T I M E S // S Q U A R E (Lumix G7 Cinematic Edit)

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Lubii Lubna : One of my favourite edits you've done yet 🙌🏽💯

DevFlicks : clean asf g7 squad

John El Gayo : Great video

From Elio's Lens : Love this! The transiton at 0:39 looks really cool! Dope slowmo shots! Keep up the good work! By the way I also make films, if you’ve got time, I’d love to hear what you think about them! Cheers!

Ombrima : Whaou beautiful video :)

jamieroundtheworld : Some really nice night time shots! Keep it up :)

Nat O : good job

Saurabh Hazarika : wow

Brian Robben : Dope b roll ✌🏼

Abigail Gonzalez BIGUI : nice video!

ThorsRealm : I’m really diggin the videos!!!!!

C87 Films : Came out dope! 🔥

Mohit Whabi : Nice video!

Diana : Beautiful video

IAmDanielQ : Super dopppppeeeee edit bro. Gave me some inspiration!

Solino : Wow! This is awesome! The cuts, the movements, the different time lapses - you are an artist! Which software did you use for the editing?

Lianna Grace : Love it!

TPAC FILMS : This is awesome! New sub

Mitchel Quix : Nice edit!


Quincy Berry : dope

Chris & Faye : Excellent edit! What LUTs did you use here?

M.VideoS : Did you film constantly at aperature 1.7 ? Because video looks really sharp in I really like it ! Cheers mate 🙌🙂

Cortland Gillespie : How did you get this to look so cinematic?

Davi Reis : Doope! Do you have instagram so we can chat some ideas?

Mathis Fournier : Dope mate ! Now i am oon lumix g7 too

Bacon & Cheddar : awesome editing!

Mikita : damn this is so good!

CZWK : really nice movie! good job!

Ante de la Creme : Simple shoots, nice edit. I felt like I was on the street. Nice!

tripartstudio : I wanna be there! Fantastic edit😀

Tunes. Zone. : Them edits tho♥️💯💯

Caterina Lettieri : Wow! This video making me wanting to go to the USA! 😍 Love the shots of it. Keep it up 💜

Manelle Briones : Nice editing and transitions!

Altea Spjut : Wow this is soooo cool! Amazing job!! definitely Gonna sub, really wanna see more of these! :D

Saurabh Hazarika : awesome color toning and transitions

Insan MV : Nice video brother

AML Films : Dope work my fellow G7 shooter..I sub..

JEO PHOTONMEDIA : Dude, appreciate the love you left on my video. You are a beast tho! Subbed for sure!

The Wandering Lyons : Awesome edit! Subscribed!!!