Vintage Food | Incredibly Adequate

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It's the first episode! Join us as we explore our masterful culinary skills creating vintage dishes (from real recipes). -- LINKS -- Twitter ▶ Facebook ▶ Instagram ▶

Comments from Youtube

Rojer Grison : Keep in mind the foods produced back then tasted different then those produced now . think Salt ,preservatives, etc I speak from experience being alive for many of these horrid dishes.

Kushury : 10/10 would watch again

Kyle Long : Pretty funny. Lots of potential! I'm excited to see the show develop.

rollcake : Give us more!

A Piece of Rhys : That is just disgusting. I'm sorry you went through with this.

Patricia Shaver : Omg - The tuna was reminiscent of Creamed salmon on toast! Nasty business! My dog got to eat many of my meals back in the day!