Ariana Grande Predicted She Would Marry Pete Davidson Three Years Ago

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3,000 subs with no videos : I cannot imagine her headaches from that ponytail.

Jack Torrance : Well this aged like milk.

Luane Luna : who came to watch after Ariana broken up with Pete? 🇧🇷🌚

Xavier 01 : Did she also predict she would end up breaking with him?

Zi Rong Li : **pete davidson has left the chat**

PC : I love that Jimmy is an Ariana stan like the rest of us lmao

Celyy M : "Did you meet on SNL?" "Uhh no, we met on SNL..." ARI WTFFF LMFAOOO

Erik Mandolini : The real question is: “Will she perform Pete Davidson in the Sweetener World Tour 2019!?” 😂😂😂😂

Almond Doctor : Fun fact: Ariana Grande's voice changes with certain people especially when she's in front of a crowd. 😬😁

Jay D : Hope she has learned to take her time to know a person, before she wants to marry them.

Angela Stein : But how does she deal with the pony tail headaches?!

Levi Schumacher : woah her entire identity is playing other identities

jolene bassil : Everybody coming here after their breakup ME: DONT SAY IT

Macrye : Well well well

Tiara Atika Inggaris : oh my god i cant stand her talking like that why does she talk like that

lil GOAT : She predicted it? So when she was with her mutiple partners the last 3 years she was always set on my homie pete 😂😂😂😂

alyssa : Who’s here after their break up 💀

DankFlab • : Guess her prediction was wrong 😂

rxsegxld : ariana is just the sweetest thing *she has the cutest face* *her hair is beautiful* *her clothing is so amazing* *her earrings are beautiful* *her voice is so extraordinary*

Tyler : That voice sounds fake

Isaac D.C. : Ariana Grande: *says something cute* Pterodactyl: *screeches in the distance*

Clofic C : In mythology, she'd be what's called a Siren, a creature who lures unsuspecting men with her enchanting voice to their demise.

Ronggrik Marak : 60 % comments: Ariana is the reason for Mac Miller's tragic death 30 % comments: Who came here after the break up? Rest 10 % : Ariana stans trying to defend her

George Paul : guys idk if youve heard but she like totalllyyy doesnt marry him

catarina F : 0:15 reminds me of when Camila Cabello was in 5H and constantly trying to get high fives and no one would do it lmao

Lucy Mayor : When jimmy is watching Ariana reacting to her music playing, he’s like a grandad listening to Gucci gang

Maeva Chachou : Her impression of Pete sounds like Jennifer Lawrence

Me Gillium : Those moves she was making does not fit her style and doesn’t look good on her. She needs to keep her tongue in her mouth. CRINGEY ASF

The Bitch is Back : Can't even imagine how Mac felt that she did that song after knowing Pete for a brief time even tho Mac had been with her for 2 yrs thru Manchester etc. My heart is crushed for Mac just thinking about it.

Amanda Theriault : Not to be mean, but this whole thing has been painful to’s like their Tom Cruz couch moment, extended for months...that moment when you realize celebrities have issues, too.

Joel & Lia : She's so cute how she reacts to her own songs!

nicelady333 : She absolutely fakes voice

Lauren Wylie : Yea, how’s that working out for ya?

no matter matter no : I hate her talks it's irritating

Jenna Fern : Damn YouTube messy af for recommending this video after they breakup


Diiluted : Well, this is awkward.

Harley Quinn : her smile is so fake...

Zach Nippert : I mean, everyone's crystal ball messes up every now and then

Brooke Cardwell : So Ariana’s not allowed to be happy and excited during her own interview? Okay

KingFamily : *jimmy was so awkward during the song*

kaela : funny cuz...... i fully believe mac was the love of her life.

Nam Pham : She should have wrote a song about Mac if she loved him that much then.

Latrice : Why did she love Pete so much after like 4 months but she was with Mac for years and he was just a boyfriend 🤨

Brianna Dyck : She predicted wrong

riya : i always thought personally her music was too mainstream pop-like, but this album is so much chiller and has more r&b i honestly am so impressed

Elena Mhjb : Even almost got married... And for Pete I'm so thankful

ShutTheFuckUpWhore : These two epitomize Hollywood puppetry.

Roselyn Higareda : and now they're broken up,,,,,,,

Inoisa Castillo : She looks drugged, if not drugged she is just very careless and insensitive... anyways, wish the best for her, maturity takes time.