T I M E S // S Q U A R E (Lumix G7 Cinematic Edit)

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Lubii Lubna : One of my favourite edits you've done yet 🙌🏽💯

Nattapon Osathanunkul : good job

jamieroundtheworld : Some really nice night time shots! Keep it up :)

Saurabh Hazarika : wow

DevFlicks : clean asf g7 squad

Ombrima : Whaou beautiful video :)

John El Gayo : Great video

sixfootten : Looks so much better than mine. How long did it take to edit this? I've seen the Zhiyun Crane being used more often - can you recommend it?

Abigail Gonzalez Piña. BIGUI : nice video!

TC FILMS. : Nice!

Caterina Lettieri : Wow! This video making me wanting to go to the USA! 😍 Love the shots of it. Keep it up 💜

Brian Robben : Dope b roll ✌🏼


Tunes. Zone. : Them edits tho♥️💯💯

tripartstudio : I wanna be there! Fantastic edit😀

Ante de la Creme : Simple shoots, nice edit. I felt like I was on the street. Nice!

Saurabh Hazarika : awesome color toning and transitions

Insan MV : Nice video brother

JEO PHOTONMEDIA : Dude, appreciate the love you left on my video. You are a beast tho! Subbed for sure!

The Wandering Lyons : Awesome edit! Subscribed!!!

Altea Spjut : Wow this is soooo cool! Amazing job!! definitely Gonna sub, really wanna see more of these! :D

Manelle Briones : Nice editing and transitions!

AML Films : Dope work my fellow G7 shooter..I sub..

ThorsRealm : I’m really diggin the videos!!!!!

C87 Films : Came out dope! 🔥

HayHayItsHaylee : Very cool video!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

IAmDanielQ : Super dopppppeeeee edit bro. Gave me some inspiration!

From Elio's Lens : Love this! The transiton at 0:39 looks really cool! Dope slowmo shots! Keep up the good work! By the way I also make films, if you’ve got time, I’d love to hear what you think about them! Cheers!

Mohit Whabi : Nice video!

Quincy Berry : dope

TPAC FILMS : This is awesome! New sub

Diana Nicole : Beautiful video

Solino : Wow! This is awesome! The cuts, the movements, the different time lapses - you are an artist! Which software did you use for the editing?

Mitchel Quix : Nice edit!

Mikita : damn this is so good!

WeiS PRoDuCTioNS : Hey, MixedHype, cool editing...that´s good for just 20 minutes you had. in NY! I also have a channel where I edit some travel vids and other kind of videos of things that surround my life. It´d be really cool if we subscribed each other to get maybe some ideas on edition, videos, or even some constructive criticism. I just subscribed to your channel (subscriber number 72) If you are up to it, here I am. Keep up the editing!

Anfy & Chey : Sub back Bro! Got our support

Charlie Grace : This is just f*cking insane. Puts my attempts at travel vlogs to shame for sure. Blows my mind at how few subscribers you have, I'll certainly be back to see more!

GraciouslyGrace_ : so watchable, thumbs up. new sub here, let's help each other grow ;)

Nowshin Sarker : Love this video! I am new to youtube and just found your channel. I've subscribed, and can't wait to support your channel as it grows! Would love for you to check out my channel as well :)