Quick-witted Craig Ferguson + More

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The Jayleno Fly : 1. Enigmatic basically means Mysterious 2. The names are there so people don't ask everyday. 3. The recent waves of SJW warrant the following disclaimer: The videos above are completely taken out of context because of the nature of the compilation, these puns/jokes/comments are not nearly as blatant as they may seem to the super sensitive individual. With all that out the of way, hope you enjoy!

The Fatman : TRUE LEGEND

LEMMY K. IS GOD : Confirmed: No one could outwit The Ferg.

Rahul : Nice work man👍

acgm046 : Craig's so damn quick-witted smooth and confident... His interactions and conversations with guests were second to none in his show, and he could handle really direct flirting almost effortlessly. Love these compilations, JayLenoFly!

Neal Bailey : That delivery from Carrie Fisher absolutely slayed me. Wow she was cool.

John Ny : You're really keeping his legacy alive. One day he'll invite you to his mansion. Make a vlog of it, please.

Mike Wazowski : Craig Ferguson is the best late night host ever

LacklusterOfficial : That Jeff Goldblum vs Craig Ferguson thing was tight!

superpowers 75 : Great job. Craig is the man.

TheMasheenist : You are a gentleman and a scholar for continuing to produce these videos, thank you sir. I tip my hat to you, 🎩.

George Christou : The guys too quick. Built a show from nothing but his personality. No gimics or worked out routines

Dan Elsbernd : How are you still putting together compilations of Craig Ferguson clips? Very impressive after four years.

lovelywaz : Do *YOU* blow the mouth organ? How do you think I got this job?

RenanFL : He must do some improvisation exercise to be that quick in the answers. It is a very good skill to keep the talking interesting with the ladies by the way. Thx 4 sharing. ✌

d law : Omg I laugh so hard at these. The funniest show in tv history...

whatudoin1 : always been hilarious ...im very happy to have never heard any horror stories about him

Jacob Noori : Another great comp! Thanks for your work!

Andras Braten : 8:21 Craig: "Let's go for a comercial brake?" Keanu: "Yeah, sure", while promply snatching his promised pomegranate

glancedUp : Evangeline Lily is soo thiccc

Mohamed Aamir : Craig is an A+ 😂

Mike Paglia : #thejaylenoflyarmycompystuff

Samuel Nazer : Evangeline Lilly's legs are a thing of a fantasy. Goood!

Blackburn : Did he say I haven't been to Japan by osmosis? LMAO

vortex755 : Craig.....come back to Late Night!!!! We need you in these dark ages lol

Containment Failure : This is amazing. Great selections.

bambo Growth : I looooooooove sooooo much this compilation 😍 ! I laughed sooooo hard .Thanks so much Jay leno fly !

Mikhail : Great vids man! Appreciate them a whole lot. Thank you! There's just no one else like Craig.

Mindbulletz : Shiny

Rick Ruffin : Maria Bello has a great voice

Edward Hampshire : So sad this show is no more. Thank god for yt, and channels like these! Keep it up x

Scofield12345 : "Everybody in Hollywood knows your head is fantastic" lmfao

eJacob Cornelius : Nice edit, fly!

Jomanro : I just realized how much Jennifer Lawrence looks exactly like a younger, blond Carla Gugino. Outstanding.

Poorshud Azimi : This was the best Craig compilation I'd ever seen! Thanks a million, you made my day!

haksrun khim : Just wanna say thanks man. Keep up the good work.

Alex DePew : Thanks for this! An amazing compilation. Craig was/is the King!

moxbroker : RIP Carrie.

Calvin Hobbes : The best show ever.

Pleujer : This must be one of the greatest videos i've seen. Thanx a million mate.

Werther ASMR : Thank you for this, absolutely brilliant

Adin Halilović : The Carla Gugino bit always gets me

Amazing Supergirl : LllllOoooooVvvvvvvEeeee Craig. Ty for putting this together!

Viddesh Gharpure : Mahn make more these. Please!

Paul Gomes : owwwww the confidence really got me

Uroš Pešić : Everybody says you give a best head in Hollywood 👍😂😂

Michael : he had a great show. careful Icarus

Jose Nogales : Awesome compilation, man. Kudos!

Almog Dov : Ok, so I've been watching this channel for quite some time now (found it by accident) and I gotta say you are doing an amazing work. Keep it up man, this is a treasure trove of hilarity and charm. I feel like I'm on a quest now to watch all of the interviews, so your work is highly appreciated!

Silvia Speilberg : i love this channel even if its small Craig is so smooth, can i make a request as a subscriber, i wouldn't mind if you were in the top right corner reacting to these clips? up to you tho, probably wierd now cos im asking you but i woul'dnt mind is what im saying, - basically i keep watching thse videos and they get old after so many times i keep watching so - yeah whatever.