Quick-witted Craig Ferguson + More

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The Jayleno Fly : 1. Enigmatic basically means Mysterious 2. The names are there so people don't ask everyday. 3. The recent waves of SJW warrant the following disclaimer: The videos above are completely taken out of context because of the nature of the compilation, these puns/jokes/comments are not nearly as blatant as they may seem to the super sensitive individual. With all that out the of way, hope you enjoy!

Mike Wazowski : Craig Ferguson is the best late night host ever

lovelywaz : Do *YOU* blow the mouth organ? How do you think I got this job?

Benny Hill : Evangeline is such a babe.

George Christou : The guys too quick. Built a show from nothing but his personality. No gimics or worked out routines

Lemmy K. Is God : Confirmed: No one could outwit The Ferg.

Scofield12345 : "Everybody in Hollywood knows your head is fantastic" lmfao

Neal Bailey : That delivery from Carrie Fisher absolutely slayed me. Wow she was cool.

Jim Dandy : Craig Ferguson is fantastic. But he cannot be allowed on TV today because he's human - not PC.

John Ny : You're really keeping his legacy alive. One day he'll invite you to his mansion. Make a vlog of it, please.

Aragorn Elessar : "What's in that?" "Confidence". Fastest. Line. Ever.

SkippingLegs : Good old days when you can have a laugh over naughty jokes, now it's called sexual harrassment.

Andras Braten : 8:21 Craig: "Let's go for a comercial brake?" Keanu: "Yeah, sure", while promply snatching his promised pomegranate

vincent fave : This guy is better than the hacks that make fun of Trump during late night.

Sean R : Evangeline's legs are RIDICULOUS

Corsair Carl : When he retired, Late Night just freaking died with it, without the wittiness of Craig all we have left is borderline stupid politics. Whatever happened to comedy being funny?

LacklusterOfficial : That Jeff Goldblum vs Craig Ferguson thing was tight!

acgm046 : Craig's so damn quick-witted smooth and confident... His interactions and conversations with guests were second to none in his show, and he could handle really direct flirting almost effortlessly. Love these compilations, JayLenoFly!

glancedUp : Evangeline Lily is soo thiccc

Samuel Nazer : Evangeline Lilly's legs are a thing of a fantasy. Goood!

Jonathan Dickson : don't make fun of me, but.... I watch hours of craig ferguson to get my "game" up... never had a father in my life to teach me these things... lmfao

Ceremony : Craig.....come back to Late Night!!!! We need you in these dark ages lol

Frankincensed : I've never seen keanu reeves on any talk show. Didn't know he was on Craig's show, but that makes sense because Craig is great with people and Kenau being so private.

Dan Elsbernd : How are you still putting together compilations of Craig Ferguson clips? Very impressive after four years.

TheMasheenist : You are a gentleman and a scholar for continuing to produce these videos, thank you sir. I tip my hat to you, 🎩.

A Guy : Man I miss this. Those days people were thick skinned, didn't obsess over the words; They looked at the intent behind them, being able to differentiate between what to take as jokes and what to take seriously. A little bit of playful banter is necessary, entertaining for everyone. Again, I miss it.

RX : He must do some improvisation exercise to be that quick in the answers. It is a very good skill to keep the talking interesting with the ladies by the way. Thx 4 sharing. ✌

Blackburn : Did he say I haven't been to Japan by osmosis? LMAO

moxbroker : RIP Carrie.

ArtbMusic : Thanks for making all these videos/compilations !!! I was wondering if one day you could make a compilation of all Craig's signature "and then there's..." jokes (like Margaret Thatcher/Eiffel Tower in the paris show). Don't know if I'm clear enough but i'll assume any craig's fan will know what I mean ! Anyway thanks again for the great work !!!

Scott J : James Cordon is okay, and I like me some Colbert, but there is no love like my love for Craigy Ferg. He's just so natural, so relaxed, and personable. <3

Moise Picard : The woman in the beginning is so fine and so sexy😍😍😍😍

Ekalavya : 5:24 he laughs at his own joke first before even saying it

Captain MonStar : 4:27 He definitely quick witted that one because she was about to sue his ass 🤣

Soulife : I never really paid Alice Eve much notice until I saw her on this show.. She was noticeably attractive in "She's Out of My League", but she was supposed to be. On this show, she was noticeable attractive naturally.. Her personality seems amazing, she was fun to watch

ungratefulmetalpansy : Evangeline Lilly has amazing legs.

Ben B. : Amanda Peet's "that's a really good one" made me smile so much.

Nkosinati : Love Carrie Fisher!!!! Story at 2:42 is the most hilarious in this clip--- and i'm not sure she was trying to be funny 😂

d law : Omg I laugh so hard at these. The funniest show in tv history...

Uroš Pešić : Everybody says you give a best head in Hollywood 👍😂😂

whatudoin1 : always been hilarious ...im very happy to have never heard any horror stories about him

Rick Ruffin : Maria Bello has a great voice

Screw The Net : Still gold. Never be a show as great as this again as long as time exists.

vazquezb2011 : Walk into a room full of beautiful women being charmed by Craig and Jeff Goldblum, you know you died and went to Hell. Abandon all hope.

Edward Hampshire : So sad this show is no more. Thank god for yt, and channels like these! Keep it up x

Adin Dobar : The Carla Gugino bit always gets me

Almog Dov : Ok, so I've been watching this channel for quite some time now (found it by accident) and I gotta say you are doing an amazing work. Keep it up man, this is a treasure trove of hilarity and charm. I feel like I'm on a quest now to watch all of the interviews, so your work is highly appreciated!

Dillon : 3:26 Daamn girl

Rahul : Nice work man👍

Mohamed Aamir : Craig is an A+ 😂