Craig Ferguson Speaks From The Heart

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2300Kenzie : "comedy should have a certain amount of joy in it"  Artfully stated.

bah humbug : To Tommy the bartender, thank you for that glass of sherry

Storageheater : "Anna Nicole Smith died" audience laughs "Britney Spears is seriously ill" audience howls with laughter "she clearly needs help" audience giggles boy they aren't on the same page are they

Tommy Petersen : Why is not more made of this man's stint on late night. There has never been a host that had done what he has. He had the ability to make us laugh, cry, feel, and especially think! He is not just one of these " rehab of the month" celebs. He has been sober over 20 years and is almost what we refer to as an oldtimer in the program ( sorry Craig!) He quietly dominated late night with something rarely seen on television.... Dignity. This monologue is really just an AA talk,it changed my life, I recommitted to my recovery and have been sober ever since. God bless you Craig.

Daniel Varney : I don’t know if he coined it, but the line “I don’t have a drinking problem, I have a THINKING problem” is so perfectly stated. And telling.

David Quintana : I been sober for over a year now and before that I had a 8 months and a year sober. I owe it all to this monologue. It has been almost ten years since I hear this on TV piss drunk and realize I was an alcoholic. It has taken almost ten years for me to say that I'm managing the situation and I'm confident I can stay sober. I have a long way to go but I'm doing much better already. Thanks Craig.

Alex L. : I don't get how this guy can be hilarious but yet speak such inspiring words at the same time. It's incredible. It really is.

Ray Rogers : This was kind of a turning point for the show. Craig was going down the usual late night track up till this. After, the show became sillier, more honest and more like Craig's personal sense of humor. I think he was much better for doing this monologue.

Dondi Leigh : This video saved my life.

Tyler Dokis : "We need to talk about the politicians, and the Trumps..." Or, sadly now, about the Trump politicians.

Roger Eltvik : RESPECT. My date is January 12 1992.

MisterBoneman : here's an oddity to consider. Argue with it if you wish, or write it off as unbelievable... All good comedy is born of pain.

Ghostlore : This. This is why Craig Ferguson will be remembered as perhaps the greatest talk show host ever.

Kyle Johansen : The greatest opening monologue in late night history, and it's not even close.

godihopethisnottaken : It's depressing how the crowd continually does not realize that this isn't a set up.

Anita Foster : Oh my G-d...WHY ARE YOU ALL LAUGHING?? He's pouring his heart out here...he's bearing his soul and you're LAUGHING....SHAME ON ALL OF YOU.

Parmetheus Rai : This kind of thing is why I've always respected Craig

La Gazy : I am 24 and from the same area as him in Scotland (Cumbernauld), and I am currently struggling with the battle against alcoholism, whenever I crave a drink, I watch this, it doesn't always work, but one day I will conquer it

Joe Bryant : "This is my story because I was there when it happened... Well I was present." LOL Craig will always be #1 in my book.

BethGoth15 : Well this deserves a slow clap that gradually builds to thunderous applause.

Marsha Rupe : I really miss Craig's talk show. I used to stay up late just to see the monologue.

Nahuel Martínez : Whenever people like him or just anybody say that they've been sober for certain amount of days, months, years, specially him, 15 years in this video and I suppose and hope he's kept it on till this day, I just feel like a sense of admiration for them and also I'm just proud. I mean, I don't even know him or everyone commenting here about their stories that are similar to his, but it's like, damn, you've made it this far, I'm so proud of you

Joey Levenson : Oh, his accent is in full force here,,,,

Alex : At 2:40 he talks about how he should be going after "the politicians, the Trumps, the blowhards." Ahead of his time.

Bas Kaandorp : Me myself have been to AA, it was a eye opener for me. Me being 19 i was a `young`gun at the meeting. Seeing 45+ year old people strugle with it made my mind think. I didn't want to end up that way. I changed my ways big time. I do still drink, but from 4/5 cases a week i've gone to 1 case every 10 days. Now that doesnt sound much, but believe me it does. It is the diff from passing out 3 times a wek because of booze to having a few drinks on my downtime from work. Where i would normally call in sick because of a hangover.....

Wreek Havok : If someone is a friend of Craig Ferguson, They are one of the luckiest people on the planet in my opinion. He just seems so sincere all the time weather hes on his show or talking to a reporter on the streets. I believe this man is the real deal and we could all use a friend like Craig, he'd never throw you under the bus. Gonna miss him every night at 12:35

James Travers : Always admired this man.  Even more so now that I saw this.

