Ariana Grande Predicted She Would Marry Pete Davidson Three Years Ago

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3,000 subs with no videos : I cannot imagine her headaches from that ponytail.

Jack Torrance : Well this aged like milk.

Luane Luna : who came to watch after Ariana broken up with Pete? 🇧🇷🌚

Ivan 01 : Did she also predict she would end up breaking with him?

Brittney Champ : These comments about her, Mac, and Pete are absolutely disgusting. Mac loved Ariana until the day he died, and Ariana never stopped supporting him. Pete stepped back when he died out of respect and Ariana is heart broken. Mac and Ariana’s relationship was toxic, and it’s not her fault. Mac was a great person, but he was always a drug abuser. Ariana shouldn’t feel bad about flaunting her happiness just because he’s not happy. These assumptions and fake rumors and drama are ridiculous. Everyone has been through breakups and a lot of people have watched the love’s of their life move on and end up with someone else. Ariana couldn’t have stopped what happened to Mac. No one could’ve except Mac. Edit: Just a follow up to this, because I don’t want to respond to people’s comments individually. You can have any opinion and make any assumptions about the situation but the truth is that everyone of you is an outsider. I don’t know them personally and neither does anyone else. We will never know the truth, we will never know what really happened. So to hate someone you have never met over things that you assume based on headlines is ridiculous. But that’s all.

Angela Stein : But how does she deal with the pony tail headaches?!

Tiara Atika Inggaris : oh my god i cant stand her talking like that why does she talk like that

Macrye : Well well well

bumb9 : IMPORTANT THING: when Pete and Ariana first met (2015), she wasn't dating Mac. They began their relationship in August 2016. One fucking year of difference between these facts. By the way, Mac was having emotional codependency towards her. His addictive behaviour made him want the same type of euphoria in relationships, just like he experienced with drugs (DATA: HE USED THEM YEARS BEFORE ARIANA). Moreover, Ariana helped him in every fucking way, according to Mac's friends. She was literally tired and fucked up about handling and dealing with a codependent relationship. It could have psychologically destroyed her, for Heaven's Sake! Just like it did with Mac, also with the element of his drug addiction! Furthermore, I'm gonna be honest with you: I know about this stuff, personally. My ex and I cut off our relationship because we didn't feel the same anymore (we are still best friends, though). However, I realized that I can be a dangerous person to date, because of my psychological issues and personal problems. And I don't want to develop codependent feelings towards someone else because I could eventually destroy them. That's why I've been celibate for almost 6 years! So, yes, mental health and emotional stability get very important in these matters.

Rosa L : I'm just gonna go ahead and say that none of us know ariana, none of us know what truly happened behind closed doors. So wether you like her or hate her, you THINK she cheated or didn't, just remember we don't really know. It is just your opinion, not a fact. Making assumptions and accusations in any direction etc is wrong and rude

Isaac D.C. : Ariana Grande: *says something cute* Pterodactyl: *screeches in the distance*

jolene bassil : Everybody coming here after their breakup ME: DONT SAY IT

Veselina Veselinova : I like her music a lot, but her personality seems a little bit off to me. Idk what exactly it is

Lea Glasnović : This girl doesnt sound intelligent at all.

rizzo905 : 2 fakest people on the planet in one room

Lucy Mayor : When jimmy is watching Ariana reacting to her music playing, he’s like a grandad listening to Gucci gang

Clofic C : In mythology, she'd be what's called a Siren, a creature who lures unsuspecting men with her enchanting voice to their demise.

7alaa : I don’t think PETE will be there for her like MAC did ..

Synthesizer Patel : Ariana didn’t kill Mac Miller but I’m sure hearing this didn’t exactly help his mood.

Andrea Perez : I'm sure she's devastated right now, even though she's not to blame for his death, she could've been way more respectful and considerate about his feeligs this last few months, she acted as if she couldn't care less what he felt.


Levi Schumacher : woah her entire identity is playing other identities

Hannah Baig : I remember watching this interview before Mac even passed, and I was literally so heartbroken for him after what Ariana said. No one is blaming Ariana for leaving the toxic relationship with Mac but the fact she literally got a new boyfriend and got proposed/engaged in weeks is beyond me and so fucking heartbreaking from Mac's perspective. Imagine being with someone for over 2 years and right after y'all break up, they get engaged in a matter of weeks. Making you literally question their love towards you and the whole relationship. She's just such a narcissist and just heartless. And then basically saying you knew you were gonna marry pete 3 years ago and been crushing on him ever since ON NATIONAL TV on one of the most popular talk shows? like seriously wtf. And i'm sure she (OBVIOUSLY) knew how sensitive and emotional Mac was + he was someone who suffered from depression. How do you say all this about another person right after getting out of a 2 year relationship. Just doesn't make sense to me. I really cant stand her.

doctor strange : Who’s here after their break up 💀

j Peters : Airhead thot. Nothing going on with her, other than her looks.

KingFamily : *jimmy was so awkward during the song*

Poopy Pants : I don’t get the hype on her. Never will.

Lauren Wylie : Yea, how’s that working out for ya?

lilgabbyangel : She probably met some dude back stage during this show and thought the same thing "oh I'm gonna marry this dude someday, after I'm done with Pete."

Romono Pilowki : She's a cold-hearted woman. Wow... she wanted to hurt Mac, and she succeeded. Damn this hurts

Riya S : i always thought personally her music was too mainstream pop-like, but this album is so much chiller and has more r&b i honestly am so impressed

DankFlab • : Guess her prediction was wrong 😂

Fiona Elvira : why is everyone hating on her?! it wasn't her fault that Mac died.

Brianna Dyck : She predicted wrong

Magdalena M : I dont like this stupid Pete . Mac was supportive and lovely. He support her on this all tragedy. And this is weird engagment after few weeks being with new person.

littrealy : *She’s so happy*

Roselyn Higareda : and now they're broken up,,,,,,,

llgrctps : that's just disrespectful to Mac Miller

George Paul : guys idk if youve heard but she like totalllyyy doesnt marry him

Aaron Hollowell : She was cheating on Mac with dude.

lil GOAT : She predicted it? So when she was with her mutiple partners the last 3 years she was always set on my homie pete 😂😂😂😂

ta15 : I get legitimate sociopath vibes from her, does anyone else know what I mean? :/

Jenna Fern : Damn YouTube messy af for recommending this video after they breakup

Ariana's Ponytail : These comments honestly frustrate me. Yes it’s sad that Mac died. BUT Ariana is in no way shape or form responsible for it. Having a crush on someone doesn’t mean your cheating. Thinking about a person, and missing them, doesn’t kill you. They left on good terms. Leave her alone, and stop acting like you everything. Have a nice day

Zi Rong Li : **pete davidson has left the chat**

PC : I love that Jimmy is an Ariana stan like the rest of us lmao

zeinab alkayed : Ariana grande has left the chat

Houssam : As an Ariana fan , this is the interview that made Mac overdose 😞 this mist torn his heart to pieces

Diiluted : Well, this is awkward.

Celyy M : "Did you meet on SNL?" "Uhh no, we met on SNL..." ARI WTFFF LMFAOOO