Church of the Cosmic Skull - Cold Sweat (Official Video)

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Back Waters and Back Roads : I love this band. Please guys (and gals) if you read this: keep the mystery of it all. Stay in character (the church stuff) it's working. Finally someone harnessed the peerless cool of ABBA and Pink Floyd without feeling hipster and overly ironic. You're riding the perfect wave of not taking it all too serious while making music that gives chills to the bone. Instant fan. Thank you.

Jake Jones : This song is good but I never talk about it anymore

Clinton Bush : The aesthetic looks so rad, chorus is fucking catchy and just fun. Guess I'm converting

David Eaton : Why is everyone commenting? You're not supposed to talk about it!!

Matthew Maccay : I feel like they want to sell us healing crystals

Jo Te : New drinking game: take a shot every time sister Joanne does that sexy blink and your heart skips a beat.

Orion Skye : The best thing is that this actually looks like a cult recruitment video

Sean Harris : I recently (April 2018) had 2 brain aneurysms.I had a 10 hour brain surgery. I survived. I spent a month in the hospital and discovered you fine folks with this song. It has truly helped me through my ongoing recovery. All of the songs make me smile. I've listened to everything on the net. When I fully recover and get back to work , the first thing I will do is order the CD's. Thank you for bringing me joy throughout my recovery thus far.

Chuck Norris : 20 first seconds : what is this shit i'm hearing !! 2 seconds after the listening : what was that amazing shit I just listened !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dalton Bedore : somebody listened to thin lizzy a lot

John Thompson : Finally a Church I can relate to!

steeltown : If Fleetwood Mac and ABBA formed a super group after escaping from the nut house.

Sin Sokolov : Youtube recommendations are usually bad, but this time thanks youtube; I'm in love with this band

Evan King : FarCry 5 Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

The Blind Leader : This has got to be my FAVORITE song to listen to while drunk (like now) XD i love it

Brandon Munyon : the guy playing the organ is the most british looking person ive ever seen

Number One Buddy : 2018 Manson family

The Soulvian : Turn to 240P to get a more authentic 70s experience.

Player-Formally-Known-As Mouse-Cop : Why isn't this track on Billboards top 40? It is catchy as hell. I have been singing it all day. My co-workers think I joined a cult.

Sam Curley : As soon as I saw the name of the band I knew they had somethin special. They aren’t tryin too hard grooviness just flows thru. I’m glad I found them:)

matheus nogueira : tem BR curtindo esse som ??

The Uberhunter : That's it. I'm brainwashed.

Loïc 420 : WoW the world is not ready for something as cool as this song : Ok. I'm hooked.

Sleep Friend : 100% about this in every single capacity holy shit. I was wondering when the better parts of classic rock would come together in a modern band and it seems like i found what I was looking for.

Steve Price : Never been to church in my life,now I am going to the church of the cosmic skull everyday, amen brothers and sisters

jeffrey gockel : Me three days ago: pretty good song, good job algorithm. Today: I am unable to stop returning to this song, am I in cult? I think I’m in cult.

The J-Walker : You ever just hear a single song and immediately know you’ve found a new favorite band?

Osatchema : Well I guess I'm going to church again, because this is rad

BattleRock : A Sample of your Finest *Kool-aid* Please!

Galgenvogel : This is so catchy it's criminal

Lost My Mirth : Way better than the last cult I joined.

Peter Mamaev : Brother Bill looks like post-rehab Rob Zombie. Edit: is that what happened?

Tobias Cardoso : Why everyone in this band is pretty ?

The Jebbiest : Brother Laurence looks like he's seen some shit.

Maraak .Nor : Why do I feel like I've been recruited into a cult created by someone who discovered an ELO record while hung over and thought it was a gospel?

Tanner Nettles : I’m in a steak and shake parking lot, stomping my feet and shaking my head while stuffing my face with a cheeseburger

pacandpal3 : its like they time traveled teleported from the 70s to redeem music from its despairing state .y'all are incredible 👌

Delta Drew : Every so often, a song comes along that's just better than most other songs. This song is better than that.

sokil1954 : Church of the Cosmic Skull should start a multi-level marketing scheme to distribute their albums.

vmdilaverr : Guys you are not an ordinary band. No. Please tell us, how do we reach your dimension? You are from another galaxy or something.

HeyVince : Is this like a "Thin Lizzy meets ABBA" swort of band?

The Jebbiest : I'm getting a Frank Zappa vibe. You nebawakum with a cold sweht.

MC Siman HD : Well, I won't lie. This is so cool and funny at the same time.

The Cheebra : waiting for the COTCS and Ghost collab, a Brother Bill and Cardinal Copia duet would open the minds of all nonbelievers!

Amid the Fight : I just watched this ten times in a row and it's killing me. DAT KEY CHANGE!!

Harvey : 70s and 80s rock needs to make a comeback, thank god for this band

Jake Mitchelle : Please tell me Im not the only one that see's Rob Zombie anytime the lead singer gives that seriously looking face :P

Abc 123 : I can picture you playing in the church in FarCry 5

Robert Chretien : great video