis caplinger : i feel Bad for the kitten

Skulls Ain't Dead : For all those outside the US 42 feet is 12 meters! What an epic rescue! He's so cute, those big eyes. Aww he's probably thinking 'So you were the big cats meowing me on from up above!'. Its so wonderful and inspiring to see the lengths you guys will go to in order to save a life! Go Freedom Plumbing too - what an appropriate name!

Cake Donut : the poor kitten had no atttion and no food and water as well as hope and they saved him from the darkness god bless them

camila : when he saw the camera he just stopped crying omg i cried my eyes out

Derpy Cats : The fact that you guys are so AMAZING.

Cat life : Thats the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen I cried

Soccer Hero : Wow this was heartbreaking but an amazing rescue! Another great video from Hope For Paws and thanks to all the people who donated, you saved another life.

Ink EO : This is heart warming...

Vilde Mysteryhunter : OMG POOR THING!πŸ™πŸ˜―πŸ˜ΏπŸ™€ But good he's safe now!πŸ’•

Liaam Teghan Shaer : That's what's I call animal king/queen

Enchanted_Dream_Doll : I have only been watching this video for 5:32 mins and it is already sad 😭 #😭😒😭😒

LpscottonTV : When the kitten stopped meowing I would cry hard

Panda illuminati Poptart : This brings back my hope for humanity :)

Bella 09 : You guys are so blessed πŸ™

reekygreedy : he looks like my kitten who is with another someone and i have been waiting days and hours and minutes and weeks and she didnt come yet, i feel bad for all of these kittens and puppies who are lost and in danger, god bless you guys.

Stella CherryPie : This is so sad =( Luckily the kitten is alive

Farhana Naumani : i ❀ hope for paws #NOTIFICATIONSQUAD

ODALIS HICIANO : I showed my friends and they cry and they donnated 20 bucks hope yall feel better

Vee B : This made me cry 😒

Boppy Doppy : At 9:34 that one guy that gets a phone notification that tells him to go eat dinner.

WillBills vlogs Boys : To be honrst they sdhould move the hut and it will be easair