Birddog108 : I drank and used drugs since I was 12 years old. I'm 44 now and I finally got sober. I was so maladjusted to life and as an alcoholic I didn't realize how insane I was. The obsession to drink and use was so overwhelming I finally ended up in jail and humiliated. My God gave me so many blessings throughout the years I didn't realize. Today my life is back, my wife and children are back and I am recovered from alcoholism but not cured. God, the Big Book, the 12 steps and the fellowship is how I do it every day. I pick up my year chip today and I realize that chip isn't for me... it's for the next suffering alcoholic that crawled into the door that they can see it is possible. 🙏✌️️☺️.

J. Scott G. : Mad respect for CF for saying this. People need to practice empathy more often because the fact of the matter is, none of us are perfect.

TheSPIKEY419 : In one universe Craig killed himself. I'm glad I live in the universe where he didn't.

mmmodafoca : This was one of those monologues that deserves wayy more attention than it's getting. 

Lisa Watson : he sound REALLY scottish in this wow, his accent is a lot less prominent now.

handsomehippo : God bless the man that gave Craig him the glass of Sherry. The world is a better place with Craigy Ferg.

Keron M : Wish I could double like and triple favorite this.

Rich Morris : WOW.....glad he dismissed the thoughts of suicide. Would have been a shame not to have had the ten years of his humor and wit.

stipV : WTF with this audience? Seriously! It's like the audience that kept laughing when Kramer was on that show after his racist rant. Sadly not many shows have taken after Craig's example and still continue to give Britney shit to this day for a mental breakdown, see Jimmy Kimmel's 'birthday' skit aimed at her last yr. Apparently it's ok to make fun of mental illness if it's aimed at Britney. Considering she's still under conservatorship to this day it's quite apparent it wasn't just recreational drug use/alcohol as she would have been recovered by now, more likely some kind of mental illness like bipolar or something. I'm not saying she didn't use recreational drugs and perhaps they exacerbated her conditions but there's definitely other stuff going on, you'd have to be blind not to see. It really gets me because mental illness is hard enough to struggle with, let alone the world watching and basically laughing at you. : I love you for your heart....its funny , shes selling out vegas now, and the funny thing is......I bet she heard this.

Abigail Blucker : This is so so true. And he said it so well. It's easy to forget that celebrities are people too. What they're going through is as serious as if one of your loved ones were going through it. It's not funny- its sad.

Hypnodelica : A great speech - you can tell from their uncomfortable laughter (before the penny drops and it dries up) that late night television audiences are rarely subjected to anything as cloying as heartfelt honesty...

Christopher Lamke : I really like this man. It's a shame he's no longer on late night TV. That says a lot about our TV preferences.

James LaHousse : of the 29th of this month....7 years 5 months "C & S!!!"

navylaks2 : This is why he was the greatest there ever was

Conor Dyer : listen to this dumb crowd laugh

David Daniel : Was the audience listening to what he was saying or just hearing the jokes?  Did they get it?  Did they learn anything?  As a 12 Stepper, CF knows you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.  I think that audience walked away thirsty.  We need to  start treating EVERYONE with respect and, when they are in need of it, mercy.

Martin Hatchuel : Epic rant: every word makes total sense. 

DarthCipient : What a classy guy.

emoufyourlife : Wow that was great. He did a really great job of describing a lot of the feelings behind this disease. And also capturing that we have a thinking problem. I suffer from alcoholism, but alcohol wasn't my problem. The problem was me. I used alcohol as a solution and it eventually stopped working which is where I had to turn to get help. I'm glad I heard about this video. I wasn't aware that he was in the program, but he is a class act for sure. If anyone thinks they have a problem, please don't hesitate to go find out and start fixing it. This thing is self diagnosed and no one can make you stop besides yourself. You have to want help!

Anastasia Osho : I am glad I watched this. I wasn't sure why I watched the whole thing but I learned something profound today. Being truthful about your situation is therapeutic and the start of your healing process. I am not addicted to drugs or alcohol but I have my own struggles. I pray any one watching this gets inspired to face their demons and overcome them.

Daniel Downing : GOD Bless ya Craig. You're a Good Man just like your Dad. The world is a better place because you're here.

imaredhel : What an amazing, insightful monologue. Perhaps the best I've ever heard. I'm not particularly a Craig Ferguson fan but I now have a great deal of respect for him.