Craig Ferguson Speaks From The Heart

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Ron Harper : Humor through pain. I love to listen to Craig. Not everything has to be funny. He's being serious here & it's a great message. I know, I've lived a very similar life for many years, it's not easy, I've failed several times. People putting down or trying to embarrass/making fun of an alcoholic or a slip up he/she has made while intoxocated makes it a whole lot harder as well. Sadly many commit suicide because of these situations. So please think before you act/speak. Nobody is perfect & there's no shame in asking for help.

John Smith : This man won a PEABODY award as the host of a late night talk show. Name another one who can make that claim. And it wasn’t for this episode. He should have won a second Peabody for this monologue alone. I wonder if it’s too late...

Drop Forged Rats : If you find yourself going to that place near the front of the phone book, try to bare in mind that while the principles are sound, the people there are people who need to be there for a reason...and it's not because they are well, or, trustworthy, or honest, or enlightened. It's because they have a thinking problem as well. The phrase, Principals Before Personalities, will be used from time to time...FOR A REASON. Anonymity, protect it. Just Sayin'

mark hibble : There is not many celebrities that can show true emotions and be funny. Craig is the best at it

Tory Johnson : "We should make fun of the politicians and trumps and the blowhards" WOW

Daniel Varney : I don’t know if he coined it, but the line “I don’t have a drinking problem, I have a THINKING problem” is so perfectly stated. And telling.

John Murphy : This guy kept me sober in my first year. Bless him.

CBR 900RR life starts at 150 mph : I hear what you are saying

Uzi Hadad : The great heart that this fellow have. The real king of Scots.

Joseph Caravella Jr. : pure class

Daniel Downing : GOD Bless ya Craig. You're a Good Man just like your Dad. The world is a better place because you're here.

emile : part of me want to upvote this for Craig being honest. Part of me wants to downvote this because he has to rely on comedy for this shit audience to accept what is perfectly human.

Vikas Bhatnagar : is it weird to ask, but it seems Tommy saved this good man's life/

John McGrath : A fair amount of comedy and honesty -- I love this about Craig Ferguson. (Also 1000th comment so yay)

Will Jones : This kick started my sobriety nearly three years ago. It's so important to hear for those, like me, who we're embarrassed about my problem and needed that comedic nudge to go get help.

James LaHousse : of the 29th of this month....7 years 5 months "C & S!!!"

Brian Harrington : One of the most amazing moments in television...thats not an overstatement or dramatic

John Roth : Brings me to tears every time I watch it.

Pro Line Paint : Craig Ferguson is far beyond Fallon, kimmel, Colbert etc. he’s under rated because he isint a puppet. Just my opinion

Liam Sweeney : God bless this man. I always come to this video when things are getting a little bit out there.

Alex : At 2:40 he talks about how he should be going after "the politicians, the Trumps, the blowhards." Ahead of his time.

CHiMEiD050 : I dislike how the audience laughs at the most inappropriate moments, anyone who actually listens to what he says wouldn't laugh.

EpicFacePalmz0r : I've been dealing with similar problems with alchohol my whole life. It really is a struggle. I've done countless terrible things that I cant even remember while blanked. and yet I always revert back. I'm just another person similar to Craig that just can't drink. Its just toxic for me and yet I still crave it. I guess I'll be struggling with this for my entire life. Always just one drink away.

Vincent SONG : Definitely the most inspirational speech, but can you translate this part :

Chee Chalker : One of the best

Jeremy Young : This saved my life

Wyatt H : Great man Craig Ferguson. Edit here.... Not really funny how he is speaking on serious issues and from the heart and the crowd laughs at these. Shows how many people have no idea about what they "think" they know.

Timothy Moore : And he is off the air. This is the best thing that I had heard. We need more of this. We laugh at people who needs help. It is not funny. A comedian with a heart. Funny and real.

Carbon : A fully realized man.

michael fisher : Its funny how he mentioned trump in 2007

barnyardian22 : This aired exactly a decade ago today and it's more important now than ever.

AAAEA : What an awful audience

n00bspanker : As an alcoholic, the people laughing at my real, personal, relatable struggles, hurts. It really hurts.

Poebusss : I'm fighting my weed addiction

benji07 : I'm an alcoholic. I'm 33. A decent person. And I've finally realized this. Tonight is the last night I'll drink. I love this video.

emile : I listen to this at least twice a week, hoping I'll do something different. Maybe I need a life or death thing to happen before I fix my life. Thanks for this Craig.

DaleRobby rear : Sorry if this sounds ignorant, but at the end he was referring to Alcoholics Anonymous correct?

Seeing Dragons : not scientific but I'm guessing this video has helped more souls on Youtube than any other ... nice job Craig

La Gazy : I am 24 and from the same area as him in Scotland (Cumbernauld), and I am currently struggling with the battle against alcoholism, whenever I crave a drink, I watch this, it doesn't always work, but one day I will conquer it

dyla zimm : love how he respects the traditions

Crow’s Eye : Always hated this guy, as a Brit I always felt he kind of betrayed us by going to America and immersing himself so deeply in American humour/culture. But I watched a few episodes of his show, and he grew on me a bit, then I saw this and it this kinda confirmed for me that he is a genuinely cool geezer, with real life experience, so yeah shout out Craig! (I’m an Englishman so you know I’m being genuine when I say a jock is a real geezer lol)

Callahan Fitzgerald : Thank you Craig for sharing your story. This monologue changed my life. I can't thank you enough.

Sally MJ : Very courageous.

Crummock iPhail : Damn, this was a pretty serious monologue and it seems like it had zero effect on the audience whatsoever. They were so tuned into it being a comedy show, that they weren't ready for this at all. It just went right over their heads, in one ear and out the other.

NATHANIEL MANELLA : Frankie Boyle would have punctuated the jokes about feeling bad with a joke about a dead baby

Donny Hathaway : I miss him so much

mattzablocki : He talks about recovery, without mentioning it directly, he is talking about AA (it's very near the front of the phone book, lmao). When he talks about getting drunk and committing suicide it reminds me of Bills Story in the AA Big Book. Bills talking about the stock market crash in the 1920s. He talks about people jumping out of towers to their deaths because they lost everything. He says about those people "that disgusted me. I would not jump. I went to the bar instead." The alcohol/drugs and self medicating is what prevent a lot of us addicts from suicide. So powerful. Love this.

no thanks : He was saying that we should be attacking the politicians and the trumps way back in 2007. Is Craig Ferguson god??

Waffle Robot : Craig says "Anna Nicole smith died" and the audience busts into laughter. what the hell

WaitedLongEnough : He's a good man.