EuroTrip - Scotty Doesn't Know

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EuroTrip is a 2004 American-European teen comedy adventure film written by Alec Berg, David Mandel, and Jeff Schaffer, and directed by Schaffer. The film stars Scott Mechlowicz, Jacob Pitts, Michelle Trachtenberg, Travis Wester, and Jessica Boehrs. The film follows an American teenager, Scott "Scotty" Thomas (portrayed by Mechlowicz), who travels across Europe in search of his German pen pal, Mieke (portrayed by Boehrs). Scott's quest takes him to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Bratislava, Berlin, and Rome, encountering awkward and embarrassing situations along the way. The film received a 2004 Teen Choice Award nomination for Choice Movie Your Parents Didn't Want You to See. Source: Wikipedia


emizzu : Wtf we are in 2018 and now i realise that is matt f. Damon 😵

ROCCOTHEGREAT : they don't make movies like this anymore lol

ShadowStorm : XQC anyone?

Mr. Data : 2:42 .25% speed. You're welcome

***** MacDonald : Still one of the best Cameos ever.

onee : Scotty is secretly Jimmy (Kimmel) that is why he hates Matt Damon.

PaulKellyMusic : Matt Damon's highlight of his acting career

mason maddox : I bet it was hard for the actor playing scotty to not bob his head or jam out to the song while filming

Karina Escalante : This shaved and singing matt damon looks just like rene from calle 13 lmao

Karlin Fergy : I really want to know where he park his car

Sogotenn : soooo Scotty must be a descendant of John Snow?! :D

Nick Hoelzle : Pusha T ? Drake? Nah this is the biggest diss track of all time.

Manu Das : They should have left him on MARS.....

Manu Das : Im sure candy was braless in my DVD... Sad

Jim Tim : I was only 13 in 2004. I miss my awesome childhood life in late 90's and teen life in 2000's especially 2004. Awesome time to be a teenager because of lack of social media but some technology use, lot of hanging out at mall, cool mainstream songs, ridiculous teen movies like these etc. Really miss 2004. Time flies!

Polpiv4tifish : "I did it on his birthday" HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!


Erik Ghast : "I did her on his birthday................." XD LOL

C : Best cameo ever.


S B : This song always bugged the hell outta me (my name is Scott & i had a gf in high school that cheated on me often. No, I'm not joking) But now 14 years later this song is fuckin priceless! 🖤 Matt Damon

Rikku !! : An Oscar worthy performance by Damon .

Stevie : Best part of the whole movie

CorvusOfMellori : I think Scotty knows now!!

Richard Chaney : It's alright. Scotty got his. And his was way better. 🙄🙄🙄

Ohio State Wrestling mat : Joke was on him because Scotty ended up arranging to get him stranded on Mars

Leila Rivera : Omg i love this movie this song was epic Lmfco

yoga asix : Matt Damon master of cameo

alessandro palazzi : Jason Bourne stealing superman girlfriend \*/

Daniel García : i love how she joins the chorus to add some devasting slap in his face haha

IM7mdz : came for xqc :)

tommo123456789000000 : poor scottie. neither kirk, spock or mckoy told him

... Funky Crumpet ... : Go home, you're drunk matt damon.

walnut_tv : featured in top 10 videos of the day on

clozepin : Scotty has 57 accounts used to give this thumbs done. There's no other explanation for not liking this.

Kroniker Kro : Story of my life

ashton cap : The most douchey version of matt

death recon : PepeLaugh HE DOESNT KNOW

adam cohen : That’s the one thing about Ryan Reynolds. He’s everywhere.

Bipolarbear 4873 : This song was in my head for ages😂

Gangga Hayu : I don't know, Jason bourne and Lana Lang have a concert before

Quit3Cut3 : Fiona isn’t pretty enough to be a hoe though 🤣

Pervy Sage : Legend says Scotty still doesn't know

siegfried 2686 : Pinche residente calle 13 siempre haciendo sus mamadas esta reloco este cabron

Orlando Burgess : So, wait, did Scotty ever find out?

RedPillMale : Hey look, it's MEEEEEEEEAAATT DAAAMON!

Life-Row-Toll : This film was so AWESOME

deni sherlock : Ladies and Gentleman... *Scotty Don't!!!*

MGTOW INDIA : MGTOW doesn't care.