Dime Glory Challenge 2018 Video

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Laberge : I also like how skateboarding's now most popular event is a parody of everything it is.

11HeathAdams : I love how Everything Zered touches is switch

Seb Wheatley : This is just gonna get gnarlier each year until someone dies lmao

Ippei Morita : I gotta go to this one day! There’s too much hype!

Mo Diggady : Montreaaaaaaal this pyramid is impossible at this height!! Kader: Hold my juice box

Smiiles : dime should be in charge of all the Olympic events for skateboarding...

Trey Turner : That drop was literally 5x Kader’s height, what did I just witness

bbrmusou : this is the burning man of skateboarding

adam zucchini : Skating mixed with WWE and Legends of the Hidden Temple

Toms Š : Dime Glory Challenge > any other contest/event Weckingball SOTY

Jacob Dunn : THIS IS MY PISS

Mr Anderson : When did Trasher become a cult?

Alex Teijeiro : This reminds me that skateboarding is the best thing i've ever know.

Menace : damn, Kader Sylla killed it!

D C Carter : Well that turned gay quickly.

B H-0 : ishod made that wallride look too easy

Laberge : "We work hard but we also play hard" Simpsons referencing to the absolute next level!

Hate At Chee : LMAO this is skateboarding's equivalent of WWE. Seriously though, those hype dudes are super annoying. I don't think I've ever heard "oh my god" so many times in the span of 10 minutes before.

ThePukingMoose : *Skater stands on board* - "OH MY GOD! WTF" -_-

25,000 Subs with No Videos Challenge : so damn cringy but epic skating 🤘🏽

markus4gtown : no gangster challange?

Fred Zeppelin : Honestly, Weck's entrance was the best thing of the whole contest.

Joel Shelley : Kader is small enough that his board didn't break

Brad g : Really dudes in underwear wtf thrasher

Corey Deal : Dime is single handedly saving skateboarding

Nigel Kucera : These tricks were sick...but everything else about this event makes me cringe at my core.

Bryan Martinez : At the water cooler the next day.. “And then....there was a unicorn and a baby sacrifice. Srsly, man...you shoulda been there.”

Alec Heff : Kader! What a madman!!!!!!!!

FriendlyFred : Like the Bohemian Grove for skating

AlbertTight : Where's the Gangster and Valdez challenges? I love how this mayhem gets more ridiculous each year, but sacrificing two of the most fun challenges is such a shame

Andy S : ... And for the "YouTube Viewers Challenge" watch this whole clip without muting it.

Shampain Poppy : weckingball is corny tho

psylam : Never clicked on anything this fast in my life..

chooseplace : where is wade vs ishod??!?!?111

420protoman : that ending got weird lol wtf shit was that. a mock child sacrifice? i don't remember doing this like that growing up skateboarding lol

a s : Why do they shout into the microphones? They're made to make your voice louder

Nick McCack : "Yeah yeaj but wheres the game of s.k.a.t.e?" The last thing i'd gaf about here is a god damn parking lot duel on wood.

Imoh Ekasi-Otu : Zered is the OG Switch God. But why the Illuminati Sacrifice at the end..

Joe Shit the Rag Man : Ha a smile on my face the whole video. My face is all numb now

Brian Collins : time to do away with annoying hype men

Pluhgins : I see a bunch of posers mixing in with the real skaters; get them out.


BF : Those guys on the mics are annoying af

Troylee getbuck : Y’all forgot to edit in the game of skate

monkiskwl : I'm sorry if i'm on the wrong side but i can't be the only one who just doesn't give a shittttt about wreckingball

Ethan Hibionada : MONTREAL... THAT WAS SWITCH!!!!!

Two Eye : Saw the stripper construction worker, and said "wow I hate this" then finished the video anyways.

Hx. Williams : I think that might be his piss guys, I'm not sure tho

MkLeftAScar : When pro skateboarding turns into pro wrestling. Looks fun though

Noah Tameling : This was crazy but why do they always have that stupid announcer, he kinda wrecks it