Dime Glory Challenge 2018 Video
The most insane and over the top skateboarding competition ever

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This is NOT a contest. This is a collision of volcanic skateboarding energy that fuels Mach speed Smith grinds, stratospheric wallrides and skyscraper tail drops. Go for the GLORY or get bent. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here: http://www.thrashermagazine.com http://www.facebook.com/thrashermagazine http://www.instagram.com/thrashermag http://www.twitter.com/thrashermag


Mo Diggady : Montreaaaaaaal this pyramid is impossible at this height!! Kader: Hold my juice box

Smiiles : dime should be in charge of all the Olympic events for skateboarding...

Tea Tree Oil : Announcer was on all sorts of drugs

Mr Anderson : When did Trasher become a cult?

James Fischer : Is this WWE meets skateboarding? lmao, this is hilarious.

Doro thea : Imagine the reaction of aliens looking down onto earth and seeing that lmao

MrMe 441 : When you snort gunpowder and decide to make a contest for skaters

Bryan Martinez : At the water cooler the next day.. “And then....there was a unicorn and a baby sacrifice. Srsly, man...you shoulda been there.”

ThePukingMoose : *Skater stands on board* - "OH MY GOD! WTF" -_-

The Dude : that dude said "wtf oh my god" like 200 times xD


B H-0 : ishod made that wallride look too easy

Joseph Lopez : When the people not skateboarding are the ones wearing helmets.

420protoman : that ending got weird lol wtf shit was that. a mock child sacrifice? i don't remember doing this like that growing up skateboarding lol

xNinJayx : There was a sign in the front that said "no homo"

Zachary Hoyer : (Bryan) crippled on the ground on fire HES OOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!

Laberge : I also like how skateboarding's now most popular event is a parody of everything it is.

Darkspace : It's like the WWE event of skateboarding.

James Hicks : Quite possibly the best 14 minutes I've ever spent.

ObsidianSkin : next on dime glory challenge: "this is the firing squad challenge!"

Dylan Gaffney : Kader drops in from the rafters damn near, but you all are hung up on not seeing a game of SKATE. Skateboarders will forever be impossible to please.

FriendlyFred : Like the Bohemian Grove for skating

PolaroidFreak 600 : 4:35 poor Tyshawn :/

Mattheww Rush : 4:35 my man got domed by that skateboard😂🤦🏻‍♂️

Carter on Youtube : Kader is a monster i am terrified of him

Imoh Ekasi-Otu : Zered is the OG Switch God. But why the Illuminati Sacrifice at the end..

Johnjo Riguera : I got the chills watching Kader drop in off the pyramid

Matthew Huk : How much coke did the announcer eat holy

Justin McDonald : After watching this you know The Olympics is gonna be wack.

TwoGunToast : the screaming announcer was a little much

Grizzly : Still think the first Dime and Glory outdoes this video. The original was much more genuine, whereas this feels a bit too overhyped. good video though

Aldo Raine : I love the insane meme-ish rave songs. The track from the rave scene in Blade? Fuck yeah. Also work hard play hard Simpsons reference hahahaha so good.

E Rico : I love the energy in this

Trey Turner : That drop was literally 5x Kader’s height, what did I just witness

Mick Natère : High five fail lmao 8:16 look at the women 😂 Sry 4 my bad english

Nick McCack : "Yeah yeaj but wheres the game of s.k.a.t.e?" The last thing i'd gaf about here is a god damn parking lot duel on wood.

Freddie B : 1:39 it’s amazing how far skateboarding has come

Joe Shit the Rag Man : Ha a smile on my face the whole video. My face is all numb now

bbrmusou : this is the burning man of skateboarding

Weird Howie : This is the wwe of skateboarding 😂

Wartortle : The drop event is number 1 the wallride event is number 2. They should go in the olympics.

connor ek : this is like Monday night RAW

Rotting Hole : The dime glory challenge is like PWG for skateboarding

svartiske : 6:24 Of course Evan Smith thinks "I wanna fly too!" and just goes for the floating manramp dude!

Joseph Doyle : This the WWE of skateboarding!

Nick Mo : Hosts needa simmer down

Jasper Smith : This is the definition of Thrasher, absolute madness!!

adam zucchini : Skating mixed with WWE and Legends of the Hidden Temple

jesus Felix : Ill🔥 beat every one on skate👺