John Cleese thanks everyone on the planet for his award

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Dreadlord Scorp : Not just everyone on the planet. He also thanked Saturn and, of course, all its rings

M Wt. : ...The publicity department of Turkish Airways... hahahaha

oberfrange : I love John Cleese to bits :-) He never fails to make me laugh.

PixelPigu : Transcript of the whole speech: I’d obviously like to thank a few people. I’d like to thank Charlie Cryton, for doing the plot with me, and Jamie and Kevin for writing their parts. I would like to thank Michael Palin, for checking the scene numbers. I’d also like to thank John Comfort, Jonathan Benson, Roger Murray-Leech, Hazel Pessig, Glenn Palmer-Smith, Cynthia Kayla, Mariah Aitkin, Johnathan Aitkin, Lord Beaverbrook, Eleanor Roosevelt, Jack Cousteau, and his wife Mimi, Soren Kierkegaard, Gisela Werbezerk-Piffle, Sonny Liston and Hayden Jones, and her husband Pip, Gregor Mendel - the founder of the science of genetics, my tailor, Harriet Beacher-Stowe - author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, The London Symphony Orchestra Brass Section, The Leighton Orient Strikers, Mother, Bismarck, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Birds, Sir Basil Smallpiece [long pause] St Francis of Assisi, Diana Ross and The Supremes, Earl Haig, Wily E. Coyote, Mother Teresa, Herb Alpert, and his Tijuana grass, Herman Goering, Dame Agatha Christie, the planet Saturn and, of course, all of its rings, Joan Collins, The Publicity Department of Turkish Airways, the unknown soldier, Tammy Whinette, and last, but of course not least, God. (not 100% on all the spellings, but mostly right)

InformationIsTheEdge : I think John Cleese, Michael Palin, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam, Gram Chapman and Terry Jones are an absolutely genius ensemble. That so many talented men were able to work together as often as they did for as long as they did is simply astounding. Usually that much raw talent all in one place, such as with bands, self destructs and they fade away. Love their work.

Englaland : "Søren Kierkegaard"

Saxo Ungrammaticus : I still think the funniest part is when he mispronounces Palin on purpose, he does that to annoy Michael.

Philip Balfour : The Royal Society for the Prevention of Birds, still gets me.

Dick Trickle : he thanked only me please do not take credit for me -dt

Northern Vigilant : Another comedy legend David Jason at 1:40

Jan Michael Jamisola : Ann Hayden-Jones and her husband Pip!

flex capacitor : Loved this. I'm looking for a video of the other time he did this (read acceptance speech from a small card). I think it was slightly more recent.

Rob Just : This is hilarious! I can't believe it only has 20 comments. It's the funniest thing I watched tonight.

When The Music's Over : Not sure how or why Hermann Goering got in there. :P

me definitely me : Hermann Göring. ....someone said it at last

Doug Tarnopol : There's just something funny about long lists; I believe Swift did it, too -- and probably before him as well.

Stan Dando : And so gracious in his acceptance...seems to have been a thing those generations did, speak well of eachother in a very direct way. Absolutely love him, my idol

Jeff MusicMan : lmao 😅😅😅

John Kenneth Wiseman : thanking god, and he is an athiest. priceless

Marco Longo : I thought he said Sauron and all of his rings

Captain Penamoa : Herman Goring :')

zxxXMETALLICAXxxz : haha herman goering? xD wtf


525Lines : You mean LIKE VIETNAM! That was a police action!

Dave B : comedy genius...

danillo Gonçalves : herb alpert

Mike Krammer : who is 2:16? beautiful lady!

RobertTC009 : Kierkegard... and Diana Ross and the Supremes. Cleese is awesome.

Tommy Two-shoes : He's right about Kevin deserving that award.

smig smög : the unknown soldier? finland mentioned, torilla tavataan!

Dane Youssef : He did a pretty good job. But pretty much everyone else outshines him--which I guess was the point. He was the straight-man. I thought his BAFTA for "FAWLTY TOWERS" was much more richly deserved.

Peet : He thanked God, now that's typical for him since he despises anything in relation to [a] God.

theawecabinet : Gruyère.... emmental ..... brie ......edam ......Cheshire Leicester ....... Venezuelan beaver cheese....

nils4545 : I came here for an argument.

Squirrel Gaming : Dreadful film.

Docktor Jim : From the tiniest of pieces of paper.

DragoN 3 FTW : "Live by satelite". Lol it used to be something to make you "wow" back in those days, just like vhs recorder, i suposse. :) And further in history they would say "live in color" and even further they would say "live on tv" and even further "live on radio" and even further "live by the smoke signals" and even further "live by the pigeon post".

Frank Esposito : He is not Funny....

Discrimination is not a right. : He must've wanted to make sure he'd never have to go through THAT again.

iveco555 : this arrived from inside jokes, that group were making on order to cheer each other up. They would make fake names. He used this in this bit ...

Readme .txt : Prizes for such a silly and badly pictured movies? LOL

TetrisClock : He thanked Herman Göring but not Joseph Goebbels? The absolute madman.

teppolundgren : I don't know why John insists on saying "Michael Pal-in". It's PAY-LIN.

@ffec+ : Of course this Satanist is thanking Saturn "and her rings"

Arthur Belling : Hello, I would like to buy a fish license, please

DrFelixPhD : "The Royal Society for the Prevention of the Birds"

Ed Sharp : Herman Göering 😂

Richard Bester : The London Symphony orchestra, and Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass. That is classic Cleese.

danillo Gonçalves : Herb Alpert and tijuana brass

Mr2at : 27 people watched this and disliked so much they gave it a thumbs down.